Eight things to know are eight things to consider before buying a graphics pen tablet. So, if youre interested please keep on watching Music, if you want to buy a specific graphics pen, tablet first thing you can consider is the os or the operating system compatibility make sure that the pen tablet you choose is compatible with the os of your device, whether Its windows, mac, os chrome, os and if you want a pen tablet, thats suitable with phones like android phones or android tablets. Second, is the price. There are a lot of pen tablets to choose from in the market. There are expensive ones and cheaper ones. If you are on a budget, you can look for pen tablets that meet your needs, but at the same time wont hurt your savings. An example would be huion, which is best known for their affordable, but high quality, pent outfits. If youre, a professional artist, you can go with higher end pentel, which has more advanced features. An example would be huaco, which is primarily designed for experienced artists, but there are also other options like xp, pen and yuji. Third factor to consider is the pen resolution. So again, this refers to the number of lines per inch of the pen top thats display, so the higher the lpi, the clearer or the more detail you can add to your drawings. Fourth is the pressure sensitivity, so this simply refers to the thickness of the lines of your drawings, based on the pressure you put down on your stylus or your pen, so the harder you press, the thicker, your lines would be so pressure.

Sensitivity is very important when youre working on high resolution drawings, so the higher the pressure sensitivity, the more level of control in the thickness of the lines of your drawings. Fifth thing to know is the size. There are two sizes you cant consider one is the overall size of the pen tablet and two is the size of the workspace or the active area so ill be giving you an example. So here i have two huion tablets. This is the weon h420x, and this is the huion 420, so h420x is smaller in the overall size than this one, but has larger active area or workspace than the huion 420.. A bigger working area or active area can obviously give you much more space for your drawings or even for digital note taking, but since its bigger its heavier. On the other hand, smaller pen tablets are easier to carry around, especially if youre always on the go, plus it doesnt consume. Much of your workspace, sixth, is the responsiveness, so this refers to the speed or how fast or slow your lines show up on your screens. So this depends on the tablets. Drivers or the specifications of your device. Seventh factor to consider is the non display or the display tablets, so you can consider whether you want a built in display or the ones with screens or those without. So this really depends on your needs or what you prefer is it for drawing or is it simply for digital note? Taking are you on a budget because the display tablets are way more expensive than the non display tablets? So now we are down to our last factor, which is the stylus type, so there are three different styluses one is the battery free pen.

Two is the battery powered pen and the last one is the rechargeable ones. So this is practically a matter of convenience. So i have two pen tablets that uses a battery free pen, the huion h420x and the wacom ctl 472, and i also have a pen tablet: the huion 420, which uses a battery powered pen. I have no issues on using batteries for pens, but if im going to choose between the two, i would prefer the battery free pen over the battery powered pens. Why? Simply because its thinner, its lighter and you dont need to buy batteries? I havent tried the rechargeable ones, but i guess it would be inconvenient if youre working long hours, because you have to charge it before you can draw again. If youre a beginner. I would recommend you start with a budget friendly pen tablets or the non display pen tablets. You can familiarize yourself with a digital, drawing or digital note, taking any cheaper, but good quality pen, outfits and from there after some time, you can upgrade to a higher end. Graphics, pen, tablet, okay, so thats, probably it. I hope this video has helped you in a way. Thank you for watching. I hope you like this video. If you do, please give it a thumbs up, share comment, and please do subscribe to my channel, see you on my next vlog peace, Music. So the higher the pressure sensitivity, the higher so the higher the more the higher the scent so the higher there are two sizes you can consider.

One is the overall size of your pen tablet and two is the size of your works. So now we are down to our last subject.