It’s, not just about completion of that task. But it’s about how you feel, while you’re accomplishing that task. gtgt. We have to be really thoughtful in making design decisions, because, if we’re going to move or change something it needs to be with a purpose. gtgt Design, impacts, people’s lives and that’s. Why we design. We don’t design for ourselves. gtgt. Your technology in your operating system should not get in the way of the task that you’re trying to complete. gtgt We’re, really trying to think in terms of what’s familiar and natural. gtgt Meeting people where they are. That’s the whole theme. gtgt Making life just a little Bit easier. gtgt: We try to get rid of a lot of clutter. gtgt That design principle around just being calm and clean. gtgt Good design., Good design is not just functional.. It’S got to also be beautiful. gtgt. I think the intersections between these two areas is the opportunity of design. MUSIC gtgt. We really wanted to design from the ground up, without forgetting where we started. gtgt, That iconic silhouette the taskbar, the Start Menu. It’s these things that I grew up, with. gtgt We heard from users they wanted something that felt a little more natural. The world around us. Can impact the design of OS. gtgt? We started to look at things like much reality: dimensionality. gtgt Depth, light. gtgt, We touched everything. gtgt, The topography, our layering story, the geometry and shape of things. gtgt, New materials, new icons, new behaviors and interactions.

gtgt Down to the literal pixel. gtgt We’ve thought about things. In terms of a natural lighting., If there’s a light source where the user is sitting, you bring things closer to that light source. So they’ll be a little bit brighter. gtgt One of the biggest changes that you’ll see. We moved away from those sharp hedges. gtgt. All the pointy corners in our Windows, experiences are going, away. Feel softer and more touchable. gtgt. A material is a particular treatment that we keep to our surfaces so that they resemble something real., gtgt Mica, it’s, a material that picks up the color from your wallpaper. gtgt. Tinting it from like the environmental color around it., It’s colorful, when it’s in focus, and then it recedes when that Window is not in focus. gtgt. What we did with iconography was to apply the same principles. Making this language feel more human. gtgt. Then, when you touch the icon, you also look at the topography and how do those fit together? Nicely. Gosh, I think, it’s, like more than 10 years since we came out with Segoe. gtgt, It would have been a huge missed opportunity if we didn’t touch it. gtgt It’s, going to be the very best thing at small sizes for legibility and readability. At the large Sizes you’re going to get really personal expression and a little bit more of just nuances. gtgt The bloom wallpaper. It has a sense of movement and change. gtgt For wallpapers.

We provided enough range but there’s, something for everyone. gtgt We’re, providing this platform. It’s almost like. Can you take this? Can you build it, create it how you want it for your life. MUSIC gtgt? Why does design matter? I think design is about improving the quality of people’s lives.. You can do that by solving huge problems, but you can also infuse a layer of beauty and poetry, as you are resolving those problems. gtgt. What do you love about it most gtgt, I think it’s, the simplicity. gtgt More friendly, more human. gtgt. It is very different.. Gtgt It’s calm. gtgt, But it is intuitive. gtgt, Effortless. gtgt.