Having all these little extra features really makes, you appreciate the tablet or laptop a lot: more hey, hows it going guys today were checking out the 11.6 inch two in one convertible Notebook made by Gateway. Now I know Gateway isnt, really common anymore. You can probably still see it in Walmart, which is where I got this one from the one thing that stands out here. Besides the Qualcomm uh Snapdragon logo is Windows 10.. Now the scene. To me, this tells me this is a little bit of an older version that theyre giving away, because this is going for 129 dollars right now. So I guess this is like their clearance price at Walmart, because on here the sticker says the upgrades will be delivered late, 2021 and 2022. So this tells me this would have been made around 2021 or even 2020.. I wouldnt be too excited about these specs, the Snapdragon 7c thats, a really low end processor down here. Youve got some more specs, as well as mentioning its a Qualcomm, Karo, 468 CPU and theres. Nothing else on the back here s, everything that comes in the Box. Interestingly enough, you actually get your own little. What is it stylus pen with AAA Battery to install in it thats really interesting? I would have never expected this on a budget laptop like this for two in one whatever you want to call it. This actually has a battery pre installed, so this is just an extra one, so I appreciate them giving an extra one and having one installed already.

So this is what the laptop looks like its just made of uh plastic all around. It feels kind of hollow on both ends, even though it is a little bit heavy and kind of thick too so. But the interesting thing is that this actually has a couple of features from the outside. The camera can be flipped inside wow. I actually never saw that before. Okay, so heres the webcam uh, it seems to be a little bit better than that. Samsung Galaxy book Go device because its not like lagging too much, but its nothing crazy. I dont even know if its, if its straight or not like, if my hat is off to the side or whatever in general, these webcams on every single laptop Ive tried. They tend to suck youre better off. Getting an external webcam like the Emi S600 Ultra, which is super simple, to set up by plugging in the USBC cable to the camera and your PC. This has 4K support for crisp and clear focus when youre on a call, teaching Etc or even 1080p. To get 60 FPS for smoothness when streaming as well as having autofocus, not to mention theres an integrated privacy screen with an easy twist to quickly open or close, get yours today, theres also LED or light indicator showing that its connected to Wi, Fi and the power. So lets see in here got all this blue here. It looks kind of weird. Actually I dont know why they have it made like this, and this is really flexible too, because you can put it in a tent screen.

So if you want to watch videos or something on this 1366 by 768 display theres that option you can bring it all the way back to tablet mode, which is again really interesting. I just realized that on top here, you can place the stylus. If you dont want to use it oh and its like magnetic, this is actually cooler than I thought. I also noticed this on Top. This is actually a handle to carry this around. I got ta tell you. This is really interesting. Having all these little extra features really makes, you appreciate the tablet or laptop a lot more on the right side. Youve got some ports here and there is a flap that covers everything it doesnt go out too much, but its all right on the other side are the rest of the ports. Here you got a lot more at the end. Here is the SIM tray, so you can actually use a SIM in this and it can connect to internet on its own well, not on its own, but it doesnt need to rely on Wi Fi. Necessarily. This has one of the thickest bezels Ive, ever seen. Being a 1366 by 768 resolution, isnt really much of a problem for me or concern and Im, not Im sure mostly wont have an issue with this too much. Obviously the more the merrier, but the biggest issue, in my opinion with the screen, is the fact that it doesnt get too bright.

