I look at other gaming laptops, but it affects the way that i look at the upcoming macbooks we’ll get into that a little bit but it’s just it’s, just a good device. So, a couple months ago, or a month and a half ago, i was sent to the engineering sample and i was told not to benchmark it. Don’T show the numbers, because it wasn’t finalized hardware, but i ran the stuff out of curiosity anyways and i was like the numbers seemed too good to be true. It seemed like i was either sound like a cherry picked unit or, like you know, as a binge cpu or binge gpu, and the numbers just seemed like they would not be representative of the actual retail units. People would be able to buy. So i didn’t let that affect like i didn’t – want to get into it early right. I was just excited for it, but then the retail unit comes in and it’s like it’s, just a really good device, so i’m going to talk about the gpu first. In terms of the graphical performance, you can get this with either an rtx 3060 a 3070 or a 3080. they’re, not ultra high wattage, but they’re high enough water to make good use of the gpu. The rtx 3070 configuration is probably the sweet spot in terms of performance. I don’t feel like the 3080 is utilized all that well in this small chassis, but if you have the extra money and you want the best possible performance, that 3080 is a little bit better.

Now one thing that came to mind when i was benchmarking: these devices was the topic of the upcoming macbooks like the m1x or m2, and i thought to myself those devices. Whatever apple comes out with, whatever it ends up being called, they are going to be more graphically capable than m1 right that’s. Why they’re making the next generation of it and this product here the razer blade 14. I think this is this might be really competitive against whatever apple comes out with like this is the world’s most powerful 14 inch device in terms of its graphic capability right? No one else has the 3080 in something this small and if you’re someone who’s wanted a windows device and you want it to be small energy efficient, super powerful. This might fit the ticket, and i can’t imagine apple’s next macbook to have a better gpu than what’s inside here. It’D be very surprised now in terms of the cpu. This is running the 5900hx from amd it’s, a very fast cpu clocks fast, and it maintains that clock for an extended period of time. It does run a little bit, warm it doesn’t throttle or anything, but it’s just got warmer temperatures than some of the bigger laptops out there. Now in terms of fan noise, the top end is a little bit loud, but the other two are perfectly fine. So if you need to get work done in a noise, sensitive environment, you can just drop it down and you’ll be good in terms of the build quality.

So this is very much a razer product. It’S got the standard black finish like we see on this device. This is the retail unit. It’S got a regular black finish with the light up razer logo, if you’re into that look but there’s a sweet skin that i recently found so normally when i skin a razor device, i go with the black skin right it’s. Just like you want to get rid of the logo that’s something i like to do, but it also protects it right, simple, black finish and that’s, how i’ve done any of my black razor devices over the past few years. This is this new dbrand skin that’s, like i feel like this was custom made for razer products. I think it looks awesome so it’s a little bit loud if you don’t like colors and stuff, then this is clearly not for you, but this is a sick. Looking skin it’s called hollow green, i think it looks really good on the razer blade now in terms of the ports there’s, two usb a to usb c. These usb c ports do not support thunderbolt 4. So if you want to connect it to an external gpu or any kind of external thunderbolt device, you’re out of luck, bro there’s, a headphone jack on the left hdmi on the right, as well as your standard, razer adapter like the power adapter they’re using the same Adapter as all their other razer blades it’s like this regular 230 watt adapter.

This does support 100 watt power delivery charging, but because it’s a relatively high wattage device, you cannot power it completely and at full strength with the usbc power source. You do need the regular power adapter. Okay, let’s talk about the internals. So inside we have a vapor chamber. We have a removable, ssd removable, wi fi card, but the ram is baked onto the motherboard and it’s, something that nobody likes to see it’s possible that they had to keep it baked on to be able to fit into the form factor, but it’s still unfortunate. I also don’t like the fact that you can only get 16 gigs in the configurations. There is no 32 gig option and i think that limits a lot of the people that would be looking at this device. If you want any kind of 3d work or video creation, anything that’s like not just gaming, 32 gigs is often really nice, but maybe that’s for future iterations of this device. The battery down here, isn’t, particularly big and i’m, only getting a little bit over five hours of battery life on this device, which is a lot less than the advertised number that they had on their website. Okay, so the screen this device comes in two screen variants and actually was able to look at both of the options. This is the 1080p panel as well as a 1440p panel, so my personal favorite between the two is by far the 1440p it’s, not without its issues, though, but i’m going to start off with a 1080p screen.

The 1080p panel isn’t great. I love the resolution and it’s fast, but the response time is pretty poor and i measured it at around 19 milliseconds and i can definitely feel it in games it’s, something you’ll notice if you play any kind of competitive shooter if you’re looking at this device – and You want it for i don’t know if you play valor into overwatch or any kind of shooter based game. Where ghosting really affects your aim, then i wouldn’t pick up the 3060. i’d get a higher specs model just to avoid the ghosting. On the 1080p panel, the 1440p is a much better response time, it’s a faster refresh as well, but i think a lot of the resolution is lost at this type of screen size right, 14 inch screen 1440p it’s, very pixel dense, but it does drain batteries faster And it puts more pressure on the gpu if you want to play your games at the native resolution, but it’s a good screen, otherwise uh the keyboard, so i’m used to razer’s keyboards and i feel like there’s a bit of bias here. I like the way that it types, but i think most people do have to spend a little bit time to get used to it. It’S just a very flat chiclet style keyboard. It can feel a little bit cramped like in my first look at this device. I didn’t really notice it at first, but having used this for a month and a bit, it does start to feel a little cramped at times, but it is a 14 inch device.

There’S, not much. You could have done right if you want to have a good kind of clearance on the side for playing games. You kind of needed to make it compact like this, and i think most people can get used to it. The speakers don’t sound great. They are small speakers on a 14 inch device. What are you going to expect right, trackpad, glass, surface, relatively big. I think most people like this trackpad as well so i’m, just going to wrap this up with uh. Well, let’s start with price first. So this starts at 17.99, but i do not like the ghosting on the 1080p panel if you can splurge for the more expensive stuff, but now you’re in like really expensive premium device territory but it’s. Just really what your kind of budget really is. But i want to talk about two or three things that i think are interesting. So, first, if you’re looking at this device and you’re like i don’t like the fact that it only has 16 gigs of ram, i wish i had a bigger screen. I am convinced that razer is going to put the amd stuff into their big devices as well. They’D, be crazy not to to have this type of thermal leeway right. You can put. You can put so much more powerful stuff when you equip it with an amd cpu and not run into thermal limitations, so because razer is all but thin, like they they’re totally putting into a 15 inch device.

Really soon is my guess, and if they don’t then intel has their balls in a vice or something like that, because it does does not make sense otherwise, uh. The second thing that comes to mind is that i think this device could only have been pulled off with an amd chip if they tried to make a 14 inch razor blade and put an intel chip in it. I think they have to be a lot thicker or the fans would be much louder it just wouldn’t have been nearly the same, so you can really see the difference between intel and amd, even with their current generation stuff in a device like this, but i want To close this off with this hypothetical situation, so right now with apple’s macbooks, they have their m1 apple silicon stuff right and in an alternate universe in an alternate timeline. Imagine they never did their own apple silicon and they did this. Imagine they got amd ryzen stuff inside macbooks. You can see what the right you can imagine. What that would have been like, i think, would have been really cool. I like what apple silicon is and what it represents, but i miss x86 on uh on apple hardware. Just saying, okay, now for me personally, i can’t switch to this because of the ram limitation. My footage i shoot in 6k it’s just like it just i want more ram. I need more ram for youtube. Okay, that’s, it great device hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.