, Because today I want to talk about things. I think someone should know before buying their first Onyx Boox device.. This will not be a very technical review. What I want to talk about instead are aspects of owning, a Boox that I feel arent quite captured by just looking at the specs.. This video is based on my personal experiences of over a year being involved in the Boox and general e ink online community. During that time, and just being the type of person who really likes to do maybe excessive research on big purchases, like maybe youre doing, right now., I wont be telling you not to buy a Boox.. I even recommended this exact device to a friend, and I stand by that recommendation. I really enjoy my device. I dont regret, buying it and use it regularly. So right up front. I want to say that I think a Boox is a great first choice for three specific types of users. If you want an e ink tablet that runs Android and can install regular apps if you need extra, robust or fancy PDF handling options, or if you need an e ink, Android tablet or note taker with a backlight. In all these cases, I would say a Boox Is your best, if not only option., But even if youre already set on buying one the things I talk about in this video can help you set your expectations and hopefully avoid some potentially frustrating situations.

. When I bought this tablet, it was less than a year after they released the previous version of it. Boox tends to release devices kind of often in general. This is in contrast to other players in the e ink space who put out new devices much less often and tend to focus on each for longer periods of time., Which does beg the question with so many devices. How is support in the long term? How long do these devices last Well, my tablet works perfectly a year and some change after buying it. Im, not a power user Im. One of the types I mentioned at the start of the video. I use this mainly to read on different platforms and do some light web browsing or listening to podcasts., But I did take two major things into account.. First of all, I have seen multiple posts about battery swelling with different devices, different sizes and at time frames I found kind of surprising. People reporting it within around two years. Where Im coming from is Ive, been using the same Kindle for over eight years now, and Just charged it with whatever was handy without thinking about it. And I havent seen many reports of e ink kindles having the same issue.. So it did surprise me to see these types of posts, with these newer and comparatively more expensive devices. And before you come at me in the comments yes battery bloat does happen, sometimes even with more established brands, and I know theoretically, devices should have measures to prevent Overcharging.

, But I felt like it would be dishonest to leave this out of this video, because I definitely took this into account when it came to how I actually charged this tablet. And considering the higher price point Im. Putting this out there for people to make their own choices about how much you want to rely on the power management on the device.. What Ive, personally done over the past year is make sure I only use chargers and cables from reputable brands. I also use a charger in a voltage range that Boox recommends for this device. According to the website again, just in case., I dont leave it charging overnight. I avoid letting it get to zero or keeping it for long periods of time at 100.. The second thing I was careful with is the screen., Especially if your device is large. You should keep in mind that e ink screens in general, not just Boox ones, are pretty fragile. Now. This could be an issue for you, depending on the return and repair policies which apply to you. So I would encourage you to look at those just in case and also look at other options for purchase like Amazon if thats available to you.. I also suggest you keep your device in a case avoid having the screen, especially knock around like in a bag, and if you need a theoretically more hardy, screen, consider a device with a plastic backed e ink screen rather than a glass backed one.

. Something else you might be curious about is support and user experience.. As far as software goes, this device has been able to get all the updates released, since I got it, and Boox has said that they are committed to providing updates for their devices for at least three years after release.. You might notice, though, a little something about this device, which seems to contradict what I just said. And thats. This tablet is not actually updated to the most recent firmware, not because I couldnt, but because I didnt really want to. And the reasons for that I think, illustrate some snags when it comes to how books approaches software. Again, I believe that these tablets are the highest Spec and fastest at running Android apps on e ink, but you do need to manage your expectations. Expect there to be a learning curve and that this is not going to be 100 effortless right out of the box.. This old UI is not that intuitive or polished, in my opinion, especially when compared to using something like a Kindle.. But the new one does some things which are downgrade., The most obvious of which is turning a bunch of options into mystery options by removing the labels and also suddenly changing major aspects of the interface.. The firmware has also completely overhauled how app optimizations work.. So, just a bit of background, if you get a Boox, you will most likely have to experiment with various settings to make third party apps work well with an e ink screen.

. This is the older system to optimize apps. The other reason I didnt want to upgrade is they completely changed the system without much warning, so I would have had to figure out the new system and then set things up again for each individual app on my device., An approach to firmware updates, which could be Improved. There is a manual, but I dont find it very thorough or clear …. The good news is, you can search through Facebook and Reddit groups and usually find a good answer there.. I recommend not updating right away when new firmware comes out, look at posts and reviews first and see if this update is worth it for you. When it comes to privacy and security and also licensing issues with the kernel.. I think there are other sources which touch on this topic better than I can so Ill link to videos on both of these subjects below.. I havent seen this mentioned in other reviews, but remember those Kindle ads that showed how you can read in bed and you wont bother your partner Yeah. This cant do that very well …, So the Boox is at the absolute lowest brightness, but i can still go down like five more levels on my Kindle Paperwhite.. This is bright enough that I find it a bit tiring to look at in a dark room, and my husband has actually pointed it out more than once so. Ive switched back to my old Kindle for reading before bed, and I just use my Boox during the day when theres light around.

. If youre, just using one of these devices for reading, should you get a Books or a dedicated e reader like a Kindle., I know theres an element of FOMO here, but I think its really down to how you intend to use it. If you want to read books from different platforms that have their own apps specifically or use text heavy apps for reading things like articles, then getting a Boox is, I think, your best option.. The Boox also has much more robust features for reading PDFs. If you need fancier views like looking at a screen in quarters or something., But lets say youre just reading ebooks and you can figure out how to get the books in DRM free formats or you just buy them on platforms like Kindle., I would strongly consider buying A dedicated reader instead. There are a few pretty solid benefits. The price difference is significant. The user interface is, in my opinion, much more pleasant to use the battery will for sure last longer, per charge. And well. This Kindle has been a tank Ive. Definitely gotten my moneys worth after eight years with it.. It used to be that the warm light on Boox devices was a draw, but the newest Paperwhite has it too and is also waterproof. When it comes to a device for note taking. However, I went with a different brand, even though I got my Boox first.. I did make a long term review, which goes over how I decided on that device and my experience with it over the past year.