They sent me this for review. Lets, get right into it. Okay, so just a little bit about me, im an animator, slash illustrator. My main project is working on a short film called castle, dark thats going to come out soon. What comes in the box is the tablet itself. You get this quick key remote that you can use instead of a keyboard or in conjunction with a keyboard. Its also like the toolbox that i reviewed really really good stuff. It even has its own lcd screen, so you can see what command its doing instead of just having to memorize them. So naturally, i do a lot of drawing in my work every single day, my main device is an xp pen. Artist 24. Pro ive never used a wacom pen tablet or display tablet ever before. So a lot of youtubers say that this tablet by zensi labs, is giving wacom a run for their money. So i thought itd be interesting to share, in my opinion, since ive never used the wacom to see how this thing performs. From my perspective, in the past, ive used tablets from xp pen, ug and gaomon. Just to give you some reference, so over the years, their quality has definitely improved and theyre. Overall, pretty good devices for drawing opening up this tablet from sense, labs comes with two pens, really really cool everything that comes in the package, including the tablet, the pen, the case and the remote are all made of very high quality plastic and plugging it in right Out of the box, all i had to do is install the driver and everything worked perfectly.

There was no troubleshooting needed. This tablet is also wireless, so i plugged it in installed the driver and then i just unplugged it with a dongle plugged in on my laptop and everything worked. Fine. This is my first time ever using a wireless tablet, so really really cool you can draw with it on your lap or on the table or basically anywhere. Senselab definitely has artists working on this tablet, and i can tell because the default express key bindings on the quick creep. Remote are really really good. I i dont think ive changed them ever since i opened up the tablet, so the textured surface of the tablet itself, while drawing feels really really good its excellent to draw on and the pen itself has some good weight its a little bit heavier than the normal Gaumon or xp pen stylus so appreciated there ive always wanted a heavier pen, and since labs delivered on that, the remote is just ingenious. You can flip it and use it in any orientation that you want. It also connects wirelessly just with that one dongle. So you just plug it in and then your tablet and your remote are both connected. I did want to mention that you know this thing is great and it feels awesome. It is awesome to draw on and to use, but it better be right. This thing is pretty expensive. I personally wouldnt recommend it for a beginner who doesnt really know if they want to get into digital art or animation or not, because its a very dedicated device, its really awesome to use it is premium.

It is exactly what i wanted it to be and more than that, but for me i can only recommend it for a professional who really knows what they want, but hey if youre a beginner and you got the cash its a good buy. Lets get more into my review and my experience using this. What im drawing right now before you is a t, shirt design for my film castle duck that will be coming out early in 2022., ive been working on this, drawing on and off for about a few weeks and ive had the tablet itself for about six weeks. Overall, sketching with it, as you can see in front of you, is really really nice. It feels better than anything that ive ever used before, in fact im struggling to decide whether i should use this pen tablet over my main driver, the artist 24 pro from xp pen thats. How good the drawing experience really is its not quite like drawing on paper but imagine youre, drawing on a very smooth but slightly textured paper. I actually have a sketchbook. My favorite sketchbook had that texture, its very smooth paper. It reminds me of that. The pen also has an eraser on the back, never used a tablet that had that feature. So i thought it was a little bit cumbersome at the start, because i was so used to just hitting e on the keyboard or one of the buttons on my tour box.

But after a while it started to remind me of traditional art. So i started using it more just you know flipping around the pen, because you know its one less express key to have mapped on your tour box or your express key remote or your quick key remote, whatever they call them so its pretty convenient, and you can Also change that in the driver software to do whatever you want, the most important things to me in a drawing device are the driver and the drawing experience, and this driver just knocks it out of the park. The drawing experience is already great, but the driver went a step further and really takes this thing to another level. The reason the driver is so important to me is because some artists arent going to use it theyre just going to open up the tablet plug it in and just use the default settings right, but other artists theres, usually one specific setting that pertains to them. Like maybe they like, to put the pressure really really high or really really soft. For me personally, i like to have the top button on my pen activate the middle click function so that i can pan around the canvas with just using that top button. Of course, this driver software allows you to do that, but also on the larger pen theres a third button. They just they have a pan button. I mean im gon na use it for painting, but that button was perfect for me because thats exactly where i want the button to be for me to pan around my canvas and then i have two whole other buttons to do whatever i want with the driver.

