Look at this beauty we’re at the tesla dealer, guys we’re, going to go straight to the point i’m going to destroy that center display inside this car, guys it’s going to go down beautiful car i’m, not even going to enjoy it check it out. This is it let’s, go ahead and do it and see what happens? This is pretty sick guys. I want to show you this vehicle right here fully electric. This is the 2021 times. You know you got to get with the times side profile, really sick car guys. I want to show you exactly what we’re going to be trying to do today, so i want to show you guys, the inside of the car. I want to see what happens when we test out the durability of this screen right here on the tesla model. 3. So it really looks like an ipad. I mean it just sticks out crazy interface. Here i mean you do everything through the screen. Ac drive, locking there’s, like everything is through the screen, so it’s gon na be so sick. If i’m driving this car on the road, we destroy it with a hammer and then see what happens like will the car keep driving? Will it shoot into autopilot? Will it do some crazy stuff guys and this isn’t gorilla glass? This is an an iphone. This is next level got ta see what happens. I feel, like everything has been amping up for this moment.

Super crazy experience, model 3 tesla uh. We got the hammer right there, so we’re going to begin by just taking a little slow drive here as we’re accelerating and i’m going to show you guys, we’re going to start with light, hits and then progress to medium and then, of course, some powerful smashes. So let’s go ahead and see what happens ready whenever you are, as you guys can see, we are driving and we’re doing. Some light hits right now guys i’m, seeing the flicker of the display actually it’s very, very slightly turned black a little bit progressing to really medium hits. Super medium hits that’s almost uh going into hard hits and you can see there’s some distortion actually. So there is distortion as we’re hitting it. So just the first update guys interface screen works. Great amazing, medium hits. Everything is working perfectly fine, so we could see the durability. Is there with that tesla screen, so we’re gon na have to progress a little more powerful hits let’s go ahead and do it? Oh, my goodness, we got our first crack beam of light shining from the display right up there on the right side. We’Re gon na keep going and, as you guys can see, we have some cracks on the right. Oh, my goodness and let’s just uh let’s keep driving, try and accelerate it’s fully cracked, oh my goodness hold on. Let me zoom in on that we got a little red.

Now we got blue that’s cool let’s, keep driving, we got glass coming in nice, dude glass almost flew in my face, you guys could see we’re actually driving the car and everything is still working. It’S insane. We’Re turning made a full. U turn i’ll show you guys the details here. Look at this. The screen is literally peeling off so we’re popping the screen out. Look at this! Oh, my goodness, dude see if you could fully pull that off. There’S like some plastic behind it, yeah keep going. What is that? Oh there’s, like a cord okay, so the screen is fully detached. Is the car still driving try accelerate, maybe still driving with the screen off wow? Oh, my goodness, it’s a thick piece too whoa that is crazy, that’s, something you just don’t see every day and look at that it’s all there’s like one wire holding it together. Ac is blowing everything’s fully functional guys. You don’t need the screen to drive the tesla model. 3 that’s kind of the lesson of the day. You know got a little manual. Stick shift right there with the hammer, sick, we’re, going to go ahead and park. This car we’re gon na take a little break for like 30 minutes and we’re gon na put it in park, so let’s actually hit that park button. This is the key right here, so we’re gon na take this out. We’Re gon na leave this car and we’re gon na see if it turns on when we come back so it’s been about 30 minutes, guys we’re gon na go ahead and step inside the tesla model.

Three, the moment of truth. Putting in the key we hear some sounds reverse no way the car drives after turning the vehicle off. That is awesome. The cool thing is, i could do everything with the app right here shows we’re going nine miles an hour. I’Ve got 125 miles left on this charge. I can lock the car. I could change the climate music, everything even with the screen, fully ripped off beautiful, so we’re, not gon na need this screen anymore. Guys i’m gon na actually go to tesla and get this repaired. I’M gon na see how much it costs so let’s have tesla, inspect and hopefully repair this everywhere yeah i didn’t clean it up, yet it still drives, though so that’s good. Just like that guys, we have a brand new tesla. I want to actually show you the cost, so they have a tesla app, so the total cost for this job ended up being, as you see a little under fifteen hundred dollars, which is actually kind of crazy, because for some reason i thought it would be a Lot more, i thought it’d be like maybe four thousand five thousand dollars, but i guess it’s just the screen and they popped it back in everything works amazing, so that wraps it up guys. I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching, as always guys stay tuned for more videos and i’ll catch.