What does the word pro mean to apple these days? Welcome back to marketers reviews, and thank you as always. If you have hit that subscribe button, if you haven’t just hit it now simple, very quick shout out to this video’s sponsor, which is nordpass and nordpass. Is this brilliant password manager, which remembers, as you guess, all your passwords, but it also makes signing up to new websites super fast. It remembers all of your credit card details securely it’s, just a massive time saver, and i cannot recommend it enough and the best news is at the moment they are offering 50 off. If you sign up with the code mark ellis, you also get a month free. So, to grab that 50 discount from nordpass head over to nordpass.com forward, slash, mark alice or just use the code mark unless at checkout, so every video i’ve made in 2021 has been made with the m1 mac mini. Before that i was using the 16 inch macbook pro that cost me twice as much a bit more so actually than the m1 mac mini now i’m. Not joking when i say i cannot tell a difference in terms of performance when it comes to 4k video editing between that 16 inch, macbook pro and the m1 mac mini, i just can’t. They they just the m1 mini, is just as good as the 16 inch macbook pro in terms of professional video editing, and that really got me thinking you know.

Does that make me less of a professional? Does it make me less pro because i’m not using a apple device without a pro moniker after the name and in fact the more i think about it? I don’t actually use an apple pro mac at the moment, so i have my m1 mac mini. I have the imac behind me and i have an m1 macbook air. None of them are pro machines and i don’t know it got me thinking. I consider myself to be a professional. I do video editing, i do audio editing. I write for a living. I use macs i’m, no longer at the moment, using a macbook pro or an imac pro or a mac pro because i’m, not rich. Now. Obviously, it doesn’t make me any less professional i’m still doing a job and making money from doing this sort of stuff, and i think the bigger problem here is that that word pro is causing lots of buyer confusion or, if i’m, honest a feeling of inadequacy. Among those who have opted for the non pro machine and then they’ve regretted that decision further down the line in this video i’m gon na try and explain that it doesn’t matter which machine really you go for and if you think you are a professional at something. You are that’s your definition, but also, i think there is something apple can do to make this whole thing a lot easier. So let’s look at the current lineup of apple pro devices.

We have the macbook pro the imac pro the airpods pro the mac pro the iphone 12 pro and the ipad pro i’ve probably missed something out there, but they’re the main ones. And if we break that down, you know, can a pair of noise cancelling in ear headphones, be called professional and also can an iphone. You have a smartphone be called professional. I think these questions are worth asking as well, because these devices have the same naming convention as the mac pro and the mac pro is apple’s flagship, admittedly professional computer. You know if you spec the mac pro up, you can go way beyond 20. 30. 000 pounds. It’S it’s an incredibly expensive machine if you want it to be, and it’s clearly made for high end time, sensitive work, it has a place in the market and it okay. In that sense, it should be called pro but iphone pro airpods pro ipad pro. You know the things that you get for it being pro are a higher refresh screen rate slightly bigger screen, thinner bezels face id that’s it. Actually you get that lidar sensor on the back, which no one needs to use, but there’s, nothing else that distinguishes it like. You get the distinguishing features between a mac pro and let’s, say an imac they’re, very, very different computers. It just doesn’t make sense to me this pro moniker that apple uses, i think it used to. It was very clearly a definition in the past between a standard, macbook and one which was designed for professional use.

But again this just begs the question and it’s a question for apple. What does the word pro mean? So how did you find if you were a professional? Well, i think pro being professional is a very subjective term. I consider myself to be professional because i edit videos which end up contributing to my business in terms of revenue that’s the definition of being a professional as far as i’m concerned, but i’m also professional in terms of blogging. I write for a living as well, but you might be a bedroom music producer and you may only make music for your own enjoyment or you might be an aspiring novelist where you know you go and sit in your favorite coffee shop and tap away on your Macbook, air, you could just be a hobbyist photographer who takes you, know, landscape photos at the weekend or you might be a developer software developer, who is working for a great big conglomerate or a little start of whatever it might be? Now, if you fall into any of those brackets – and you consider yourself professional enough to need a professional level machine that’s, absolutely fine professionalism is something that we define ourselves and you don’t have to make money from it. I know i said it earlier that, from up from my perspective, being a pro is making revenue and building a business from doing tasks on a computer, but that doesn’t have to be the definition. No one can or should tell you whether or not you are professional.