Software is highly customizable. You can customize, basically anything make presets for each of your devices and the pens themselves can have different presets in different settings. So this thicker pen, you want to have the pressure harder or really soft. You can do that. Then. You can pick up the thinner pen and change the settings on that theyre, each different devices treated individually, which gives you loads of customization options. A few highlights from the driver software is that you can change the color of the physical lights that are on the tablet, depending on the program that youre using so for me for open tunes. I set up green lights to shine blenders orange lights, critters, pink lights. All very cool stuff: you can edit the keybinds for all express keys on the tablet and the pen buttons and that eraser on the back of each pen. If you want that to be the eraser thats cool, if you want to be you flip the pen around and its like a blending tool like a tortillion, you can do that. Lastly, the driver interface looks really cool. They chose nice colors every time i open it. Just like yeah this is this: is a cool im, im cool im, a cool artist, im im being hysterical but its true, and if you want a comparison, this is the xp pen driver. So, to be fair, they are working on a new one, but you know theres a totally different feel one just looks like a basic computer program and another one looks like a really cool interface, where you can set up your stuff.

Speaking of the xc pen driver. My artist 24 pros software has nothing on the sense labs one, my main gripe with xp pens current driver, although theyre making a new one. So i will put that out there. My main gripe is that you cant make different profiles for the pen buttons and for programs with a lot of short keys, and i mean a lot like blender or open tunes. I really need that feature, especially for blender, because im working every single day on my short film, i have a workflow that i dont like to interrupt. Usually, when i review a tablet, i wont connect it to my main computer ill, usually use my secondary laptop to review the tablet and then go back to work on my artist 24 pro on my main computer. This tablet changed that i actually deleted my xp pen. Drivers installed the sense labs driver and tried the tablet on my main pc, because its just that good and guys i im torn, i really am torn. I like using a pen display because its just like a sketchbook, its a little bit easier to grasp. But this pen, tablet and pen tablets in general do have something that pen displays dont specifically for me, it has to be the ergonomics argument. Pen display youre hunched over it, usually even in my setup, where i have this stand up desk. On top of my desk, that props up my pen display, i still hunch over it and after a long day of work, my back does hurt.

But when i used the this sense, labs tablet is called the mercury. When i used the mercury on my main computer, i was sitting up straight the entire time because with a pen tablet, you sit up straight and you look at the monitor. Instead of leaning over it like a screen, and it was more comfortable and its better for you to sit up straight for um when you are sitting so i sit and stand at work and being able to have my head straight up looking at a monitor. Instead of hunched over looking at a screen is really beneficial for me when im drawing standing up with my 24 pro um when im live streaming or something like that, after a while, my my upper back begins to hurt, and so i usually call it a day Using this thing, i can just stand up and stare straight ahead, so when deciding between a pen tablet versus a pen display dont, just think pen displays are automatically better pen. Tablets can save space, they can be more ergonomic in a big one, theyre a lot cheaper. The mercury by sense senselabs, is under 400, its a direct competitor of the wacom intuos pros. The drawing area is nice and big its about 10 by 6 and its also in a 16×9 configuration. So it works great with most monitors. Okay to wrap this up. Im gon na go over some of the cons because you guys have been hearing my pros for the entire review.

I only have one definite one and thats that i encountered a weird glitch where i would lose control of the pen and then the tablet would just start making random strokes on the sketch that i was doing here and then, after a while. I would regain control and i wouldnt even know what happened. I thought it was because i had something near the tablet. Maybe something was activating that electromagnetic response, but it happened maybe four times total, maybe three and nothing was near it so im, not sure what that is. It doesnt happen very often, and i cant really replicate it so its hard to diagnose but yeah. I did encounter that glitch pretty annoying. I had to erase and undo all the random strokes that i would make it actually did happen during this recording, but id have to go through it and find the specific area, because it might just look like im drawing overall. The sense labs mercury is great, but very simple. After all, it is just a pen tablet, so you dont have to do all the crazy lamination screen bonding stuff that you have to do. When you make a pen display. I havent had the chance to try some of its cheaper competitors, such as exe pens, deco pro series or huions pro series tablets, so so before i say whether its worth the price increase or not from those devices im gon na have to try those first, hopefully Ill get to those soon either way i will be using this device to benchmark tablets in my future reviews, because its such a great and well executed piece of tech.

They nailed every aspect of this product from the unboxing to the drawing experience to the driver. Everything is satisfactory, which should be expected from something of this price. The tablet itself is 280 dollars which, compared to the wacom intuos medium, which is similar sized in regards to the working area. Pro pen tablet its a huge bargain, but if you put up 360 dollars, you can also get the quick key remote, which i highly recommend all that and youre still beating the wacom intuos pro medium in price. So something to think about again. I cant tell you how this compares to any wacom product, but if you work at wacom, i dont know lets make something happen, maybe all right im gon na, let you guys go, but before you do check out my main desk now i decided to switch from The artist 24 pro for a while in favor of the ergonomic benefits of using a pen tablet ill, probably get tired of using a pen tablet after a while, but at the moment the drawing experience actually doesnt feel limiting at all compared to a display just different. It probably helps that i have a good monitor to pair it with. So if you want to see that review check out the card in the upper right corner with that said, thank you to senselabs for sending this to me.