let’s have a look Music. Let us begin with having a quick look at the specs of the e15 at hand. It comes with the 11th generation core i5 cpu 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, clocked at 3200 megahertz, a 256 gigabyte pcie ssd 15.6, full height definition, ips anti glare screen a 720p built in camera, a fingerprint reader backlit full keyboard with numpad ethernet port wi, fi 6. Bluetooth 5.1 and windows 10 pro definitely not top specs, but not bad either. The package includes the laptop and the 65 watt usbc power, brick with total cable length of a bit shy of 3 meters or around 9 feet. The laptop being e series and not t or x series is not made of the thinkpad signature soft to the touch material, but rather a smooth and strong plastic. The full keyboard feels great and has the right amount of tactile feedback. The multi touch. Trackpad is a tad on the small side, at least for my fancy, but is plenty responsive and, of course, this being a thinkpad. It has a track point as well. The power button has an incorporated fingerprint reader, which works very well, not sure why? But the hinges are 180 degrees, allowing one to open the screen and lay it down flat. Opening and closing the lid feels a bit on the heavy side which helps keep the screen firmly in place with almost no wiggle Music, the right side of the laptop harbors, a single usbi port, the ethernet port and a kensington lock slot on the front.

There are what looks to be stereo speakers, and that is it. On the left side, there is a single usb usbc port, which also doubles as the charging port, a single usb, a port, an hdmi and a 3.5 jack for the headphones or the speakers as harsh as the following statement may be. The back is hardly instagram worthy by today’s standards, underneath there is a single rubber pad toward the back, almost at full width of the laptop and two shorter pads right behind speakers. On each side, the keyboard is backlit and comes with a full number pad. The backlight has three settings off dim and bright. The dim setting looks best in almost completely dark room if you do not like the batman summoning light in your face. That is where the bright setting is intended to be used in a semi dark room. Sadly, the difference cannot be seen vividly on the camera. What pleasantly surprised me most in this e15 gen 2 think pad is the screen bright, colorful and with nothing shorter than phenomenal viewing angles. This screen makes this laptop excellent for media consumption, at least the viewing part of it. The sound is limping behind, but then again, one must adjust expectations for a laptop of this price range. As for the price range, we are talking below 1 000 canadian dollars. If one looks around well enough, that is once again well done, lenovo impressive indeed, and i think that the screen is the most impressive part of this laptop.

To sum this up, in a few words, an impressive package for under 1 000 relatively low profile, not very heavy, has a full keypad great screen, not bad at all, and that is a wrap for this one. If you happen to enjoy the video, please do not shy away from clicking like and subscribing. Thank you for watching.