So. Keep watching Now the unboxing process was quite nice, as opposed to most other laptops where, in the black shipping type of box it contains a nice and premium laptop sleeve and the laptop box itself Inside that box. You will find the 65 watt USB C Adapter on the side compartment. Then, of course, there is the laptop itself Underneath there is the ASUS Pen Active Stylus with an included battery inside that uses AAAA battery. Just so, you all know and a handy little laptop stand And, of course, you’ll find the User Guide and the manuals as well. First, looking at the laptop’s specs, it comes with Windows, 10 Home Edition, and the variant that I have is the exclusive review unit from ASUS HQ in Taiwan, which is the 14 inch display variant, which comes with the Intel Core i7 1165G7, which is the 11th Gen Tiger Lake Processor it has the Intel Iris, Xe Graphics, where later this year, there will be an alternate variant for Malaysia, which is the NVIDIA GeForce MX450, with 2 GB of GDDR6 VRAM 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM 512 gigabyte, PCIe 3.0 NVMe, SSD storage, and it has Wi Fi 6 wireless internet connectivity as well Starting from the laptop’s design and build. My first impression, when I held the laptop, was how thin it was for a laptop that has dual screens at only 16.9mm thin, with a weight of only 1.6kgs breaking yet another record like what ASUS usually do to be the World’s thinnest and lightest 14 inch laptop, Which has a secondary display, The colour finish of the laptop is called Celestial Blue, where the finish was quite great and premium looking where both the chassis and the lid is made of magnesium alloy and I loved how it had the trademark asymmetric Zenbook pattern at the Top of the laptop, as well As for the laptop’s keyboard, the typing experience was one of the best that I have tried where typing was a breeze and I got used to the keys within minutes of first time usage without any typo issues, The trackpad is placed Towards the right and to be honest, it does take a little time for you to get used to once you do.

You will actually love it And don’t. Let that smaller trackpad deter you from getting it as the travel distance from edge to edge was great, with high accuracy too Now to make the typing the trackpad and, of course, the screen viewing and touch screen experience. Even better ASUS gives you, the ErgoLift Active Aerodynamic System Plus hinge where not only it reduces the gap between the main and the secondary display, but since the laptop is lifted up in that angle, it does give you up to 49 better airflow. As for the laptop’s ports and buttons on the left, there is the HDMI 1.4 port and two USB Type C Thunderbolt 4 ports. Then on the right there is a USB 3.2 Gen 1, a 3.5mm audio for headphones and microphones and a microSD card reader. Nice Then face recognition. Login is easy and secured with Windows, Hello as well. All right Next let’s talk about the laptop’s screen or, shall I say, … … screenS now Now. This is one of the many great plus points of the laptop, as the main display is a 14 inch NanoEdge screen with a resolution of 1920 x, 1080 pixels at 60hertz, with a slim 4mm bezels and a 93 screen to body ratio. Now this particular screen is PANTONE Validated to provide the most precise colour, accuracy and features Low Blue light modes, an Anti Flicker technology and it passed the TV Rheinland Eye Care certification together with a 100 sRGB colour gamut as well.

Then, looking at the secondary screen, also known as the ScreenPad Plus, it is a 12.6 inch full width secondary touchscreen with a new, auto tilt mechanism And it has an improved brightness up to 400 nits and, as mentioned earlier, the new hinge design lifts up the screen Up to 7 degrees, making it easier to view the screen during usage And with this said, the new titling ScreenPad Plus improves readability, aids, cooling performance and works seamlessly with the main display for effortless, multitasking and creativity. Now I have to say that I really appreciated the matte finish on the screen, as I am not a huge fan of glossy screens, as not only it attracts fingerprints, but the brightness area both for the outdoors and indoors, tend to have reflections on it. And that was not the case when it comes to both of the screens The upgraded ScreenXpert 2 software that powers, the ScreenPad Plus, includes a collection of new and updated built in apps to help boost productivity such as the new Windows, Flick feature that allows you to Simply flick the windows between displays and the popular Task Group app has an updated design, so users can use their Task Groups at a glance and lock into work modes instantly and launching multiple apps with a single tap All right going further into the usage of the Screenpad Plus, First looking at the Control Center menu functions looking towards the top left. There is the brightness adjustments.

