Thank you so much for stopping by you guys can see it behind me here. Warzone 2 is officially here and, of course, when youre first jumping in you want to make sure you got all the right settings, whether youre on PC or a console. I got you covered in this one with everything you need to be using to have the best in game experience, so I will have time stamps for all the various different settings locations here between keyboard and mouse, controller, Graphics, audio, so on and so forth. If youre on Console, obviously Im recording this on PC, if youre on Console youll see that some of these options are not going to be available to you, but everything on console is still covered here on PC. So just keep that in mind, but we start here. First, with keyboard and mouse and for the most part, this is largely preference based on your sensitivity. Some players, like that high sense, some players like that low sense, depending on your DPI. This is something you want to change depending on your gameplay and your play style. Theres, really not many things here under keyboard amounts that arent personal preference, if Im being honest with you theres a few things you want to pay attention to like, for instance, under the movement advanced settings, theres actually walk speed, and you want to change this too fast. Thats, a very, very important part of the settings here where you can actually move faster in game just based off your walk speed outside of that I mean keybinds.

Everything else here is very much so preference based you can actually go through, though, in your settings and search for stuff, though you can see above the face cam there, I can search for that walk speed if I wanted to – and it takes me right to that. So if youre, looking for a specific setting on keyboard mouse or any setting in particular just keep in mind, you can go into that search feature for that to make that nice and easy. Also, if youre searching for the best possible deal on G fuel code Immortal, has you covered 20 off everything on the site? Cans tubs, Shaker cups, you name it code Immortal. Has you covered 30 off new products as well, when they first drop? So if you guys want to get anything in time for the holidays here or if youre, just trying to stock up for the grind between MW2 war zone 2 and DMZ, feel free to throw in code Immortal at checkout link. For that will be down in the description below now, as we get into the controller settings here, this is obviously applicable if youre playing on Console or PC with a controller first things. First, I like changing my button layout to Tactical, because Ive been using this for years and years and years now. So this is what works for me, but there are so many different options here, including custom options where you can actually remap any button on your controller to something else, so thats.

Definitely something to look into this, though, is a lot more dependent on what you think is useful. I think Tactical for drop shotting in this game is especially especially nice. I dont flip anything thats not necessary Ill leave. A default. Stick layout turn off vibration, turn off the trigger effects, its just gon na mess with your gameplay cool for immersion sure, but not useful in a competitive setting now sensitivity, weve talked a lot about on the channel. Well, talk more in a bit later on to the video once we get into the advanced section of controller here, but I play on a staggered sensitivity, meaning I have a faster horizontal sense versus a slightly slower vertical sense, because vertical is a lot less movement required. Horizontals a lot more and with all the way up to 20 here. For that Max sense, you want to find that nice, medium ground too slow means that up close youre, not gon na be able to keep up with enemies. Moving fast, too fast means at long range, youre, gon na be making two extreme of movements to you know stay on target with enemies. So to me, a 9 8 is a solid uh. You know Middle Point here in a solid Middle Ground. If you will 10 9 would also work, you could even go like uh some of the pros play on 10 6, which is kind of crazy. I think celium plays on that which is absolutely cracked out, but I would always stagger that a little bit and then also plan like that Medium area sensitivity, but the sensitivity multiplier here I dont change anything for the vehicles or the third person mode vehicle aim access.

I also keep this as standard. I dont play like uh with any of these. None of these – I want inverted, so I dont mess with that stuff aim down side. Behavior is hold thats, pretty standard change, Zoom shared input. I leave this on the default of Sprint. Tax Sprint and focus for auto Sprint. I use automatic tax print thats, just what works well. For my controller, you dont got ta bust, your thumbstick. That way it does get you constant times in this game, which is a little bit more camper friendly. It is what it is. You just got to learn to adjust your play style around that. But honestly I wouldnt have this on off. Itd, be Auto Sprint or Auto attack Sprint now: equipment Behavior. I have that on hold thats pretty standard for COD. My Mount is 80s plus melee because thats what works well for me, you could change that if youre more comfortable with a different setting, interact and reload behavior is an important one here so for more multiplayer, you absolutely would want prioritize reload right in Warzone prioritize interact. Will make it so that if you want to pick up a gun, if you want to open a chest, if you want to open a different world environment thing like a register or a safe or whatever, if you want to enter a vehicle, anything like that, you Just have to tap your interact button once whether that is square circle, whatever the case may be so thats super convenient or your reload would be holding so for fast looting for easy, quick navigation.

You want to have prioritized interact. Keep in mind, though, you might accidentally pick up some weapons here and there, because this is not a perfect setting its kind of flawed. It messes up also another super important one armor plate. Behavior, you want this on apply all so. You can start that once on a button to put in all your armor plates and then stop it. If you need by why sprinting out right, but having this on apply, one is just going to make your game play a little bit slower and you easier to kill ultimately by the ways we are going through. All this, if you guys, are new to the channel around 57 of viewers watching, are not already subscribed. So if thats, you feel free to hit that subscribe, button join us on the road to 900 000 subscribers is were trying to get there before the end of the month and every single day I got you guys covered with everything going on in COD. News updates class setups, loadouts tips, you name it. You are going to find it right here, so you can guarantee youre always up to date. Also, if you guys enjoyed this video, if you find it helpful, let me know by dropping a like on it. It would be seriously appreciated, lets, try and aim it for 4 000 likes on this one bit of a higher like goal, but yall have been crushing it with support, so I do seriously appreciate that moving on into advanced your target aim assist you have on on Aim assist type before this, I would have said black ops.

It was super broken in multiplayer. It seems like they changed it with this update, so Im back on default. Now I turn all this gyro stuff off, because its not going to be helping your standard controller aim whatsoever, so dont even mess with any of this stuff aim response curve type Ive got this on Dynamic thats. What all the pros are using its going to be the smoothest for your thumbsticks and feel the most responsive and snappy. I have instant on my transition timing for this and then for my aim sensitivity. This is also very important. Ive gone through and adjusted these depending on the zoom. Now, if you want these fine tuned uh, you know decimal amounts like 0.83, you have to plug in a keyboard and type it in that way. Otherwise, youre going to be stuck on five increments. So eight five. Ninety ninety five so on and so forth, but for some low zooms I go a little bit lower 0.83.85 for the two to three times: point nine for the four to five times and I gradually increase for the high Zoom, which I keep as a standard. At one thatll be nice and uh consistent for your aim over long range and close range now dead zone. I always want to reiterate this. This is different for every single controller. Do not copy my settings because they will not be perfect for your settings. You have to test this with your own controller, to see if you have stick drift.

I have very minimal on this current controller, so Im at point six but youre gon na have to change the left Stickman and the right Stickman, depending on your stick. Drift dont copy off of someone else. It wont work. One thing you do want to change down universally. Is your left trigger and your right trigger input turn that all the way down to zero Auto move forward. I do not want that on tax print Behavior. I have mine on double tap, but I have ATS grounded mantle. I cannot stand manteling things mid fight, so Ive got that off. I have Airborne automatic mantle as partial, so I I can still mantle things while Im jumping then automatic ground mantle. You want off as well I use standard for slide and invert plunging underwater. I keep as just a basic movement parachute Auto, deploy another huge one for Warzone. Here turn this off. That way, you can be as low to the ground as possible and you can choose when you want to pull your shoot rather than having the game automatically pull it at that certain height, which leaves you stuck floating super slow as a Target, and you dont youre. Not able to get to the loot uh quicker than some of the enemies having Auto deploy off is crucial, so be sure to change that to off sprinting door bash I have on on ledge. Hang I have a mantle only 80s stick swap not a fan.

Backpack alternate control, another important one here with the backpack inventory system that we now have in Warzone for body bags and whatnot. You have used the directional d pads uh for off, which is just like pretty standard, or, if you have it on on, you can use your movement stick. I probably wouldnt do that d pad is the way to go. You want to have that off weapon. Mount movement X that I have on on, but its short uh depleted weapon, ammo switch thats, sort of preference based. I like it on off its on by default, so keep in mind thats their quick C4 detonation. You can put that on on itll. Allow you to blow up one C4, but without having to throw both of them to detonate it vehicle camera. Recently, you want that as a short delay. Then you also want free look on there and then this stuff for the overlays doesnt really matter at all. Now we move on into the graphics and again I want to stress this so so much. My current gaming PC, pretty overkill for most people, Ive got a 5950x in here with a 30 90 looking to upgrade to that 40 90 soon. But I have most of my graphic settings set to whats going to work well for this setup, which obviously pretty Overkill, you probably have a different setup. You might have you know a 49 in your setup, where you can run things on a hire.

You might have a slightly worse setup, where you might want to turn down some stuff when it comes to quality settings which well get to in a bit. It is so much dependent on your specific PC, specs and not depending on what the best settings are. Because truth be told, there are no best settings for Quality here, because its completely going to change your frames based on what your PC can handle for display stuff, though this is pretty standard, you want to play on full screen for the best frames. In most cases, uh none of this stuff else outside of here. You really want to change, though, like its pretty basic stuff, depending on what your system setup is like now, quality, I use a custom preset, and I use Fidelity cast for my upscaling here now. If you play in 4k, dlss is probably the way to go. If you have an AMD card, you might want to change this over to fsr1, but Fidelity cast is the best for sharpness just the way the game looks its the best for my liking. I also turned that up to about 80., I am playing on the standard render res 1440p for me now getting into the actual settings here again: youre – probably not going to want to copy these one for one uh, smaa t2x the way to go for anti aliasing In my opinion, we keep that on how you keep it on 85.

