I actually wasnt sure if we were going to get Full Speed, PS2 emulation into this device, but its doing an amazing job here, hey you, whats, going on everybody its ETA Prime back here again today were going to be turning. This used. Android phone that I recently picked up on eBay and to a powerful gaming, slash emulation, console now, of course, when it comes to these Android phones, you can always just turn this into a handheld. But one of the big reasons I chose this specific device is because it does support display over USB type c, and I really wanted to make kind of an in home console with this unit. So what I have here is a used Galaxy S10 that I picked up on eBay. I bought this for 120. Its an unlock, Sprint version, weve got 128 gigabytes of internal storage. It does support a Micro SD card and weve got a Snapdragon, 855 CPU, along with eight gigabytes of RAM. This one does have a few scuffs on it on the screen and the body, but I got it for cheap enough that you know Im not worried about it and uh really Im not using it as an Android phone were going to turn this into kind of An in home console now, if you take a look on eBay, youre, going to find a ton of these unlocked versions. These are going anywhere from 80 up to two hundred dollars.

I wouldnt spend and more than 120 on a pretty decent condition. S10 and to tell you the truth, you could get out a little cheaper by going with the s10e, its got a little less Ram, but we will get the same performance for what were doing with this device here now. There are a few extras that I needed along with this. I actually wanted to get this connected to a larger display over USB type c and theres several ways to go about this. You can use an adapter like this pretty cheap on Amazon, Ill leave, links for everything in the description this one has ethernet and a couple USB ports, but another thing Ive been thinking about. Are these so called steam deck docks theyre everywhere? You can get them for twenty dollars up to around fifty dollars for a pretty decent one, but these are basically going to do the same thing. Usb type c weve also got HDMI out its got power in and some USB ports. I mean its really up to you theres several ways to go about this or if youve already got a monitor that supports a USB type c video in then you could just go ahead and use that thats exactly what Im going to be doing and, of course, Im going to be throwing a controller in the mix Im just using an Xbox One controller Im going to connect over Bluetooth, but another thing that I actually highly recommend is one of these phone coolers, that kind of straps on the back of the phone.

That way, you know, if were sitting there for like two hours running this phone at full boat, its not going to overheat and thermal throttle, well get that full performance out of the Snapdragon 855, basically, all day long and the way Ive got mine set up this Actually functions as a stand also so, when Im just connected to my monitor with that USB type c, cable Ive got a stand kind of built in here. So getting this all set up is actually super. Simple Ive got the pixio px27 pro here its got that USB type c in so uh. We can do up to 1440p with this phone here, because these Samsung devices do support Samsung decks and, if youre not familiar with Samsung Dax. Basically, what we have here is a Desktop Android style operating system. Thats built into these higher end Galaxy S, phones from Samsung from the S8, I believe, maybe S9 – on up even their s line of tablets has this built in, and this is one of the main reasons I wanted to use the Galaxy S10 because after all, Im Going to be using this as an in home console and I wanted to kind of fill, the screen. Weve also got a desktop style operating system. So if you wanted to get some work done, you could definitely do it right here. Okay, so Ive got everything set up here and I am using a keyboard and mouse.

This monitor actually has some USB ports on the rear and they will function over USB type c. So I dont need to add any kind of dock or anything like that. Right now, Im at a resolution of 1600 by 900, but the S10 will go up to 1440p, not sure if we can do 4K, because this monitor is only 1440p. But it does function really well at this resolution, and it looks great. The Snapdragon 855 can do 4K, video playback. If you wanted to do some, you know YouTube video, playback or something like that, but I think were going to be stuck right there at 1440, which isnt bad at all. Given that were running on an ARM device right now, Samsung Dex does support multi app multi window, so we can launch a few apps at the same time, Ive gone up to around six apps. I really didnt need much more than that, but if you wanted to watch a video and kind of browse the web at the same time, you definitely could do it and by the way I am using that Xbox controller connected over Bluetooth, its just connected to the Phone and you can actually navigate Samsung Dex from the controller, so were not going to have any issues playing our games like this. The first thing I wanted to take a look at were some benchmarks. I always have people asking about the performance difference between Samsung Dax and just Android thats running on the phone and the built in screen.

So Ive actually run a couple benchmarks here in Android 12, just on the phone screen and in Samsung Dex top scorers from the built in screen. Bottom one is from Samsung Dex and, as you can see, I mean we did get a better multi core score with Dex. But if I ran this a couple times back to back wed, probably kind of even out there, so theres really no difference when it comes to the geekbench 5 benchmark. Next up weve got a GPU Benchmark with 3dmark and for some reason I cant see these scores. When Im in Samsung Dex mode at least side by side top scores from the built in screen bottom scores from Samsung Dex, we got a 3119 here and a 311 on the built in screen. So theres no difference here when it comes to GPU performance, either and finally antutu coming in with a 500 6441. This is in Samsung Dex and we were kind of right on par there. We actually got a 507 on the built in screen, so theres no reason to worry about losing performance with Samsung Dex, but now its time to see how this thing really performs were going to start off with some native Android gaming were also going to go with A little bit of cloud gaming and, of course, well do some emulation here, even though the Snapdragon 855 is a few years old. When it comes to Android gaming, this things going to handle basically anything that you can pick up from Google Play.

