So they have been working hard and they’re, adding more channels and everything is free. So you should really try this application uh either on your smart tv. This is by the way on my pc. You don’t have to install any application. Your pc, you just open the browser and type pluto tv. So, as you see here, you can go to full screen mode. It plays really really well. I mean the the picture is excellent and the content as well, so you have many many channels, as you see here, you have from the local channels to sports to movies comedy and so on. As you see here, i’m, showing by the way, live tv, you see the two tabs on top of the screen, it says, live tv and on demand so and look at the tv guide, the tv guide is excellent. Of course, i need to hide the um screen. The small screen in the bottom right corner of the screen, which is like playing the last selection, it stays on screen, but look at the tv guide and everything is perfect. You can just go. If you have a smart tv, you can just go to your app store, let’s, say: samsung app, store, look for pluto tv, install it and you’ll be very happy. Actually you need to give it a try. A lot of people say: yeah. You don’t have premium channels. Yes, you don’t, but, for example, if you go to the on demand like i’m, showing here sorry that i have to hide few things for youtube rules, we need to comply so the on demand.

They keep adding uh things like genres. Um, you have everything and every single thing you click on will play right away. The only the only thing that you may maybe dislike is uh the ads, but that’s normal uh it’s everything. The content is free hd. You will never complain about the um, the buffering or you know, channel is behind or let’s say a channel without sound or a channel with sound and no picture, and so on. So look at that. You have the 90s, you have the 80s, the 70s independent. You have award winners, everything that you can think of and like what i love about. This application is first, they keep upgrading and second uh, the the classic stuff that they offer under on demand like if you like, the classic movies or even tv shows, you will be happy with this application. So again, everything is free, uh, no problem whatsoever. Everything plays well, you cannot complain about this application and you can install it on your right on your smart tv. You don’t need any other device. If you have a fire stick, for example, you can find this application in the amazon app store. If you have an android box, go to the google play and find pluto tv on your phone on your tablet and so on. Okay, so i think that’s about it. Um i mean everything is excellent. 100 percent try it and let me know, of course, you won’t have the premium channels and the premium sports channels, but um it’s good.

Try. Thank you guys for watching. Please stay safe and i’ll.