I dont want to be that idiot thats sitting there in the corner having to charge their laptop while writing down notes. Thats stupid: instead I got this guy right here and I think its the best then and like laptop on the market. Oh look at this here we have the HP dragonfly Elite G3 and I am freaking stupid. Ever since I looked at the surface laptop 5, I have just wanted to go back to that 3×2 display, but the surface laptop just it isnt quite there. This, though we looked at the old version – and it was pretty good, but it was just kind of a bit too small because of the 16×9 display. This one is three by two now you might have noticed that here we have a really nice, like blue color, on the box. Unfortunately, I just got plain business silver, but I did have a fix for that. Im. Sorry HP, but uh. This thing went to dbrand before I got it. One problem of this MacBook that I didnt bring up before is that it does not have a scorpion on the back. I absolutely love this right here turns a line is afraid of scorpions and and uh were leaning into it. This time scorpion with a sword. Look at that! I absolutely love it the best. Thank you so much dbrand youve made my day. Okay lets not get ahead of ourselves here. What else is in the Box? Power cord and the charger is 65 Watts.

I appreciate that, because a lot of devices in this class will only come with like a 45 watt charger or so, and it takes way longer to charge up the battery first thing that is awesome about this is the weight. This thing comes in at 2.8, pounds, which is just around 1.2 kilograms, thats awesome, because this is like deadly close to the LG gram, but its nowhere near that in build quality. This thing so well made just for comparison: XPS, 15, 4.3 pounds heaps more MacBook, Pro 14, 3.5, again heaps more, very noticeable in your backpack. This thing right here, I dont even notice it. I o on this thing – is also exceptional. So right here we have Thunderbolt 4.. This right here is where a SIM card can go. If you want Wireless connectivity, friggin Wicked, also full size HDMI is this 2.1 or just two too boo? We also have a full size type, A absolutely love it. So many devices just dont have USB type A. I have been enjoying my life so much more now that I dont need dongles, also another Thunderbolt 4 and a Kensington lock to round it all out one of my absolute favorite things about this, though, look at this look. Look at that, its rounded who would have thought the the whole feel of this thing is just so incredibly soft, like its the softest feeling laptop that Ive felt since, like the surface laptop with the Alcantara on it, it is just so nice HP has what they Call their pillow corners on it, its so stupid that, on the XPS 13 plus, I needed to take a freaking deburring tool to the edge because it was so sharp everyone just absolutely love it.

The star of the show here, though, is the 3×2 display and thats for two reasons, so its 13.5 inches and because its so tall, it also gives you extra space for the track pad and just the Palm rest. This means that, like a normal person with normal sized hands, can just use it and not have their hands like falling off the back. So many 13 inch devices like half of people will have their hands just falling off the edge XPS 13s and, like a lot of the other ones, itll be like 45 of people are able to use it comfortably stupid before we get into it, though, I need To tell you about our sponsor iFixit, thanks to iFixit for sponsoring todays video, the new fix Matt helps you stay organized through your repair process, with six easy access, sorting, bins for screws and small components. The powerful magnetic sheet ensures tiny Parts stay put and helps you avoid runaway screws, with the included roll away, proof, dry, erase, pen, labeling and relabeling. Your projects has never been easier, so quit screwing around and keep your screws in line with the fix mat find it in the link down in the description for unlocking the laptop. You have two options. First of all is facial recognition, which is not working right now, but its fine, because theres also fingerprint reader. There we go starting off in the laptop. We have the keyboard. This is like one of the best keyboards that Ive ever used on a laptop its.

Like probably the snappiest laptop keyboard that Ive ever felt and thats kind of it has its pros and its cons. So if youre sitting at a desk like this, its an A plus like even an A plus plus one of the best laptop keyboards Ive ever felt problem is because the actuation force is higher than most laptops, its kind of difficult to get the actuation quite right. If youre holding it like this, not something most people do, but given that Im walking around at CES and crap its a thing you end up doing also, this trackpad is freaking phenomenal. It is glass topped, and I dont know how they did it, but it is just so soft. It feels so good gliding your finger over this. I might like it more than the MacBook Pro its that good personal preference decides, which one of these you like more, but also its a Windows laptop that were comparing to a MacBook Pro so thats like Mega win. Oh yeah, I forgot before, but the most impressive thing about that weight is the amount of chassis Flex there is or the amount of Chastity Flex there. Just is not nothing, nothing at all thats how theyre able to get such a nice and snappy keyboard on a lot of laptop chassis. If you have keys with this much weight, the whole thing would be flexing and itll be a terrible experience. Theyre able to get away with it because of just how freaking stiff this thing is.

