Everyone welcome to PS, ready Im here with Ray first to host video of the Year lets. Go lets go The Last of Us TV show premiere Sunday pretty excited. I got the report from my friend, Jake baldino. I sent him to the premiere and he gave me the report said its great, so its very scary and uh. We should all be excited to check it out, but does it still have that, like personal human touch to it, you know like I guess I dont know Im excited, I think Pedro Pascals, a cool guy, so yeah that comes out Sunday tomorrow by the time youre. Seeing this video, let me know what you guys think down in the comments if you check it out, but the first thing we got to talk about is this brand new PS5 update that gets the console ready for the Dual sense Edge Ray? Are you excited for the Dual sense Edge? I actually am really excited for the Dual sense Edge, Ive, gotten overly reliant on like Pro Controller format, especially the back pedals on the back back. It makes it really hard to switch between, like you know, having full control on both thumbsticks, while also having the ABX y buttons on my Xbox yeah and then going to like its its kind of a weird. I know it sounds like pretentious and elitist and snooty, but Im really excited to have a similar experience on my PlayStation console.

I feel like it would have really come in handy on, especially God of War, where its like camera manipulation, is crucial in terms of the movement and not having to take my thumb off of the thumbstick in favor of like using the attack commands and though Triangle Square X and circle buttons, or is it a circle or an o Circle? You say Square cross for X, thats, good thats, what it is? Yes, so yeah Im excited to have that experience on my PlayStation, the first part I know theres a lot of more expensive. Like third party ones, that weve talked about like the scuff yeah like the scuff One controller, yeah Im excited to have like a first party solution excited because Ive been using the Dual sense for everything. Lately they fixed something on PC with Destiny where it works. Now the only weird thing is uh, the vibration kind of goes out sometimes like it just goes away, but then I was sitting there like. Oh, my alternative is like I plan keyboard and mouse which doesnt have vibration, so I just turn it off in the game and its totally fine and uh Ive been using it over Bluetooth with steam to play depth. Stranding directors cut because thats, where my save was – and it works great works great with Bluetooth, so Im going to be using this dual sense: Edge on PC Im gon na be using it on PS5 when they release the new game plus for Callisto protocol.

Im really excited to go back and get that Platinum. A dead space is coming out soon, Im. Definitely getting that on PS5. I think I might go back for some Horizon forbidden West action and yeah Im just excited to test out that controller. I think its weird kind of that the PS5 needs a software update like its just a totally different controller, which is weird because when you connect like the elite controller to your PC or your Xbox, it knows its an elite controller. But it like window treats it as just a regular old, Xbox controller yeah yeah I get when it shows up in the Bluetooth on like when Im pairing with um Windows, device or a tablet. It just says: Xbox wireless controller, it doesnt say Pro and I think its cool like yeah. It sucks that the battery on the Dual sense Edge is uh worst regular, dual sense, because the Dual sets battery already is not that great, but they dont they dont like advertise. The fact that it comes with an extremely long cable that, like locks into the controller which will make it you know like when you so you have a controller right like an Xbox controller or a dual sense, you get a long, braided cable. It feels like not like its part of the controller because it just like plugs in and it can fly out if you move the controller. You know like its like not part of the controller but having to have a locking mechanism in there makes the controller feel wired.

I think thats a good like stop Gap. I obviously would like to see a bigger battery, though some people are deadly opposed to wired controllers, though I was just talking about that new uh IQD Pro thats, coming to Xbox its made by Asus, which is its but its an officially licensed Xbox product, but its Geared, obviously, towards PC users right and if you use it on an Xbox console, you have to have it plugged in, and I mentioned that, and people are in the comments like plugged in Im out Im out. I cant do it. I cant do plugged in controllers anymore. I got ta have wireless, so I dont know if thats going to be a huge Factor when it comes to this dual sense: Edge. Thats. Just my experience on uh the Xbox Channel. I thought it was like a big issue but like when you play Destiny on PC, even though I figured out the issues with using it at all, you have to use a wired for that game. Uh Bluetooth works for a lot of other games like out of War, but you have to use it wired on the PC and its fine. Like I have a really long cable I enjoy it. I Id prefer to use the Dual sense wired than my series controller wireless. At this point, this video is sponsored by factor factor, makes meeting your nutrition goals easier than ever. They deliver fresh, never Frozen dietitian, approved meals right to your doorstep.

