Everything connects. It should do obviously not ideal to the hitch that’s on and what you can do about that one everything seems to be attached as it should be as well. It’S, always a good start can a load twine into these as well. I’Ve got bales of twine down the shop which we’ll have look at shortly. This is the one you can load them into. The violet will fold and unfold, but you have to move in on the drawbar on a separate control which i’ve got on. My joystick should have fully functioning lights on as well as you can see and working indicators. We’Ve got sideline front there as well, so i have had a play with these, because i’ve been trying to find a trailer what will or to load these bales, which is so far unsuccessful. Unfortunately, we’ve got some hay around the outside this field. Some grass and obviously a straw should have left by the little domino yeah nice animation there, unfortunately there’s no plunger animation anything inside there, decent with pick up i’ve, been using the other one, uh that’s behind the big lexian, with no issues whatsoever. It’S, a nice, steady speed there we’ve got a big heap there. You see that takes all of that in no issue in regard to pickup. First it’s a real decent size on this pickup, a couple of configuration options for this, so it works fine turn off just to check them. Try on some grass now it’s fading in his grass coming out the back.

Try to can’t mount those vials as we can see. It’S a nice crop flow into the bible there. So no issues with brass let’s get them out just leave. Some hay to feed in around here i’ll see his custom texture season, sort of how you usually see in game color boys and seems to be feeding out as high as well it’s worth checking. You can always just double check that that’s the side. Now, when you go to pick them up, so look to be high balance that decides to tell me their vows yeah. It says phil type, hi, no problems with them. If you take this up to the shop, sits telling me 95 full of twine still buy the baler twine in the shop and you’ve got a straw. Harvest add on in twine does seem to go a very long way, though. Some little nails of twine there it’s over the twine door, close enough to them actually about getting more in there at the moment. So i’ve got the wrong one of the two vials there’s one of these two, which is uh able to be refilled. I mean which one i’ve done with which so over on this field, we’ve got the other variant which does the smaller bails, which i tried to link onto a suitable trailer, but uh yeah let’s not go into that one. The cage size on it, doesn’t feed in nice, animation that door drop my trailer off, so it would normally feed into that trailer.

But the trailer doesn’t work with this size bail, unfortunately see no issues with this bailout either this one folds up, drawbar going in let’s. Just move away from that car it’s, definitely the other one, which is the uh self loading by the twine. I doubt we’ve used enough out of it yet to be able to load these little packs of twine into it. So 2 liters a hundred percent. That one says two liters, a hundred percent, which is interesting moves back up towards those ones it’s not taking enough now. Are they yet old enough twine out there yet to refill it? It does work. So if you want to go for manual reloads, you can, with these twine, isn’t that expensive of the job either, which we’ll have a look at now. So we come up into here into boiling technology. I’Ve tried this trial with them. I’Ve tried these trailers with them, but none of them want to self load. Those biles i’ve got the ap730 here since you’ve got phil twine manually or automatically trelli bulge standard called cargo bibs on michelin or the hd version attach a type with toolbar or without, and that refers to this bit. You need to put on the link, arms or straight into the tractor, have every color you desire for all of them? Apart from in that one, which is for the back shoot, then we’ve got the 730c as well, where we have the smaller bowel size, along with the discharge chute for loading into trailers and there’s, exactly the same options down here as on the other 730.

So we have that is our little welder ap 730. What we’ve got to do now is find an autoload trailer which actually works with them. Otherwise, there’s gon na be a lot of manual handling to be done, but for now that is where we’re gon na leave.