We have ahmed again from in depth, take reviews – and this is the wilyo personal ecg tracker its amazing how medical devices are getting smaller in size to be more accessible and affordable like never before, despite its a small size, this ecg tracker is fda approved, which means You get medical grade readings, it measures your ecg in multiple ways, three out of which are hand held or by using its compatible electropads depending on the situation. So lets see how good is the willow ecg tracker, starting with the box contents, you get the device, a charging cable, a carrying, strap a pouch, the electro pads external wire and five pairs of electro pads with a life span of 10 times per each pair, and Now lets go through the specs; it has a compact design and light weight, which makes it very convenient to carry around it. Has a 2.4 inch touch screen to control it as easy as your smartphone, a built in battery that can take up to 500 checks on a single charge, as claimed by wilyo and a charge time of two to three hours. It has a built in memory that can store up to 100 checks 30 seconds each. It supports bluetooth, 4.0, low energy for wireless connection and finally, you can transfer the ecg readings to your mobile or pc, using its free apps that im gon na talk about later. In this video now lets put it into action.

When you first start the tracker, it will ask you for the date on time. Once done, you will get the home screen. That includes three main pages history hard to check and settings at the top. You will see the battery indicator and time navigating the device is easy, just tap the page. You want then scroll through the options using the swipe gesture or the two physical navigation buttons on the left and to go back one step: press the home, slash power button. Once to start the ecg session tap on hard to check, it will first show you the handheld methods using a graphical representation explaining how to do each one. But if you want to use the electro pads tap on external and you will be presented with extra two options, so whats the difference between using handheld methods and electro pads electropads are recommended if the hands are shaky or the skin is too dry. Other than this hand held methods are good enough, but you need to keep your hands as steady as possible to get the most accurate results. There is another factor to keep in mind. The measurement methods are labeled as lead 1 lead 2 and the chest lead so whats the difference between the three im, not a doctor, to explain it in detail. However, i read about the topic and now i understand the basic idea. So let me explain this heres, a simple drawing that i will use for demonstration purposes.

So what is the meaning of lead? Consider the lead as an eye. Looking at your heart lead. One means that this eye is looking at your heart from the top. So if there is any problem at the top side of the heart, it will be identified using lead. One lead 2 will be checking the bottom right side of the heart and the chest lead is used to look at it horizontally. When you do an ecg in the hospital, they will use a total number of 12 leads which will allow them to look at the heart from more directions. As shown now on the screen, however, the wilyo ecg tracker is relying on the most common leads and thats still a lot more information compared to smart watches, like apple watch. That only rely on one lead. Now, let me show you how to do a lead. One ecg check using the handheld method and with electropads. This is just an example for the rest of the leads they work exactly the same, but with different placements for the device or the pads, starting with the handheld method. Just tap on lead one from the list, then it will show you the steps. The first one is to moisten your skin with water for better results. Then you need to put your right thumb on the circular knob and the palm of your left hand on the side, not then stay as steady as possible until it finishes by the way the measurement time can be set under settings to either 30 seconds 60 seconds Or 5 minutes maximum once the measurement is done, you will get one of two messages either regular heartbeat, like in my case here or a regular heartbeat, which indicates a problem.

The device will also display your heart rate. In all cases, this message is just a quick advice. You still can see the full ecg report as a pdf or image, but this will require connecting the device to your phone or pc, which is something i will talk about in the next category. Now lets try the electro, pads and heres a pair first peel off the protective paper, but keep it for future use, because each pair can be used up to 10 times so its better to cover them back with the protective paper to keep them clean. Next. Stick the pads to your wrist and try to make them a little bit towards the edge, as shown now on the screen. Next, you need the electro pads, cable, the left and right sides are labeled using these big l and r letters so attach them to the pads accordingly, by giving a little push until you hear a tick, then connect the other side of the cable to the device And now you can start the check and it works exactly the same way as i showed you earlier now. Lets see how to connect the willow, ecg tracker to the phone or pc on the phone download, an app called vi health, its available on android and ios. Open the app agree to the terms and allow the required permissions once done. The app will start searching for nearby devices on the ecg tracker itself. Go to settings page then bluetooth and wait for the device to appear on your phone tap on it twice to confirm and the app will automatically transfer any reports locally saved on the tracker to the phone and thats it for the pc.

You need to connect the tracker via usb, using the same cable that came in the box and dont try to use any other cable, because this one is special to the device. Then download and install an app called the pulse bit browser that you will find its link in the description below this app is available for windows and the mac os. Once you open the app it will ask you for the location to save your reports. Click on browse and choose the location you want and hit. Ok on the tracker go to settings then tap on to pc. The app will automatically detect the device and it will give you the option to download the locally saved reports once done. All the reports will be listed under the device name. Now lets talk about the reports at the top. You will see the measurement date and time the ecg type, the heart rate and the test result. Then you will see the ecg graph with the ability to zoom in and out to better see the details on the pc. You can print the report, save it as a pdf or an image on the phone. You can only save it as a pdf or take a screenshot, but it doesnt support the print option now lets take a look at the other features that will enhance your experience a bit more. The first one is the dual mode, which means that this device can be used by two persons and each one will have a separate space to do the checks and save the reports, which is a great feature in case.

You and your partner are planning to use it together. Next, the ability to adjust the screen brightness using six different levels. The tracker turns off automatically after 30 seconds to save battery and the software can be updated, which is important to keep enhancing the experience over time. Finally, lets talk about the price the wilyo ecg tracker is priced at 119 on amazon.com. At the time of filming this video, i see the price is very reasonable compared to the number of features it offers like the touchscreen support for both external wire and handheld measurements, and this is one of the very few trackers that gives up to five minutes reading. With a very high rating on amazon – and this will take us to the final conclusion – the acg feature started to become more common in smart watches these days, and that might be a reason for some people not to buy a dedicated, ecg tracker, which kinda makes sense. However, this device has three ecg leads compared to smart watches, that only support one lead and you will get actual ecg report that you can share with your doctor for advice. This tracker is also a good option for all people who dont have that much of knowledge to deal with the smart watches so thats pretty much it for today. That was my review for the wilyo ecg tracker. Please let me know in the comments. What do you think so? I hope you like my video and if you do, please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos.