Im sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a channel for over excitement, but I did buy one of these products and if you are considering one of these products, I hope this video helps you Im Alex and I do Down to Earth Tech videos. I already have the M2 MacBook Air, which has been an amazing laptop. I reviewed it here in the channel, but my current Workhorse here is the M1 Max MacBook Pro completely maxed out apart from Storage. So lets talk about that. First, actually and theres no point in me just regurgitating what Apple just released in their very low key announcement. I think it was very unusual right, but heres my take on the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros. We already know how good the M1 Pro and M1 Max were when it comes to laptops. Apple are killing it. So Apples saying that were getting 40 increase in performance is nuts. Some workflows are more like 20 increase, but still that is nothing short of amazing. I think anyway, but once assessing something in your current machine, only takes a few seconds or maybe even a couple of minutes, that 40 increase can be kind of meaningless, in other words, dont. Let the marketing fool you. This is clearly a case of diminishing returns straight off the bat. If you already have an M1 Pro or M1 Max and like me, youre thinking its already a rocket right, its bloody fast, then I think you and I can both sit this one out no problems.

But if you are really pushing your current M1 machine and that extra, even if its just 20 increase in performance, means youre going to be more productive and therefore increase your own revenue or something like that, then its a no brainer right Im always going to prioritize Your your business output, more than anything else, but I cant imagine there will be a lot of you out there, making the M1 Pro or M1 Max sweat, maybe the M1 OG do. Let me know, though, right if you have an M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro that is already struggling for your workflow or maybe you do have the OG M1 MacBook do. Let me know: are you looking at this M2 upgrade now and there you go first minute of this video and you already got recommendation right but thats, because its a very easy decision for me: Ive used the M1 Pro and Im currently using the M1 Max here And I know how powerful they are. There hasnt been a single time last year when I thought I wish this thing was a bit more powerful. I wish it would go faster, its handling my work like its nothing. I did buy this machine to last for more than one year, so that is the main reason I didnt upgrade this time. The other reason, if Im, honest with you is the price Apple immediately makes you feel, like your current machine, is obsolete. Right Ive been bitten before by the marketing machine theres, just no way.

Im gon na write off four thousand pounds investment in less than a year. I bought this in January last year so about a year and look at this. It is laughable what apple offers it. As a trade in its only been 12 months since I bought this machine and its in pristine condition, here not a single scratch on it, and they want to give me 1400 pounds for it its like nah thanks. If I do sell it, it will be privately, but for me you know its a business asset and I cant just write it off like that when the new M2 Max would give me very little benefit, and what do I mean by very little benefit? Well, I do think that a slightly better wi, fi or double the speed of Wi Fi will be better for me and maybe HDMI that can support 8K displays its going to be great from a future proofing perspective. But if I think about it right, AK displays are super expensive right now and youd have to see quite far back to enjoy them. So no point for me yet also I dont compile huge projects with millions of lines of code in xcode and I dont render complex animations. I render 4K videos, you know thats it. I barely hear this fan go in this machine. Ive even been able to do. My work on the M2 MacBook Air when I was traveling so the M2 Max as a geek and as a tech lover is, is a really exciting machine.

It gets me, you know really exciting. The numbers themselves are like 67 billion transistors as 10 billion more than the current M1 Max 400 gigs of memory bandwidth, which is you know, crazy, and you can go up to 96 gig of RAM it its a Marvel of Technology. Dont get me wrong and Im. Looking forward to seeing what people can really create with it – and actually some of you may have noticed that it is still a five nanometer technology chip – in other words, its not really the latest technology chip. But I also think that the majority of you wouldnt really care about it. Personally, I like to see something newer again. If something that is going to last a few years, it would have been nice personally, I dont need anything faster than what Ive got right now, but if youve been saving up and waiting for the M2 MacBook Pro man Im stoked for you, you know thats an Incredible machine youre about to get, but if youre like me – and you already have a rocket that is performing perfectly well – then lets continue to enjoy it right. Theres, absolutely no need to panic every time Apple releases, a new product. What I am slightly more excited about is the new M2 Mac Mini Ive, had the M1 Mac Mini here in the studio, and it saved my bacon several times last year. Its just the base model – actually the M1 Mac Mini Ive got is, you know, is the cheapest one you can get, but he was able to run my workflow for a few videos in 2021 I lost my Intel I9 laptop at the time, so the M1 Mac Mini was a savior because I needed to get something cheap and quick.

It totally cooked to my videos, no issues. I actually had a video editor to come and help me here last year and he was editing 4K videos on the M1 Mac Mini using Final Cut. Pro with all my player games, no issues there at all, and before I talk about the specs I went for and why just a quick reminder to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, if you didnt, like it thats fine, just let me know Why you didnt, like it and Im, always looking to improve if this is your first time here, have a butchers, a look around the channel, and if you like my stuff, it would be awesome if you subscribed Im here at least once a week with a new Down to Earth Tech video for you not just Apple stuff by the way. So if you like your Tech, itll be in good company here, so I did order the M2 Mac Mini. I went for the base model again. 600 bucks. I think thats a steel 650 here in the UK because we like getting ripped off, but I am really intrigued to see if you would perform as well or better than my M2 MacBook Air, which I absolutely love. I already know its going to be faster than my M1 Mac Mini here, but I want to see about how much so I will be comparing them both side by side, because I suspect a lot of you would be interested to see.

You know how ldm1 still performs, because the prices will come down and for your workflow that might be a better buy and Im, not just going to be doing the boring, cliche or video editing. Because I appreciate that not everyone is a content creator, but, like I did last year with the M2 MacBook Air review, I want to try a few different workflows. So you maybe, as a student or as a graphic designer a software developer, can get a real world scenario view of how it performs the reason I did didnt go for the beefier M2 Pro Mac Mini is the same reason. I didnt go for the M2 Pro M2 Max MacBook Pro.