So he just wanted a simple website where he could showcase his work, his services, what his customers say testimonials and then a simple contact page for people to be able to get in touch with him quickly, pretty simple thats all you need in a simple brochure website And you also want it to be found on google and linked to different um platforms, so ill show you that as well as we go through the video. So as you can see nice simple website, the reason why its boxed off is because of screen sizes. So, on a laptop, this does actually cut off here on a laptop screen its because were viewing it on a 27 inch design monitor. This is why the space here is so big, but on most computers the space will be half so most pcs. It will be half there and just to do with resolutions. The site is fully mobile, responsive ill show you that go to developer tools, youll see when its squashed down as in for mobile, which actually is more like that youll see that its rather than the text. So that would be like a tablet and thatd be like a mobile, as you can see nice easy menu to to uh to access all the images are still nice and clear and its a nice easy scrolling effect. As you can see, its got some nice visual elements just to modernize the website, so this showcases every service that he does and when obviously we click inquire, it takes him to the inquiry form uh.

The recent work just run through the rest of the mobile site. There you go so the next step of the website. Obviously people land on the website see the nice image and just a little intro and then more detail there about the intro and then weve got the services and then obviously the gallery of work. So obviously, hes got his own gallery page, so hes got every single service and then hes got the projects that hes done now. This is the best way to lay out your projects. If you are a tradesman or you know, if you do have project based work, rather than just putting your services on its good to showcase what youve actually done and in terms of what youve done, quite specifically like interlocking vertical tire hanging and things like that, and Then every service has got some projects in there. You, you, pvc project project project and its got a light box. Uh image feature on there that enlarges the image, no matter what device youre on well go to the testimonials now he wanted to do it a little bit differently. I actually do like the um. You know the authenticity of of how how he wanted it done um. So he said you know, i want my letters on theres, quite an old school reefer, so we told him to scan his letters that hes had rather than put in you know, pre written ones, so we we could have obviously written these out and but obviously this Is a lot more authentic and this is the way the client wanted to go um and, as you can see, most people they do kind of want um, not once they they do.

The lazy where you you would actually kind of just copy and paste them off. Google, which sometimes thats what we have to do anyway, because you know any reefer who was like in the 30s 20s theyre, not gon na you know, have letters like this really um, but we can accommodate. However, you would want to showcase your testimonials just go back to the home page. I just want to show you the interactive element that shows every project as we go through and then and then a little bit more information than an easy contact us its just about gaining trust and building trust straight off. And obviously, if you landed on this website – and you was based in you, know these areas and you saw the quality of his work and the way its laid out on the website and then the recent work and how easy it is to contact and also some Brand images, because if people have done the research, especially the customers who you know, are going to spend good money, they often do do a lot of research. So having these logos on there will does help build uh trust as well, because it you know it states. We only use the best reefing products and a lot of the high end. Customers would have wanted this and then some simple contact information. Then we come to the contact page and its a simple form: name, telephone number, email, subject and message, and that goes straight to his email and show it on his phone and its also linked to his google account where people can obviously read his reviews on google.

So yeah just a quick project showcase. If anyone has a project in mind, doesnt matter whether you uh a flower shop um, you know a fashion ecom, whatever website youve got in mind, we can cater for, and you can contact me through my page on facebook, which is sp website, design, uh or you Can search web design berry in google? I am number one in google for the uh organic listings, so what that means is uh the map listings for local but also um in the organic listings here – and this is my website just in case – you want to contact me through there or view any of My work and i havent updated my portfolio in a while, so ive probably done about another 40 or so projects after these. But if you want links to those, i can send them and free quotes and free information pack, if you, if you require, in fact no everybody gets the free information pack blog with all the tips on, and you can also follow me on youtube. Where i offer a host of information on there as well steven the web designer, if you want to search that theres plenty of information and work on there as well and free website, review videos, if you already have a website – and you want me to review it To see how we can improve it, i can do that for you as well just go to my website and click on the free website review and fill in the page simple as that um.

If you need a new website, ive got you covered simple.