Okay, I do have one annoyance I just turned airplane mode on and its something that Ive done a couple of times by accident. Theres a theres, a button for it right here, like one of your function, keys is taken up by airplane mode. Theres no pause play. You cant pause or play your media theres. An empty key right here. Hp F2 could have been pause or play how how many times a year? Do you guys use airplane mode? How many times do you use pause play thats, stupid HP? This has made even worse by the fact that, right here there is a programmable macro key and youre able to do loads of things with it. You can program strings, you can have it open programs, you can have it do pretty much anything under the Sun, but do you know whats not an action that they have here? No pause play there. Hp come on one thing about this: thats sort of its sort of good sort of knock great is the display. So this right here is a 1920 by 1280 screen, so thats three by two love that but the resolution thats a not quite high enough, like its really noticeable like I cant easily, have like a script and emails open at the same time on this theres. Just not enough real estate like Id, really like to have it sort of like that, like 125 theres, just not enough pixels to pull that off, I need to go to 150.

. Also, you might have noticed. This is a matte display and the colors are fine. It is color calibrated from the factory, so it is accurate and I do trust the display its just nothing special to look at like its yeah. You get used to it after a while, but coming from like a MacBook Pro or an XPS 15 with an OLED display its not quite there. That said, there is a 4K OLED panel option for this. That Im sure looks spectacular and solves all of the grapes that I have with it, but also that sacrifices four hours of battery life, not worth it not worth it. For me, another huge problem with this is the response times of these pixels. They are freaking brutal, like its probably like a good 40 50 milliseconds here, like I dont know, if you can see uh, even just the trails on this mouse, its so bad like compare it to like an OLED, its very noticeable, even when youre using a trackpad. Even if youre just watching YouTube videos like first of all, you can just see the black levels there and I dont know if you can tell the difference in response Times by me just doing this, but like this mess I can move so much faster and this One its just uh gross, but I am more than willing to put up with that for the 15 hours of actual battery life that this thing gets its like a Macbook, its actually like a MacBook with the MacBook air.

You can get like 17 Real World hours. This is as close as you can get Ive had it set so that battery saver is always on and thats kind of fixed. My gripes with Windows, modern standby. I left it here on Thursday, it is now Tuesday, Ive lost, maybe 10 battery life thats. How Windows modern standby should work, and it seems like, if you just always have battery saver on it, does help quite a bit. That said, that comes with the complications that your laptop just always runs slower while on battery and you dont get the full screen. Brightness and uh yeah its not a great hack, but it does seem to work. Also. One thing that I just realized is that our Windows, facial recognition, did not work because our camera isnt enabled, when you press this button, theres a little physical shutter. That goes over. Your camera, its nice, its just a little piece of privacy that I appreciate in something like this all right lets have a look at the specs for the processor. We get an Intel i7 1265u and it has into tell V Pro chances. Are you do not care about that, but if you work at a large company, your it team very much. Does this allows just things like Remote Management, pushing updates from somewhere else? It also has features like BIOS Recovery. So if your bios gets corrupted – because I dont know the sun got too horny that day, but its a real thing, Brandon it flips, are a problem.

Now. The 1265u is not a particularly powerful processor. We do get 10 cores, but only two of them are performance. Cores this is great for a laptop like this, because it allows you to have all day battery life. It isnt so great if you want to do something thats anything besides looking at a script, but I dont care for Ram. We get 16 gigabytes of 48 megahertz ddr5. That means that in theory you could have a sodium but in practice Im sure that they dont. We also have a 512 gigabyte SSD from WD Intel, Wi, Fi, 6E love it excellent Wi, Fi chip for graphics. We get the Intel Iris XE, and this one has the 96 compute units, which means that it should actually be half decent for gaming, but going back to the response time of the pixels on the display, uh doesnt matter, gaming can be terrible. Now that we have the camera, enabled, though, lets just have a little look here. This camera seems like its really great. This is the 5 megapixel camera that they introduced a little while ago. I think it was even on the dry. I can fly line and it is one of the best ones that you can get on a laptop. I think it might be 1440p, oh, it is okay, so I can choose 1440p. So uh you get more pixels on your webcam than you do on your display. With this config, okay, all right here we go.

