But first in order to get fire toolbox, you have to have a Windows PC. It does not work with Mac uh. Sadly enough, and then you have to go into your settings here – go down hit device options on your fire device, of course hit your about Fire tablet. Uh therell be a serial number. You have Im, not showing mine off. Of course, uh tap. You do tap tap tap that serial number a whole bunch of times until on the bottom of the screen somewhere down. Hereish itll, say something like developer. Options are enabled uh yeah, so just keep on tapping that serial number to see developer options enabled I click back to be onto this display this screen. We will now hit developer options here, make sure you turn it on scroll down and then hit USB debugging. You do not do those things, it will not work and then one of the big reasons why people would use the fire toolbox is to download the Google Play Store, which, on devices with fire, OS 8 is still not working. Sadly enough is still not working. If you have a device with fire OS 8 devices with fire OS 8, as of right now, are going to be the 2022 fire 7 like Im using here and then the 2022 Fire HD hd8 plus. If you have older models, this should work uh or otherwise. You can just download apks off the uh off the internet, but again as of right.

Now, though, anything with fire OS 8, you cannot get the Google Play Store to work correctly. Uh it just it downloads, but you cannot get into it all right. Then, when youre in fire toolbox, uh theres a bunch of things, you can do again. People download Google uh Play Store, which would be from the Google services here uh, which is how I downloaded mine. It still does not work, as I keep saying uh now. You can also uninstall it here as well. If you go get rid of this, I do and download Netflix and Disney plus, which I believe are both on the Amazon app store anyway, uh you can download or use custom launchers, and you also download other ones, but there is Nova Launcher. Uh Niagara, Microsoft, lawn chair and Evie. If you want – or you can just stick with your Amazon one, if you want uh the same pops up every single time, you can get rid of or disable your Amazon apps which showing it off on here. Uh. It comes with a crazy amount of these apps. You can disable ones if you want to. You then can – and I do not recommend this Im asking. I recommend this uh, so Amazon do not hunt me down for this uh, but you can remove live screen. Apps again, Im not doing it. I like the live screen, apps uh. Normally you would either buy the version with the screen lock screen, apps or pay.

I think its extra 20 bucks to get a version without them. With this, you can get just get rid of them again, Im not doing that, but you can do it again. I like the ads. Sometimes they show some good stuff. Uh then says from that uh. Those are the main things people are going to be doing, though, all right, download Google Play Store if it works for your device, uh again launchers, getting rid of the ads uh and then modifying what Amazon apps are on there. You do have some other stuff, though you can sideload apps uh different power options, uh, which will basically just let you kill your device or turn off your device, not kill it, but turn it off. Um. You do backups uh screen capturing which, if you have a fire, OS 8 device uh. You can actually do that now under the device itself, but theres a whole bunch of stuff. But again, this is not an in depth. Uh review of fire toolbox its just what most people do so thats about it. For those that were wondering Chris, I know I was for the longest time I was actually went out and bought this Asus laptop uh budget laptop just for this fire tool box to see where it was uh. This is a well on. Sale was 150 bucks and it works very well with the toolbox. Um yeah. Thank you all for watching. As always. I really really do appreciate you.

I hope you have a good one.