We have unlocked the Temple of Time and can finally awaken race, V4 and guys. We are gon na, be Awakening. Every single race in blocks routes, but today were starting with human V4 because it is insane and one of the most OP in the game right now, all right, everyone ready everyone, do it: what happens? No water body, I used it way too soon. Im gon na be honest. I used it like 10 seconds. Okay, okay, everyone have it back up. Yeah three, three two one go: yeah whats! I dont know what the trial whos this guy. I need to be the boss uh holy moly. Oh hes got hands what wait theres were all doing different things. Yeah we Music completed my trial. Wait Michael whatd, you fight. I had to fight a dude Im, doing like a hobby Im, doing an Obby Im doing an angel Obby, and I oh my gosh. I have a limited amount of stuff, literally moving too fast Kelly. Two seconds come on Kelly. You can do it Kelly, Kelly, well, player, failed! Better luck! You eating! Oh lets go, oh Carl can be completed, but there can only be one only one, only one. Where are you okay uh? What what are you doing? Im gon na be the one. What are you guys doing come here? Dick? Oh, my God, you dont get Dragonborn ear come here. You get to be a dragon Kelly. Where are you Kelly? You Cant Hide for me.

Yes, oh my god, oh the orb, the orb. I follow it. Okay, I follow the orb and I think this is how this is it its guiding me up the stairs yo this is it yo yo eat it interact. You took here, okay, I have a gear. Now, oh interact it. Oh my God. Okay, I can only do one ancient Powers upon transforming receive Max stats, as well as increased damage and speed and heal by 10 yo new title unlock Berserker come back when you complete the trials again Kelly. Smack me this: is it okay, so to use the Awakening, you have to have like this maxed out, like rage meter in the bottom left. So, okay, you smacked me up smack me up, but dont kill me. My rage meter is maxed out right now, because you got freaking annihilated in the trial because literally it doesnt, let you go Dragon mode. It actually does not let you go Dragon mode if Im so mad whered, you go one more one. More give me one more. Okay, that one was that almost dead Music, okay, wait wait. Is it killed me again, Music, Music? All of my stats are maxed. Oh my gosh, hang on. You are terrifying. You look scary. Dude Kelly! Your face is the stuff of nightmare. What oh I dont have. I dont even have all the abilities unlocked. Yet this is just the stat boost where I get speed and damage dude.

The other abilities that you get when you actually fully awaken. This are insane all right so guys before we can do the next trial. I have to use the Awakening three times and then you can go back up and you pay fragments and you can actually start the trial again and get the next stage of the Awakening. All right lets. Do this guys youre wait youre gon na get scarier. Oh, it gets a lot scarier than this okay guys. So now that Ive used my Awakening three times, we go back into the temples of time, and if I talk to the redhead Essence, I should be able to do the next trial. Okay. So if I watch oh, if I talk to the redhead Essence here, youve been working hard, I can tell I have something you could use to improve your limits, but itll only work for your current race. I have no need for it. Ill sell it to you for 1, 000, fragments, oh okay, okay! So now I have this Im ready for the next trial: okay, so that thats what you have to do so now you have to get another full moon, but you do 308. You have to use your Awakening ability three times and now we can do the next trial lets. Do this guys all right? Everyone at the doors lets do this on the count of three. We got a full moon its time for the second trial.

Okay, three. Okay. Two one go: oh lets, go, lets go baby, you do the same thing each time it does seem like Im fighting the same guy. I fought earlier and I just love to Buddha fruit because, oh, I think itll be a little easier for these fights. I mean, I think, hes a different ability, because I thought a guy that had a flame done wow. I just crushed it already: yeah whoa, invisible, hey, oh okay! This is it guys. Oh come on. We all have Buddha now nice head Jack. Thank you. Thank you. Where my food is at um, oh God are you dead? That was uh decided quickly. Oh my God, I had shipped. Are you kidding me? Where are you I hid? I actually need to stop doing. I need to stop no thats. Fine, you keep eating. Hey lets. Go all right all right! Second Awakening! Oh my gosh, oh dude Buddha, fruit sucks! Oh my God! I just crushed you with it. What do you mean? I think you got ta get good yeah and I won and it wasnt particularly close all right. This is it another gear, oh okay, so I can. I can choose now Im not entirely sure. I see that I have two different gears. I can pick here. I dont, I think I dont know which one to pick, I think of my order. Okay, I can pick my ability. I can stock the red wire.