This does a fantastic job theres one thing that HP has done so well, thats, just above and beyond everyone else and thats being able to expose for someones face on a webcam, no matter the conditions like look at this light. Doesnt matter. Look at this black, its not trying to compensate for any of that, its only looking at my face and thats the only thing its exposing for because its been around here wow. This is like possibly the most challenging situation you could have, but my face is still exposed. Just fine, it doesnt care that this is all blown out. Doesnt matter were only looking at my face excellent job HP. This might be the best webcam that there is on a laptop know that XPS 13 two in one, was also really good. You guys can fight it out. I dont care theyre, both really good for speakers. We do get the ones from B and O and HP. Typically, does a really good job with the speakers on their laptops, I think its going to get murdered by the MacBook Pro, though foreign like theres, its kind of staging, which is nice, oh and its got some speakers right here as well dang. That sounds good. That sounds really good Ill get murdered lightly, maimed, maybe but not murdered. Okay, HP, elitebook, dragonfly MacBook Im going to call that a draw the Mac has more bass but its like super aggressive, so its it feels a lot muddier like you can hear a lot.

More definition in the bass in the HP and also, I think, because of the down firing speakers, the stage is way wider on the elitebook like it sounds like its this large, whereas the MacBook sounds like you have a speaker here and a speaker here, so excellent Job thats, like the first Windows laptop besides the XPS 15 thats like even come close, but what doesnt come close though? Oh, this display not even close In fairness, the HP does get up to 400 nits, but because its a Mac display it doesnt have anywhere near the vibrancy and yeah the black levels. Nowhere close to the MacBook amount of color, this things just srgb. Nowhere close not that this is bad again, its color accurate. So, like I dont hate it, you just get used to the fact that, like its kind of boring looking anyway, I guess we have to game on it now its gon na be a Slaughter. Oh one thing that I forgot to mention about the display, though there is an option for hps sure View, and that is a panel where you like press a button, and you can only see the screen when youre straight on, if youre looking at it from like. Here, nothing, you can just see like garbage for most people Id highly recommend, staying away from the sure view panel, because it just makes everything look awful, just so bad, but at the same time, if you are going to be working on like documents on planes or You need to go out in public and so on.

Yeah it does it. It does the job as Im sure you guys guessed. We will not be screen. Recording this uh shes gon na have enough trouble on her own. You know shes struggling when the menu is having trouble. If we can get low 720p, I think Ill be happy. Oh wow, okay, 12 FPS in the menu. This is better than expected. We are getting a very cinematic. 24 FPS, sometimes dropping to like four 10 24 by 768, is as low of a resolution as we can get that got us to 26 27 FPS. I dont think youre gon na have a good time with this. You dont even have to worry about the fact that the response times of pixels are garbage because the response times of this GPU is even worse, so dont game on it thats. My conclusion all right tear down time. Oh HP, I really hope you didnt put screws under this. Oh for HP, good guys! Oh wow, look at that! They didnt put screws underneath the feet, good job, guys yep thats, about what I expected uh its mostly battery in here. So you get a 68 watt hour battery in this guy exceptional for a laptop of this class, its like this things the same size as the surface laptop 5 that has a 45 watt hour battery in it thats. What makes this laptop, why I want it? Nice battery on a Windows machine, its, not powerful, so even if Windows, modern standby, tries and screws you up it cant do too much of a dent theres.

Only two performance cores, yeah thats, a pretty anemic heatsink, look at the size of these fans theyre. Just just little boys Im not going to pull it off because its putting off a bit of a fight, but the SSD is under this heat shield right here, so you can swap that out now. Looking in here, we also have the fibo com 5G module right. There, the antennas, if you look go up here and they terminate, I dont, quite understand how the antennas work. In this thing, I havent had any issues but theyre, just like in the chassis right here, and I dont understand how that gets out, because this whole chassis is the whole chassis is some sort of magnesium aluminum, something thats all been CNC machined. We also have our little Intel chip here that you cannot replace, but also who cares? You already have the best. One looks like Rams up here under this little heat spreader, because this is a business laptop from HP, theres, a good chance that everything in here can be replaced. If you do screw it up like it looks like battery comes out and then you can access the touchpad. I dont want to comment on the keyboard, but theres a good chance. You can replace it or your Tech can replace it. I dont think you really want to so there. It is the HP dragonfly Elite. G3. This thing is freaking exceptional. As far as being a thin and like goes, I dont think theres a better Windows laptop on the market and I would absolutely love to just recommend all of you go and buy it right now.

Problem. Is you probably cant, so the dragonfly Elite G3 starts at two thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars, and this one as configured is over three thousand seven hundred dollars: thats? Oh thats, a pricey boy! If you can find this thing on sale, it is a fantastic laptop and I absolutely love it if you cant find it on sale. I hope you have a company thats willing to give you something like this, because it is a fantastic laptop. I absolutely love it and uh, so its going to CES with me see you there anyway, if you like this video hit, like get subscribed, Im gon na try and get some more budget friendly options on here. The HP Pavilion. We looked at that a little while ago.