This is one that popped up on Google Play hot lap League does support controllers and I know its a bit hard to see, but I do have the FPS. In the top left hand, corner were running at 60. Here very high settings Call of Duty. Mobile weve got the frame rate set to very high settings on high and uh yeah. This is one of those games thats going to run at 60fps no problem at all its a very well optimized game and it does support controllers natively right out of the box. Theres, nothing we need to do with this. I also wanted to test out Diablo Immortal. Unfortunately, with the S10 from the settings we cant go to 60fps with this game, but right now were at 30 medium settings and this games fully playable again great controller support. But there are games on Google Play that just dont do well with controllers like Genji and impact. Unfortunately, we still havent got proper controller support here, so I use a third party application known as mantis buddy. This will allow us to kind of map the controller to touch points on the screen, but unfortunately, I cant get mantis buddy to work in Dex mode, so were kind of in mirror mode right now, thats, why you see those black bars on the top and bottom Now ginch and impact will run in decks. We can go full screen with it, but we just cant get controller support and right now were at medium settings 60 FPS youre not going to be able to do this at very high settings 60 on the Snapdragon 855 and even at medium settings.

I do notice some dips every once in a while, but if you wanted to go to High settings 30, it would run it all day. Next, on the list, weve got some cloud gaming and this is Game Pass or Xbox x Cloud. Whatever you want to call it now, I also tested out GeForce now and with this device I mean its good to go. Weve got a pretty decent Wi Fi chip here with the S10, but this monitor does support ethernet. So I would prefer being on a wired connection when Im doing cloud gaming now its time to check out some emulation and the Snapdragon 855 can still hang with the big dogs its been a while since Ive tested any emulators on this chip here. But since then, weve got a lot of updates with most of these emulators here, be it a better opengl or Vulcan support and Im really surprised at how well this things hanging in there weve got Dreamcast using the redream emulator at 1920×1440.. If the game works with the emulator its going to run it at full speed, next up weve got some PSP using the Standalone version of PV sspp 3x resolution Vulcan back in and with the easier to emulate stuff. We can go up to 5x on the Snapdragon 855 and when it comes to the harder to emulate games for PSP, like more specifically the God of War series 3x resolution Vulcan back in this looks amazing on the big screen, and I got ta say it is Running really really well, I didnt notice any kind of dips here in the performance and when the 855 was new, it was definitely the go to chip for gaming and emulation uh.

Since then, weve got more powerful, Snapdragon chips on the market, but some of those phones can get up there in the price. Getting a used device like this with this kind of performance is actually a pretty decent deal. If you ask me, especially considering that we can get Full Speed, PS2 emulation out of this device – heres ethers, X2 Vulcan back in and with Gran Turismo 4. I had to go to 1.5 x resolution, not exactly sure whats going on here, because this is usually an easier one to emulate, but with the next two games I went up to 2X and didnt have an issue with it Kingdom of Hearts. 2 2x resolution Vulcan back end still using that same emulator here, Xbox controller connected over Bluetooth. This game ran at 30 FPS on original PS2 Hardware, so thats what were getting here, but I got ta, say one of the most impressive ones that I tested was God of War 2.. So I actually went with the European version because uh these actually run at 50 FPS instead of 16., I know were working with an older chip. Right now were at 2x resolution Vulcan back in and even though this is running at 50 FPS, it still feels great its a lot better than kind of Dipping under that 50 Mark with the US version. Applause and finally, you know we had to test out some GameCube and Wii and with this first game, Mario car Im, using an emulator known as dolphin mmjr2, its basically just a modified version of the Dolphin Emulator.

But it is a bit older and with these Snapdragon chips recently, weve got some updates with the Dolphin Emulator that allow us to get much better performance using the opengl back end and Id say at least for the time being, on a device like this, with a Snapdragon 855 just go with the original dolphin version using opengl for most of the games and youre going to get some pretty good performance, even with games like Automotive stuff. Now I will tell you that Rogue Squadron, 2 and f zero isnt going to run at full speed on this, but theres still a lot of great GameCube and Wii games that we can play at full speed with this S10 and that snapdragon 855.. So overall, Im actually really impressed with the gaming and emulation performance that this device can put out, especially given the price that you can pick these up for. Right now I mean at 120 bucks its not a bad deal if youre gon na use it now like. I mentioned at the beginning of the video. You could always go with the s10e and you might get out a bit cheaper. You can also get those for around the same price on Amazon. That way, you have kind of a warranty. You can also test it out for a little while and then send it back if its not something that youre into, but the s10e only has six gigs of RAM as opposed to eight gigs.

With this and uh. You know when it comes to emulation and gaming. Youre not going to notice a difference, its still going to put out that same kind of performance that we saw in this video, so yeah. If youre interested in putting something like this together, I will leave links in the description, but keep in mind. I mean if youve already got a Galaxy S device in your pocket. You can use Samsung Dax. You can connect it to a larger display and thats. One of the big reasons I like using these devices. There are more powerful devices out there with something like the Snapdragon 870 that we might be able to score for just a bit more money but 99 of those devices, dont support display over USB type c and thats. The big reason I always go to these Galaxy S devices but thats, going to wrap it up for this video really appreciate you watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below I mean.