I hope you explode, so I can pick two abilities now I can pick either limit break allows you to become stronger as they fight through a rage meter. So every single time I get a hit. I get more rage when Im on an Awakening, and it gives me more damage and the other ability is Flash step now has three charges which temporarily makes the user invisible and faster upon use? Psycho psycho is the name of the ability. I I think limit break is like insanely busted. I think this is the best one Im going for limit break lets. Do it, oh lets, go in the right choice, guys comment down below um, which one you think is better or if we just made a bad choice, yeah comment, which ones your favorite limit, breaker or psycho mode psycho mode, I think wins just on name well, lets Check it out lets see which damage I get now per hit and then do the rest of the Awakenings. This is gon na be insane, and then you can upgrade it too. Oh, when we get the upgrades, I cant wait, but lets see how fast strong it is right. Now, okay, I havent read it up. I have ready to go. Okay. Lets see. Oh okay, okay, someone come up to me. Someone come up here. Let me see how much my damage amplifies – okay, one thousand – oh my God, the rage meters at the bottom, its like 18 17.

. What am I up to you are hitting me. Stop dodging! Stop dodging stop dodging stop dodging 2200. What the! What are we gon na get up to? I dont know what I can get up to wait Jack. Where are you its going up, but I dont even know like a good 4 000 damage per hit with the sword Im doing 4 000 for a hit. Oh, my God, its so messed up what in the heck? What on Earth? Oh, my gosh, I just stick. I just annihilated you instantly that should not be allowed. This is insane okay, okay, this is crazy. Lets. Do the rest of these lets. Do the other three upgrades and see how insane this becomes? This is amazing all right guys. This is it. This should be. I think the last Awakening and then Im gon na have fully awakened human V4 lets go all right. I completed my trial in about 10 seconds. That was pretty easy. Okay, I did it. Oh oh lets go lets go lets go there can be only one baby. Lets go. Oh my God. What oh, my gosh, I dont know why um nowhere to be found goodbye, come here, Jack come here, Jack, nope nope. I think Im gon na want to take a little bit of a breather a little bit of a uh of a break a little bit of. Oh wait: oh my God Flash! Oh my gosh, all right! Well, that shoot lets see is this is the max level guys? I cannot wait to see this.

Oh my gosh, that was insane once I activated Awakening. I just absolutely crushed you even with leopard all right. I have the gear Im interacting. Please please tell me this is the last one, since I have tier five. I think that means that once I socket this gear – thats good, okay, okay, so I can either upgrade my limit break to tier two or psycho to tier two. So flashed up charges, regen, faster Dash, distance increase and moves cannot be canceled anymore or I just get even more damage. My rage meter lasts longer and is uncapped 150. I actually dont know which ones better. I think I think Im gon na go for the faster. The faster dashes and the increased distance okay Im going for it lets see. Oh I did it please, please tell me this is maxed out. It says: come back when you complete the trials again, okay, so instead I have to do five more training sessions. So I think I think this is done. I think, if I do this, I cant actually get any more gears. If I do these Ill just get a little bit more duration, but this is basically fully awakened V4, so we can actually go showcase. All the abilities right now so lets lets. Do that all right guys lets take a look at this all the abilities on the max awakened V4 human wait ing. Should I do with this 2800. Okay hold on.

Let me let me oh sorry, Jack Im, gon na kill you a couple times to actually get my thing up Kelly. Your thing is causing me damage. Oh dont hurt me please thats, just the time Im doing 4 000 damage per hit. Oh my gosh, and on top of that I have Max stats in everything. Look at this gun 2694 block through 26.94. This is insane hold on. Okay, ask them rifles Music! Oh my gosh! Oh, what the heck was that, as I can do damage my little meter here at the bottom goes up. That decreases my damage. On top of that, I get maximum in every stat as well as look at these dashes. Look how far I can Dash and Im invisible when I Dash. If I use all three of these dashes whats the furthest, I can get to Im just a fist dude. I didnt sign up for this hold on guys. Im gon na try to see the furthest away. I can Dash just in a straight line Applause. Oh God, where did you go Im over on the right side? This way I started like at the rock over there, and I dashed all the way over here watching me: do it again also it lasts so long? Have you noticed how long Ive been in this? No, you take less damage. I just want to see if I think I did thats almost the one shot. Oh, my God, I didnt kill Jack with that wait.

Michael, do you take less damage? Let me see you take less damage. I even get damage reduction. This is insane yeah. Okay, human V4 is incredibly strong, as well as every other Awakening and guys make sure you subscribe because were gon na be Awakening. Every single race to V4 and uh turned on notifications, so you dont miss it yeah. That would be really embarrassing if you missed it. God also, please comment if you think theres a race thats stronger than human before, because this seems kind of busted right now, but I dont know if anyone has any experience with the other ones.