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Like I would see how a freaking wired controller would be a pain in the butt or, like you know, plugging in your dual sense Edge when it to run out of batteries to continue playing yeah Im just excited to get my hands on this thing. Honestly, I I just want to keep it in my bag, always Ill connect it to my steam deck Ill connect it to my PC Ill connect to my PS5, but thats, not the only PS5 update. We have to look forward to because the spring update PS S5 update 7.0, whatever its going to be called, I bet it will be called PS5 update. 7.0. Actually, I think, thats a good title for it. I think thats, what they call all the other ones, uh. The Insider Gaming website, which is quickly becoming my favorite gaming News website, they are reporting that its almost done and we could see it start rolling out Nevada by the end of January, like thats, when the ship date is on it, and that update is important because Not only does it have streamable PS5 games yay, it also has a Discord integration with the PS5, and that is huge, and I wonder how far the Discord integration is going to go right. Obviously, over on the Xbox side, its uh just voice chat, so any server that youre a part of you, can join the voice chats within that specific server um, and you can also join a private call on your Xbox as well on Discord.

If you just want to have a one on one, how does it work so like if someones on my on Xbox live right like do you click on their name, and then you can? Is it like a drop down thats like also join Discord or join Xbox? Chair or like do you see a separate Discord, friends list, so you go to chat right. You get parties in chat, which is where you have all your. You know standard like Xbox, friends, social stuff, then theres, a specific tab that says uh join a Discord voice Channel and then you click that and that has all the Discord stuff after you link it to your Xbox profile, Im wondering on Playstation, because theyre a shareholder Right of Discord, yeah right and theres, a shareholder and epic games too, and yeah everything like fortnite, looks better on Xbox Im wondering like how far the integration is going to go like. Are you going to be able to access like the full app on PlayStation? That would be thats crazy. That would be crazy, thats. What I want so badly. I use my Playstation with the inzone H7 headset, which is an awesome headset. I highly recommend it like if youre looking at the pulse or that and youve got the extra money go for the H7, mainly because it has not only the awesome dongle with a little switch on it that lets you switch it between PS5 and PC.

It also allows you to use Bluetooth at the same time, so what Ive done is connect that to my phone, like, I know that you can on the PlayStation, because I used to do this all the time you can open up Spotify in the background play Spotify Music and like volume mix it right, it works so much better. If you just connect your headset to your phone at the same time, and then you can change the songs in your phone super easily, but Ive also been doing Discord. Calls that way. I think itll be much better keeping my phone reserved for music or YouTube videos, or whatever I want to plump through the headset and then keep Discord native on the PlayStation. But I will say I noticed in the comments people were saying that they want to keep the PlayStation chat around still just in case Discord has an outage or thats where they already have all their friends. I think that is a good point, because last time I talked about this, I think I suggested removing the Playstation network chat on like completely and just making Discord the PlayStation chat, and I think it would be better just to have both. Obviously, now, though, yeah Ive read some of the options, some feedback from some people, and I agree with what theyre saying its super convenient at least having it on Xbox cause. I used to do the same thing. I would have like my headphones connected to my phone and my Xbox, and or also like my laptop and my Xbox mix it back and forth, because all my friends they play on PC and they use Discord to communicate with each other right.

And so I was the odd man out of like I play on my Xbox, but like I also have to try to communicate them with them on Discord, because, like Xbox game chat on its like all kind of wonky, so being able to join it directly. From my Xbox is so so convenient and still have access to game and proximity chat, so its going to be huge when it comes to PlayStation. I agree Im like super excited for that. It feels like a feature that people would like always want, and then they would never make, but its cool that its actually happening, like theyre, all just throwing up their hands and admitting defeat the Nintendo switch got it thatd be cool too, because they need some sort Of chat feature but yeah. This is a cool way to connect all the consoles right, like you could technically do cross console chat like if you were on Discord on your Xbox and we were in the same server and were playing a cross play game like fortnite or destiny. We could just have a chat and it wouldnt even be a problem, whereas now the way its set up, you basically have to have two different devices. You have to have your phone with Discord and a headset like the H7 that I have, or you have to have your PC next to you, its just like a cumbersome process because Discord on the phone its great.

