That’S coming back, i got ta say that watchdog’s legion bloodline is a mouthful i’m, just gon na be saying, bloodline, all right so bloodline. In itself is a decent story: it brings back aiden pierce the fan favorite, and it brings back wrench from watch dogs too. Another fan favorite. Now these two characters play off of each other pretty well, i want to say uh wrenches, like super, not serious at all. Always goofing around like watch dogs, 2 style wrench like he’s, still the same character, which is kind of weird because he has age what like 10 years and he’s still the same wrench i don’t know that’s a little strange, but the story is pretty interesting. Aiden accepts a contract from jordy and he only accepted the contract because jackson, his nephew, is actually in england. What a coincidence but he’s in england, so he’s like i’ll, do this contract make some money. While i also get to see some family, because why not? Basically, aiden has the whole i’m not trying to be the hero said so several times. Heroes already lost everyone that was trying to rise up and go against ctos. We already lost. Why even try? What i did like about bloodlines is aiden and wrench play style is pretty different, their guns are a lot. Different. Aiden has a whole new mechanic and he brings back his old blackout feature that shuts down all electronics in a pretty wide area of effect.

Not only does ayden have an instant reload if you time it effectively, you also get a damage buff. On top of that, that makes a lot of this late game stuff more easy to do. Bloodlines is the latest dlc for the multiplayer and you can bring aiden and wrench into the dlc and they just make it a ton. Easy there’s almost no reason to play any other character, because, whatever the other characters do it doesn’t matter, aidan and ranch can cover the wrench. All his weapons are emp based not only that he has his own drone. The heavy drone that lets you literally fly above enemies, so they don’t notice you whenever you want to take out objectives. He has that already and not only that his actually comes with a weapon. As long as someone is using the drone, aiden’s blackout, ability doesn’t even affect it, they really do go together. Well, with these hard ass missions, just those two accommodations on top of the other dlc character, the the lady that has like the phantom abilities like she can brainwash and stun those three in a dungeon. You could just have another aiden on top of that, so you can have two blackouts, two blackouts a wrench, and her literally is like the end game team right there. The bloodline story is good, it’s, honestly, not that bad. The only thing i don’t like about it is, it seems a little rushed feels like they’ve had a long time to come up with this, and it sometimes it feels like it’s just rushed in there and then like they want to expand on top of it by Letting you do missions as aiden to earn gear and stuff like that story is fun.

I mean it’s, just aiden and wrench, going through crazy stuff. Wrench just makes it a whole lot worse, like aiden is straightforward, tells the bad guy hey. I don’t know this french guy and i’m willing to go find a bad guy’s. Just like oh, i don’t believe you, you know i’m going to take your nephew and aiden’s like do you really want to do that? Like you know who i am you, you know my track record – the bad guy even lists aydah’s track record after chicago they say you went global for a few years. I found a few links between you and the murder of some warlords. Blood diamond traders dictators a dozen more rumors of the same. If even half of what you said is true is crossing me really worth the risk. I want to know what was aiden doing like aiden literally sounds like sam fisher, if ubisoft even cared about sam fisher. Aiden is sam fisher 2.0, and it doesn’t help that he also has a beard like what is where ubisoft and giving their main characters beards when they get older. What a coincidence right, the only things i don’t like when it comes down to it is the multiplayer. The raids are really really hard and there’s only four characters you get to go with. They should have made it at least five, because a lot of this stuff is really difficult, especially with random. Overall, i think it’s worth it.

If you play in the multiplayer, you might as well buy it, because the two characters, wrench and aiden literally, are like some of the best characters inside the entire game you might as well just do it aiding can use any gun that you have unlocked on top Of that give that gun a damage boost and an instant reload like there is no reason for you not to have aiden or wrench on your team. These two characters: they’re pay to win since you got to pay for the season, pass to get bloodline, they’re paid a win honestly gon na have to give this a four out of five shout out to ubisoft for actually giving us the code for watchdog’s legion. A long time ago, with the perks of the season pass, thank you guys for giving us the game early, all the bells and whistles on top of watch dogs, legion bloodline. What do you guys think about it? It’S, your boy, miss commentary, subscribe and i’ll.