If you think you are, you are, and you can get the work done, that you need to get done to be professional on any machine of your choosing. Okay, if you get a cheaper mac or cheaper windows computer, it might take you longer to do certain things, but that’s that’s how it fits into your budget. You know you just have to wait a bit longer: that’s, not the end of the world, so choose any device which is personal to you and which makes you be the professional you need to be now when i first started my business back in 2015, i was Using a an 11 inch macbook air, the original one i didn’t use that for long. I then upgraded to the 2016 macbook pro, but i went for the base level version. I literally did not add anything to it at all. It had eight gig of ram. It had the slowest processor you could get, it was just terrible and it also didn’t have the touch bar so that that was the era where the touch bar came into into being um. You know it had less ports than the the other macbook pros. A lot of people called it the escape key mac because it didn’t have the touch bar. Like i mentioned, it was just seen as being a bit of a filler in apple’s product lineup. I ran that machine until 2019. I built a business out of it. A little fun fact that machine is still being used in a marketing agency that i do some work with occasionally and it works fine.

Do they see that machine as being professional? They certainly do and it holds a very special place in my heart. You know i edited video on it. I cut my teeth really in terms of editing video on that on that computer and i built a profitable business with it. So again, if you can only afford the cheapest mac, you can get, and you want to use it professionally to either make money or just build a hobby or whatever it might be, go for it. I want to mention the m1 mac mini again and i’ll leave a link to the video review. I did of that machine up here. I can’t emphasize enough how incredible that computer is for the price i mean mine cost me, like i say, less than half the cost of my original 16 inch macbook pro and it runs my entire business and every week i edit two or three 4k videos on It with no problem at all now it’s got 16 gig of ram which, by today’s standards isn’t a lot for a you know. If you want to do professional, video, editing and again compared to that 16 inch, macbook pro when i’m editing, video or audio it’s silent, it never gets hot. The fans never come on and compared to that 16 inch, macbook pro, which would just sound like an aircraft trying to take off it’s, just silent it just breezes through the day. I can confidently say that m1 mac mini is the most professional machine, i’ve ever owned, and that says it all.

So how can apple change this perception of pro? I think they can do something fairly radical and bear with me on this. I think they should drop the pro name completely. I think, if you want a macbook or an imac or whatever it might be, you buy the one that you want. You spec it up to whatever you need. Whatever fits in your budget and that’s, it it’s your macbook. I genuinely think the pro name, because it’s being used in devices like this now it’s diluted, it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense anymore but, more importantly, that’s a marketing issue by the way that’s a marketing problem for apple that’s. Not really for us to worry about, although it does create buyer confusion, the bigger problem is the image it gives, and i see it. I see on comments on my videos on here and also on my medium blog posts. There is an element of snobbery about the pro line of macbooks and the imac and the mac pro. You know. If you’re doing video editing you can’t do that on an m1 mac mini. You know you should be using a macbook pro for that isn’t. The case i’m proving that by running this channel and doing and making these videos with a non pro device, i just think the pro name causes more issues than it’s worth and, if apple dropped it completely, it would one make the buying process easier, because you just Pick the base level and then add the bits that you need and also it would get rid of this kind of lingering nastiness and pretentiousness about that pro name will apple ever.

Do that probably not to be honest, but i just wanted to make my point really and let me know what you think should apple remove the word pro from their product lineup. Let me know in the comments if you’re still confused about which m1 mac to buy.