So is it some extreme cost, cutting measure that you should avoid like the plague or kidnapping for emmc, actually be a good idea? Well, emmc actually stands for embedded multimedia card, which Probably sounds like something youd insert into a digital camera back when that was popular, and it turns out that thats actually kind of true the original MMC came out back in 1997 and was indeed common in Standalone. Digital cameras, MMC, was later improved upon and had copy protection added, with the result being the more familiar SD card. But the original MMC standard stuck around the emmc storage and that laptop that youve been eyeballing is essentially an MMC version. Thats soldered directly onto the laptops motherboard, instead of being an actual card that you can eject so its kind of like a a little built in SSD. But why do lower end laptops use emmc, instead of just putting in an actual SSD, considering how cheap and common ssds have become well, even though ssds are now standard in most laptops, rather than the luxury they used to be, emmc is still the cheaper option. The nand flash memory that actually stores the data inside emmc doesnt have the same longevity as what youd find inside of a proper SST, that is to say it wears out faster due to simpler, firmware and lower Quality Hardware. Emmc also doesnt tend to give you as much storage capacity as many laptops that include it only have 32 or 64 gigabytes for you to work with which isnt a lot for Windows 11.

. But on the drawbacks of emmc so severe that we recommend staying away from it entirely. Well, tell you right after we thank jackery for sponsoring todays video, their solar generator 1000 Pro is their fastest solar and wall recharging generator and boasts three times faster charging than the normal sg 1000. It consists of a jaggery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station and 80 watt solar panels, plug it into the wall and get a full charge in under two hours and deliver up to 100 watts of power. Thanks to the 200 watt power delivery boards check out the new jackery solar generator 1000 pro at the link below the thing to remember about emmc is that even though it isnt the same as a SATA or nvme SSD, its still solid state storage, thats going to Give you many of the same benefits because of its cost Effectiveness. Laptop manufacturers have been able to replace those painfully slow mechanical hard drives. You used to find in budget models with emmcs and make no mistake. Although these low end laptops still come with slimmed down processors and limited amounts of ram, those spinning hard drives were the biggest bottleneck in such systems just a few years ago. So swapping those out with emmc removes this bottleneck without breaking the bank. From that perspective, emmc storage is an absolute win, but emmcs top out of around 400 megabytes per second of sequential read speeds with some implementations being well below that meaning theyll be significantly slower for large file transfers and even a cheap, SATA SSD.

But, more importantly, random reads, which is a more relevant stat for day to day. Use will also be around half of what you get with an SSD or even a bit lower. However, heres the thing to remember, unless youre really trying to put a cheap system through its paces, it shouldnt end up. Mattering too much laptops with emmc are meant for more. You know watching YouTube typing reports wasting time on social media, those kinds of use, cases that wont tax the PC all that much trying to do anything heavy like gaming, streaming or content creation will probably push the systems other components well beyond their limits as well. So for a cheap, laptop emmc makes a lot of sense that she wouldnt be buying it for demanding applications anyway. Nor would you be hitting it so hard that it would quickly wear out, but Anthony what about the base model steam deck? That thing is meant for gaming and it has emmc well. Emmc is mostly going to slow down your load times in those games on the steam deck, but shouldnt affect actual game performance too much once you get in sometimes just having a bit more patience can save you a significant amount of money. I cant even tell you how much money Ive wasted on Express food delivery just so I can get my chicken poppers before halftime ends. Well, I dont watch sports, but still the same thing, thanks for watching guys like dislike check out.