Some concerns, and also a few glaring holes in their lineup That Intel will definitely be able to take advantage of also theres some naming Insanity that you need to see in order to believe it, because trust me guys its really that bad whoa dude, that was so Rich last night you went to the ridge. Of course I had a secret code. What is it? It was rich thats, rich man thats right wait. A second is that a ridge yep didnt have to go anywhere last time: dude thats, so rich, an evolution in slim Towers, designed to fit your space for gaming or entertainment, Standing Tall or laying flat with powerful fans to scare the Heat and Gen 4 Riser cables Included so you can find your own balance, thats rich for you, the Talk of the Town, Bridget Billow, so lets start with one of the biggest problems and that is going to be availability, but guess what thats nothing different from the situation in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022., anyone whos tried to buy an AMD laptop knows what Im talking about and nothings going to change to that end, because well AMD knows where the moneys coming from and thats from the data center Group, which is almost carrying the entire company. So a lot of theyre, already limited production capacity is being used for epic CPUs, so high margin products get priority, meaning gpus and CPUs get the short end of the stick and thats.

Why finding an rx7000 series card or AMD laptop will be so hard until way. Later in the year and in 2023, this situation also leads to a laptop CPU, lineup thats, a crazy matchup of Zen, 2 Zen, 3 Zen, 3 plus and Zen 4., so basically different architecture, Generations all called the ryzen 7000 series. The writing was on the wall that there wouldnt be enough capacity to fill out an entire top to bottom CPU lineup with zen4. So what AMD did is they simply updated? Their names came in the craziest way possible. So let me explain what that looks, like so other than the usual ryzen: 3, 5, 7 and 9.. The first number roll denotes the processor year rather than the architecture, with 7 being 2023, 8 being 2024 and so on then theres. The segment running from one to nine, though youll notice. Eight here can mean either its a ryzen, 7 or 9. go figure right, but the most important number here is the third one. Since itll tell you which architecture your CPU is based on from Zen one onwards, then finally theres the upper or lower zero to five segment, followed by one or two letters that determine TDP ranges running from 9 watts and less all the way up to 55 watts And higher for the HX series, let me pause this on the screen for a few seconds, so you can take it all in because its a lot guys.

So what this leads to is a complete freaking alphabet, soup of names, its a damn mess so technically AMD. Could launch a ryzen 9 7915u, which could be a higher end chip for premium ultra thin laptops thats based on Zen one now Im not saying that its going to happen, but with this Ridiculousness its certainly possible, I mean AMD if youre watching this video, like what Are you guys doing by just destroying the nomenclature of the ryzen processors? It was already great, but you just made it worse. You know what theyre trying to do right, theyre, basically trying to log Jam as many leftover cores into ryzen 7000 Series Laptops as possible. I mean look: the 7020 series gets the Ancients and two cores with rdna 2, while the 1730 series might get sent 3, but its tied up with Vega Graphics. Meanwhile, anything branded 7035 gets a refresh of last years, ryzen 6000 series with usb4 tacked on for the ride confused yet well, Im not done if you want the latest and greatest with Zen form well thats, where the 7040 and 7045 series come into play, but theyre Very very different from one another: the 70 40 CPUs max out at 16 threads and get a new four nanometer manufacturing node. You also get access to lpddr5 usb4 and a new AI engine that Ill talk about a bit and 12 rdna3cus. This series is all about maximizing battery life while delivering great performance and, of course, theres the AI engine based on xdna2 architecture.

Now, obviously, AI is becoming a big deal for pretty much everyone these days and in this implementation, its supposed to help with processing deep learning. Algorithms, improve battery life and help with more conventional processing too, and then theres the magical experiences thats a new one, but uh yeah. I guess it sounds great anyways. This is obviously there to compete against Apples, neural engine and Intels new core vpu blocks. So these are the three CPUs you will end up seeing in the lineup, so the usual six and eight core layouts of the ryzen 9 ryzen 7 and ryzen 5 series of HS processors now AMD claims. The first laptops will ship in March and will probably review a few around that time, but dont realistically expect these to be trickling to stores until June or July at the earliest. Meanwhile, most designs will only become broadly available in August and September, so the HS series covers the more performance, focused thin and light laptops. But what about the big voice? Well, AMD needed to step things up in a big way to compete against Intels Raptor Lake HX series that also offers 32 threads spread through performance and efficiency. Cores so say hello to the 7045 Series. This is where they pull out all the stops and going basically Balls to the walls since its basically a copy and paste of high end desktop parts, and that means you get up to 32 threads optional, usb4, no AI engine and a massively cut down Graphics engine.