You dont really want to change any of that details and textures. This is where things get uh complicated. Truly, if youre looking for the best frames possible turn it all to low thats. What its going to end up coming down to your game is going to look crappy, but youre gon na have good frames and, if thats, what youre going for. You got your pretty straight answer now for me, I like having decent frames. Usually I sit around in between like 120 and 160 170, which works fine for me uh and I got a nice mix of high normal and like low, for instance, so texture res. I dont like the word looking blurry, so I keep that on high filter. Here I keep on normal nearby level of detail I have on high, but you could also have this on low thats not going to make a huge impact same deal distant level of detail, clutter, draw distance. I keep on short to minimize any uh potential frame loss. There particle quality. This is not super important whatsoever. I turn that to low its not going to make much of a difference in game particle quality level. I also have on normal. You could drop that down to very low if you wanted to as well. I keep the bullet impact and sprays on its nice to see that information Shader quality. I keep on high for just the visuals there, not great for frames, turn that down.

If you want to tessellation, I just have for near you dont need that for far terrain memory I do keep on Max on demand texture streaming. This is another one. If you want some slightly better frames, your game is going to look worse. You can turn this off streaming quality you might as well turn to low, because this doesnt really matter whatsoever volumetric quality. I keep on medium for some decent frames, but it still keeps the game looking kind of pretty low for the Deferred physics Quality Water caustics. I do keep on on uh Shadow map resolution. This ones pretty basic, just the Shadows, you dont need Ultra or anything for that. So I just keep that on low. You could also go for normal there. Either oil will work. Just fine screen space Shadows. I keep on a high spot Shadow quality, medium spot cash, High particle lighting. I also keep on normal as well and then for ambient inclusion. I go for both. This is another one turn it off. If you want the better frames, a universal thing, you should always turn off is the screen space Reflections. This will make it easier to see enemies through water through Windows through glass, all sorts of stuff. Like that static reflection, I keep on high weather grids. I keep on normal uh for my personal setup I use on for the low latency I dont want to use on plus boost. I get better frames just on on and then all of this you always want to turn off no depth of field.

No motion blur for world or weapon and no film grain make sure you turn all those all the way down now for review. This is something well have available on consoles and PC. I go for 120 thats Overkill. The Sweet Spot for a lot of players is probably gon na, be like 100 to 105.. You do want to have affected field of view, though, so that you have less visual recoil on there. I like the wide weapon field of view because it looks nice for third person. I also go for 90 fov and then for vehicle field of view. I go for wides. You can see around more corners easily with that nice stretched out camera. For the cameras shake you want to have this on at least for the movement there that way, your screens not bouncing around as much. I keep the third person ads transition there and then I go for game perspective for The Spectator camera now getting into audio here. They did upgrade the audio a bit with the war zone update the footsteps are a little bit more noticeable. I go for home theater, although I turn everything down to 26, because its just too loud for my setup, you might have yours at 90 and its not loud enough for you, so thats, totally preference based really. What you want to focus on here is turning down music thats, not going to give you any potential uh Vital in game.

Information right. You just want to make sure dialogue and effects. Volume is audible, make sure those are nice and Loud nice and clear, as you can tell for AO, and you can tell for sound effects like footsteps gunfire stuff. Like that hit marker volume, I have a little bit lower uh mono audio. You dont want to have this on, because its not actually correct it was broken with MW2 launch, so keep that off for now. Everything else here is pretty much preference based nothing too important here with voice chat volume and all sorts of stuff there. So you dont really need to pay attention to anything there outside of reduced tonight is sound. I would definitely turn this on so that you dont have like the ringing sounds as loud. Its obnoxious and annoying absolutely turn this on then, the last settings weve got here are interface and really the main things you want to focus on here is making sure your minimap is square with a rotation turned on, so collets are easier and you have that larger Mini map area, so you can actually see more of the mini map, then also you want to go into your Telemetry here and, if possible, turn on your FPS counter turn on your server latency and turn on your packet loss. That way, you can see if youre seeing any potential hitches in game with your frames, if youre lagging with your latency or if its on the servers side with packet loss.

Those are three very important things to turn on there. Outside of that, everything else is pretty much. Just preference based skip that introduction movie boot up your game faster, but yeah, nothing too important here and that essentially covers all the main settings here for MW2. Obviously, console for Quality here will have some alternative options for filtering your game. You can definitely go through and you know change those settings based on what you think looks the best for you, a lot of players like the second filter option. It seems like with the higher saturation, so you can go through and change that, but universally the these are the main things you want to be running across the board. That is going to wrap things up for this one, though, if you guys enjoyed. Let me know by dropping a like on the video and, if youre new to the channel feel free to hit that subscribe. Button turn on those post notifications, but once again, thank you so much for tuning in and until next time. Take it easy. Have an awesome.