5 tv that uh just received a few moments ago. So here is a product that i received from flipkart and uh. It was a soon delivery, i got it and it come with a good packing. Let’S start uh unpacking it i’m, just trying to open, with my one hand, because i’m recording the other hand Music Music. So here is my 1.5 it’s, my father it’s matt finished and looking super good and it fits in my palm and nice to play with let’s see what else we got from the box. So we got our own instruction booklet. We got the cable wire to connect with the computer, so that’s it from the box, so it was 1.5 db. But when you connect to computer, so we can see it’s 1.36 db because there’s some application setup that will be using some of the memory space. So when trying the data transfer, i can see the data is between 30 to 50 mb per second, and it is a single file. So when it goes to multiple files, it usually reduces the speed because the indexing need to be taken care, so, for example, so if you see another data transfer that i tried today, so it was between 70 to 80 mbs Music. So here you can see the data transfer. Speed is 70 to 18b, where we see the one file with a large space is copied much faster, but when it comes to files with smaller spaces, the speed reduces due to the indexing that is going behind.

So it gradually decreased from 70 to 30s, so this is normal, and if anyone is trying to buy this uh wd external address, i will suggest you go for it. It’S, a nice selection, Music thanks.