Then there is the App Navigator to show all the apps on the primary screen. Next, there is the Link to MyASUS, which in case you all did not know, is to link to your smartphone to your laptop to transfer files or even mirror your smartphone display Below that there is the Keyboard Locked feature Show Desktop. Then there is Launcher where you can launch apps directly from there, like Chrome and Spotify, And finally, there is the ScreenPad Plus Settings over there to do several settings. Adjustments like the position of the Control Center Display Controls, and many more So with all of this. How would you really make this dual screen more productive for your usage? Well, here are some ideas for you all.. Firstly, I had a very productive screen setup where I had Whatsapp Web and Spotify over at the ScreenPad Plus Screen with me. Browsing at the main screen And what’s cool is that if you open Photoshop, there is a dedicated control panel, where you can go through direct and customizable controls for a faster workflow And what’s super productive is the fact that I could fit my timeline down here as Well, in Adobe Premiere Pro as well, to give me a faster video editing process In terms of software. It is shipped with Windows, 10 Home Edition, and the good news is that multitasking and using the laptop for email and browsing was very smooth and seamless, especially with the ASUS Pen Active Stylus as well, where it has up to 4096 pressure levels for a precise browsing.

Intuitive drawing and writing as well Using the ASUS Intelligent Performance Technology AIPT on the MyASUS app. This is a power mode that enables users to switch between several modes based on the tasks that you want to do, For example, using the Performance mode where you can enjoy a performance boost up to 40 compared to an ordinary performance And even in the default Balanced Mode performance can be up to 30 better. As for the video editing, the good news is that editing 10 bit H.264 videos was really smooth at the resolution at 18. But if you are a real hardcore video editor, you can always opt for the NVIDIA graphic card option when it releases later on here in Malaysia And during my gaming test on Asphalt, 9 was nice and smooth, And the good news is that I could even load And play Forza Motorsport 7 at Dynamic, Render Quality at quotVery, Lowquot and 1280 by 720 pixels, which was great to know for a quotnon gamingquot laptop Let’s, now go into the audio quality on the laptop, where the speakers are one of the loudest that I have heard On any laptop with the ASUS SonicMaster Stereo audio system, which is tuned by Harman Kardon, The overall highs and mids, were extremely nice and the bass were just decent and here is a quick, sound test. As for the laptop’s battery, it comes with a 4 cell 70 watt hour battery And during my heavy usage of video editing, sending out emails playing Forza at the end of the day, got me roughly about 13 hours and 10 minutes.

So, yes, you will surely get more if you don’t, do heavy video editing or play games like me, which I have done quite a lot In conclusion, as a person who really appreciates dual screen, like the current daily smartphone of choice, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. I really found this dual screen feature is something that will surely transform and speed up your work process, whether or not you are looking to do minor, video, editing or even overall multitasking in general And based on me using this laptop daily, it will be a laptop Where it will be hard for you to go back to a single screen laptop, So if you guys are looking to increase your productivity and multi tasking to a whole new level, then yes, this laptop would make an excellent choice. As for the price here in Malaysia, this particular ASUS ZenBook Duo, 14 UX482 is going for RM6499, with the Intel Core i7 1165G7 16 Gigabytes of RAM and 512 Gigabytes of SSD storage and RM5499 with Intel Core i5 1135G7 with 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 512 Gigabytes Of SSD storage and I will leave links down below for you guys to get yourself either one So guys with this. Do let me know what you guys think of the ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 at the comment section below. Would you guys get it? I think you should Aside from that, thank you so much for watching Hope. You guys enjoyed this video and found this video helpful in making your purchase decision.