Pro 360 15 inch convertible two in one laptop tablet. You have the choice of either a 13 inch screen size or 15 inch screen size model. I will examine its features: camera security package components, connectivity list, the pros and cons, and i will render my overall rating and review hi. My name is roderick and welcome to this channel seek right tech reviews. I will be your host narrating. This video seek right. Tech reviews provides consumers like yourself with tech, product knowledge and consumer education on future trending and current state of the art technology. If youre looking for an unbiased examination and review of any tech item that can help you decide what to and what not to spend your money on, then this is the place for you. If you are new to the channel, then sit back and enjoy the video. I will talk again to you at the end of this video. If you are visiting us again and havent joined the srt community. Take a moment. Click the like button to help the channel reach more viewers, click that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. So you are notified when a new video is posted. I post new videos on saturdays the galaxy book. Pro 360 is 13.97 inches long by 8.96, inches wide by 0.47, inches high and weighs 3.06 pounds. It is made of an aluminum composite material and comes in either mystic navy or mystic bronze in color.

The display is a 15.6 inch. Super amoled full high definition touch screen with the 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution, a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and a 60 hertz refresh rate. The 360 degree screen hinge lets you use this sleek ultra thin laptop in these modes, tint tablet and easel style modes. The keyboard has a numeric keypad with backlight keys and a fingerprint reader mounted in the upper right corner of the keyboard, which enables password free logins to your windows. 10 account the touch pad is a nice size that is very intuitive and operates. The finger gestures quite easily, this laptop also has an s pen included with this device. At the time of purchase the battery life for the galaxy book, pro 360 provides up to 20 hours on a single charge, with a four cell lylon 4405 mah battery. That is recharged by a 65 watt, ac adapter, the 720p webcam is about the only thing thats not premium in this two in one laptop it functions well and samsung includes a studio mode that allows you to customize your appearance, yet on a high end, laptop such As this using the industry standard webcam resolution is a mistake. The power button contains a fingerprint sensor that opens the computer almost instantaneously. Even if the power is turned off, you can raise the lid and start working in seconds, although when the brook pro 360 is in tablet mode its difficult to access the fingerprint sensor, it would be better if an ir camera for facial recognition was made available to Unlock the device when, in this mode on your galaxy book pro 360, you can simply switch between business and personal life by pairing, your devices, the samsung smartphone and your book pro 360.

set it up as a second screen for double the productivity or use it. As a sketch pad with the natural feeling s pen for exquisite note, taking with quick, share rapid file sharing, you can stop emailing yourself and instead play your favorite mobile game app on a much larger screen, use samsung, smartthings capabilities to control your other devices with a Tap and know where your galaxy book pro 360 is at all times. Notable software includes link sharing, live message, live wallpaper, mcafee live safe, 30 day trial screen recorder, samsung galaxy, quick search, samsung, dex, samsung flow, samsung notes, samsung recovery, samsung settings and studio plus note. Samsung updates of software can be changed without notice. The components for the galaxy book pro 360 are one windows: 10 home 64, bit upgradeable to windows 11. When it is released. The two the processor is the intel i core: 7 1165 g7 processor, 2.8 gigahertz up to 4.7 gigahertz with the 12 megabit l3 cache 3.. The graphics card is the intel iris xc integrated graphics card 4.. The ram is 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4x at 4.267. Megahertz. Five storage is a one terabyte pcie in vme, solid state drive six. The audio sound is 2 4 watt, akg stereo speakers with real text, high definition, audio and dolby atmos. The connectivity for the galaxy book pro 360 is as follows: one wi fi 60 gig plus 802.11 ax; 2 bluetooth; 5.1. Three: the ports are one intel: thunderbolt, 4 port, two usb type c ports, one headphone microphone, combo jack and one micro sd multimedia card reader, slot Music.

The pros are one very good laptop dimensions: two excellent display, pixel resolution aspect, ratio and refresh rate three seamless. Two in one convertible mode, change, four excellent battery life and fast recharging, five, very good components and connectivity package and six. The addition of the device synergy component is innovative and offers seamless integration for multiple samsung tech devices. The cons are one. The camera resolution could have been a lot better than 720 pixels. Two. The addition of a facial recognition feature would truly enhance the physical security protection of the device for users, data protection and peace of mind. I give the samsung galaxy book pro 360, an a rating for these reasons, one this laptop, is extremely powerful and versatile. Two in one laptop tablet for price point, beginning at 14.99, 90, two, the components connectivity display specs and the battery life makes this laptop a highly competitive device. That gives it excellent credibility with the samsung name, along with brand name components installed from intel, akg and dolby. Atmos to further elevate this laptop as a primary work unit. Three, the innovation of the seamless device integration, smartphones tablets with the book pro 360 gives this laptop a distinct advantage in the market today and helps to exalt the samsung ecosystem for their brand and four. I like this laptop tablet for small business owners, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs looking for beginning tech that would allow them to capitalize on integration of phone and laptop devices and offer them an increased depth of synergy for ease of productivity, time management and functionality.

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