But when you put your phone into sleep mode, sometimes it cuts out the audio of your mic and its just a big mess so yeah. This is like the best of both World situation, where theyre just going with the simplest option for everyone, which is something you wouldnt have seen Sony or to some extent Microsoft. Do like a generation ago no yeah, I mean Microsoft, tried to buy Discord and then Discord was like nah Im, good thats good, but yeah like youre saying it. It could potentially be a true cross platform communication tool, yeah, which is the most exciting. There is one big reason: people should be excited that Discord might be replacing some functions of the PlayStation Network, though, and thats, because the PSN is just its a mess. Sometimes so right now, Sony just put out their new terms of service right and thats. Fine. You have to accept new terms of service on everything yeah of course, standard practice. Yes, phone, your game Twitter, like you know, everything is terms of service now and theyre crazy about it. So uh, like Starbucks, just had theirs terms of service updated and they hid in there real tiny. They increased the amount of stars it takes to get a free drink, so that kind of sucks PlayStation not free from controversy. On this one, though, because theres been an issue going around that this notification, uh, that makes you accept, the new terms of service is not only like kicking you out of online games, its also freezing your PS5, so Yeah.

So, basically, if you dont accept it before your PS5 freezes, you have to restart enter a new online game and when you enter the new online game, the PS5 is like. Oh, this persons in an online game and they havent accepted the new terms of service. They got ta, accept the terms of service and then its a total crap shoot on whether or not its going to completely freeze your PS5 again. So it could create a like a loop of bad feedback, its only online games, so obviously its happening to a lot of people in war zone 2 and like Modern Warfare, 2 online uh. There is a workaround, though uh you can go on the PS app on your phone and when you boot up the app and sign into the PlayStation Network, the app will prompt you to accept the new terms of service and then youll be good on your PlayStation. 5., thats really an account based thing, obviously not a good situation uh. They should figure out how to make and not freeze the ps5s, but a lot of times when stuff. Like this happens, there is no workaround so its good to see that there is one. Do you think theyll fix it in this new update that theyre going to be rolling out that we were just talking about topics, yeah yeah theyll definitely do a hotfix um, I hope so sooner rather than later. I just got to give so many props this gen, because you like Ive, been a PlayStation fan since the PS3 generation, and they have had issues with the PlayStation Network that have gone on for months and just never get fixed some of them.

But now it seems like every time an issue pops up with the PS5. They are like on it within sometimes hours like its kind of crazy, how fast theyre able to fix some of these critical problems, but right now, this one is like a plague on people. Thats really awesome, not fun, I mean yeah, so much of their revenue. It seems comes from these big multiplayer titles yeah like Call of Duty like these other Shooters Destiny – maybe I would say probably has a huge population on Playstation uh, so yeah its probably to their benefit, to get it sorted out as quick as possible, not even including, Like the free to play stuff, fortnite, uh, freaking, Apex Legends war zone games like that yeah, I feel like Apex, has got to be pushing a ton of Revenue, because Apex is like silently very popular. I feel, like you know like if youre tuned into Apex, youd like know all the streamers and all the YouTubers and stuff, but if youre not tuned in you, dont hear about it all that much. You know like and same with OverWatch at this point like all these online games, they have their own like completely different communities, its kind of crazy. What do you think theyre, generating more Revenue, at least from the new look PS plus that they can then use on the maintenance costs for a PlayStation Network? So so the last time we talked about this is that the revenue overall was up on PlayStation Plus, because so many people subscribe to extra.

But the overall amount of people using PlayStation Plus was down, and I think that really came down to the fact that uh essential had a few bad months last year, like most of last year, was pretty good with Essentials. Free games but uh after, like towards the end of the year towards the end of the summer, theres like two or three months in a row that had some pretty weak offerings and there wasnt a lot of online games coming out last year. Leading up to uh. Call of Duty where you need PS plus so maybe people just let it lapse. I think extra is doing pretty well right now, especially because theres a current sale running. That makes it so you can pay 60 and get a year of extra, which is the price of essential and essential, is not on sale, so theyre, basically presenting people with the option of like get an entire library of games for a year or dont. For the same price, you know like I, I like what theyre doing with the cost. I like what theyre doing with like the discounts. Uh, there are some games that dont need it. It was kind of jarring when I booted up Destiny on my PS5, because I havent played it on PS5 for a while. But I bought the witch Queen when it was on sale and then I booted it up and I tried to do a strike and it was like you need PS plus, and I was like what dude uh yeah.