I guess that makes sense, since these things are meant to be paired up with high end discrete gpus. So what were looking at here are two ryzen 9 CPUs with 32 and 24 threads along with a 16 thread, ryzen 7 and a 12 thread ryzen 5.. Now I know everyones going to be interested in the Horizon 9s, but when it comes to gaming laptops, the ryzen 5 is probably going to be the best option because you dont need all those cores for gaming. Anyways and itll operate at lower average tdps, and that leads to more thermal Headroom or thermaline power, Headroom being available for the GPU and thats just critical for any gaming laptop plus. You also can expect better battery life. Out of these chips now supposedly well see laptops in February, but expect those to be super limited, and most of these 70 45 series designs will be available in May and June. So the laptops with these CPUs are pretty incredible: theres the strix g17 that pairs the ryzen 9 7945 HX up with 140 watts, an RTX 4070 and an amazing looking 240Hz Quad HD display Asus is also rolling out the zephyrus duo 16, with the same CPU and An RTX 4090 running through a dedicated mock, switch at a maximum of 165 watts and, of course, performance has gone through the roof too, since Zen 4 improves over the 6000 Series in every possible way. Single thread performance gets a good bump and, of course, since the 7945 HX has doubled the number of processing threads, it can just dominate the 6900 HX in multi third workloads.

Now those much higher lightly thread clock speeds, along with more Infinity cash and the updated architecture leads to some pretty big benefits in gaming too, at least in amds hand picked games. Yet, even in our testing of the desktop CPUs, the 7000 series ended up being a whole lot better than the previous generation. So I wouldnt be surprised to see something like this, so thats the high end lineup. But what happens under that? What about the? U series? You know the processors that Ive done so well in the past for thin and light laptops, folks thats, where Im a bit worried about, because there was absolutely nothing announced and it looks like the 7000 new series will be a complete mess when theyre announced whenever theyll Be theyre gon na be four thats right, four different architectures being used and based on this, the only way youre gon na guarantee to get the latest platform is, if you buy a ryzen, 9 7000. U anything under that is a toss up between Zen 3 plus Zen 3 and Zen 2 and thats going to be a major problem, because AMD really only stepped up their laptop performance with battery life with their 6000 Series. This is essentially rebranding folks. All this is going to do is breed a bunch of customer confusion or, at the very least, cause people to buy inferior chips, thinking that theyre getting the newest technology. I really hate this and I think you should too, but lets be honest here, thats how both Intel and AMD move older chips.

Remember what I said about insane well, this: is it theres another, pretty big disappointment too and thats with the mobile gpus, because it might look like Amy is giving up on trying to compete with Nvidia on the high end, but thats not really the case, because we Get this right now other than some rebranded rx6000 series: theres a bunch of 7600 series based on the same core: theyve got 32 or 20 hcus; eight gigabytes of memory, 32, megabytes of infinity cash and a 128 bit bus, oh and theres these so called 7700s thats. Nothing more than a 7600 mxd, with 20 watts, shaped off its maximum power. Now how this thing got the 7700 name. I have absolutely no idea now you might be asking yourselves, where are the RX, 7900 7800 and other 7700 series gpus? Well, if history is any indication, theyll be announced at computex at the end of May, so, availability will be around the back to school season in August now, since the full top to bottom RTX 4000 series is going to hit Intel laptops in February. It actually gives Nvidia more than half a year to dominate the gaming laptop market and thats a problem for competition, either way with such a confusing lineup. A lot of key segments being taken over by rebrands of Ola architectures. A massive production bottleneck that will really limit availability and a bunch of other things. This, my friends, is going to be a challenging year for AMD laptops now, Im sure well see some amazing designs and even better performance.

But the big question is whether or not you guys will actually be able to buy these things until a lot later this year or even at all, if last year was an indication. I just hope things turn out different, because the H has an HX series. Look absolutely amazing, and on that note thanks so much for watching, let us know what you guys think about amds new ryzen 7000 series lineup for the laptop segment and, if youre excited about it, curious to know your thoughts.