So this is awesome. This is definitely needed. The 2019 version only has two gigabytes of ram, and it is starting to. You can definitely notice that it is falling behind times uh. So this three gigabytes of rams with the normal hd10 allows you similar to the plus. You get four gigabytes of ram, it is very much needed on these devices uh, and this should be just huge. This would be really amazing, uh, so let’s talk about let’s just about these tablets now uh at least what we know so far on this. So they are going to be released on wednesday may 26th of 2021, so we have a bit less than a month until these come out uh. Something today is the 26th or 27th uh. They will come in 32, gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of storage. They are supporting just like on the hd eights and hda plus is one up to one terabyte micro, sd card slot and then, of course, like with, i think, every type of the purge i have ever had. You can do uh ad support or without ads, and i would definitely go with the ad supported it’s 15 difference and to me, i’ve actually found some really cool apps going through these ads, they’re, not intrusive, in any way shape or form either uh. The ads are permits just on your lock screen so right now. This has four different colors for the hd or for the yeah for hd10, but the plus version only comes in one color, that is slate just like they did with the 2020 hd, 8 plus uh.

So hd 10 plus only comes in slight as well, but if you go with the normal one, the non plus version you can get it in black, get it in denim, which is blue, get it in lavender, which is like a looks like be a pinkish color Or an olive green here again, that is with either the 32 or 64 gig versions. Here now the non plus versions are going to be 150 for the 32 gigabyte version. Otherwise you step up to the hd8 hd 10 plus. So i keep wanting to call it. Hd8, the hd 10 plus, here again it comes in only slate, which is still a decent color it’s. Basically, like a charcoal kind of a blackish gray, color more black than gray uh, you can get again 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage. Again, you can do up to one terabyte of uh micro sd, but the big part here is that it gives you four gigabytes of ram plus wireless charging, instead of only three gigabytes of ram and no wireless charging just like how they did it with the hd8, Which had either two gigabytes of ram no wireless charging for the eight or three gigabytes of ram wireless charging for the eight plus here. So this is thirty dollars more than the nine plus version, i would say, spend the extra money that’s. What i’m doing personally uh it’ll last just longer you’ll be able to use this device for longer than you would the nine plus version? I imagine this device will last you at least a few years now, especially with four gigabytes of ram uh.

This might last you four five six years. If it doesn’t, you know if you don’t, break it or something which these are supposed to be pretty hard to break too they’re more durable than ipads, like they’ve always have said, and of course again you can get it with or without adds again. It only comes in slate and then again, four gigabytes of ram, which is to me the big big thing here. Uh now all of them do have 10.1 inch full hd 1080p display just like they were before, but now they’re saying, it’s gon na be a little bit brighter two million pixels. And then, if you want this to be kind of like a computer, you can get the productivity bundle here uh. So this gives you the hd, 10 plus tablet 32 gigabytes of storage, the slate as well a slight color and then a bluetooth keyboard and 12 months. One year of course, subscription to microsoft 365.. This is going to be 265, but saying right now you save 50 bucks uh. Personally, i do not do this. I don’t really need a keyboard. I have my own little keyboard. I use right now uh, but that is pretty cool uh. If you guys do want one, and it looks like from these pictures, so we can find so you guys little pictures here real fast see now. I cannot find it anymore, but one of the pictures showed like it actually connecting into the tablet connecting into the keyboard, but it is bluetooth uh, but also looks like it is not going to be backlit display, which is, if it was, i probably, would have spent The extra money and got that got this bundle uh but it’s not back of the display that’s, just my own personal preference uh, but yeah.

So if you do want to get it with a keyboard and then again you get one year of microsoft: 365 it’ll be 265 dollars, so that’s pretty sweet and then the last choice you have here that you can also get is just on the normal. The nine plus version you can get this extra little bundle thing, so you get, you are getting either 32 or 64 gigs. Whichever one you want, then you also get a stand with it. Let’S see, i don’t know if that would actually show the picture here. So you get to stand with it as well: Music uh! I stand in case i should say: uh i’ve, always really liked their cases uh to me, they’re, actually better than anything that any any of the other companies that make tablets are doing for their cases. I absolutely adore love their cases uh, so you get this case, which is apparently just gon na, be black, at least with the black one. Here uh, you also get an anti glare screen protector, two of them and then a 15 watt charger as well. Uh that’s. Only 225 bucks uh, so it’s, probably not too too bad – oh, that seems so so to me they say i think. Usually their cases are for 10. I think was about 40 or 45 for the last giant, one uh, so i mean it isn’t too bad um. Yes, and of course, depending on what color you get will be the same color that your case will be, it looks to be then, as far as cases go just doing a quick amazon search here.

There are no cases that i can really find, except for this bundle at the moment i’m sure they will of course, release some um but i’m. Sure too, i bet you the last generations. The 2019 version will not. The case will not fit the new 2021 version. Uh that’s usually how they do it. They usually change up some stuff on the tablet just to make it to where you cannot use the old case, which is rather annoying again i’m, just thinking there but and maybe i’m wrong. Maybe you will be able to use the old cases uh, which is actually really cool, uh yeah. So i am super excited about this. I bet a lot of other people are too and of course, one mine comes again. It should be on the 26th. Hopefully, maybe even sooner we can hope uh. I will of course be doing a unboxing we’ll. Do a review i’m gon na do maybe a setup of it, maybe unboxing and setup, and then i will be doing a whole bunch of comparisons. Uh. The new generation versus the 2019 version and then we’ll do uh, maybe versus my samsung tab 87, as well as my s7 plus um, and then also, of course, the 2020 hd 8 plus we’ll do comparisons between all those uh. So i am super excited for this to come. I cannot wait about a month uh. Let me know what you guys are thinking of this.

This looks really cool to me, though uh yeah, so until next time, until next time guys hope you guys have a good one appreciate you watching my videos.