This is the brightest that it gets and I want to say this is like maybe 200 nits or something less than your average laptop or even tablet. The one thing that this has at least is a full IPS screen. Shouldnt say full, but an IPS screen basically means you wont, have any trouble with viewing angles. When you see it way too top high up or too low its not going to look burned out or too bright, thats one redeeming quality that this has compared to like the Samsung uh galaxy book that I looked at not too long ago, the keyboard is actually There is some feedback here. It does feel kind of cheap, like youre, pressing into something a little Hollow and then the trackpad is there. Of course the trackpad does work pretty nicely. I havent really noticed any issues with that and you know honestly the keyboard wasnt bad either. I never noticed any slowdowns, so the speakers are fine, theyre located on the bottom whoops. This is perfect when youre in tablet mode, because the speakers are kind of uh forward facing forward, although the screen is blocking it right on the bottom here left and right Corners, nothing too crazy again, and this Stylus is kind of clutch too havent noticed any issues When using it, I actually do like using it, you can use your finger, of course, if you want to, but I just find the stylus to be kind of uh kind of neat for a big screen like this and to kind of hover around out of the Box you dont really have too much storage space here and there arent too many applications pre installed, with the exception of like some of these games, which I dont know why theyre installed, and I guess theres Prime video and Tick Tock, so that stuff is installed when You uninstall some of this stuff itll get freed up by maybe a couple hundred Megs at most nothing crazy, so really not much out of the box.

I noticed my battery life was getting pretty low here. Im at 24 now Ive had this on since about 405 p.m, give or take, or some time around there havent used it the whole time. I mean some at certain points. It was off, I guess, 30 of the time and then 60 of the time. I was actually on web browsing for the most part and uh Ill, get to that in a second but wow I got ta say this battery life is actually, I guess better than expected for your basic tasks. You can expect this to last all day. If you want to in terms of web browsing, I noticed that things take a little longer to load on here like Reddit and Im, not saying like the internets slow, but it just takes more time to render stuff so yeah. If I go to reddit.com real, quick and Im going back and forth with uh with certain Subs subreddits, and it might take a little bit longer to load certain things – oh man dont want to get copyrighted here, but anyways. Oh, I do have my SIM card installed by the way, and on here you can tell that this is actually it. I dont know how accurate that is, because heres, the thing 167 has a download, speed and only 5.85 megabits. This is not consistent and when I first tested this, it was at like 70 Megs and then upload speed was like over seven or eight.

I want to say, but then it just kept going higher with the download speed so Im, not sure how much I can trust this, but so far I havent noticed any issues Im on LTE. Currently from what I can see here. You have T Mobile LTE since its night time. There is a nightlight mode here, definitely appreciate it, and I think that lack of brightness is probably going to be the biggest issue here. Granted you can still watch videos at HD or even full, HD 1080p on YouTube and other streaming platforms. Id assume first game here is Roblox, and this game seems to be lagging on. This cops and robbers version yeah its not too smooth. I tried another mode and it was much smoother, but I was just walking around for the most part. So I guess this is you could say this is playable kind of just. Barely this game Forge of Empires is a web game. I did try out one other web game and it was just a low end, 2D game, but nonetheless it worked pretty much fine. I didnt have any didnt notice any major issues there so low end. Gaming works just well on this, but I do want to try out a steam game like Dark Souls. Every time Ive tried loading this game, it just doesnt work so Ive had I have it at the lowest settings now, not even at full screen lets see. If this works, dont have too much faith in it, since it crashes every single time, this might just load and it might be at really bad frame rates, but well see how it goes.

Lets see here, man right when I just stop recording it. It crashed completely games, dont really load like Steam games on here. Maybe something really low end, because something thats not 3D, I think, might load Im not too sure, but yeah Dark Souls 1 is like the easiest game to load. I would think, but either way this really isnt meant for too much gaming regardless for what its worth, I think its actually a pretty good choice for your basic tasks and what youre able to do with this. I really like all the little features that they have, including things like the stylus, this being flexible enough to turn into tablet mode or tent mode and by the way, when you do change it to tablet mode uh. The first time or two youll get an option to click change to tablet mode. Yes, let me click on that and then its going to show up all these tiles, so its going to be more user friendly, so thats actually really nice that they have that its! Not too slow or anything to do basic tasks so thats another thing, oh and finally, this is kind of an underrated feature. In my opinion, having this handle makes it much more easier to carry around. I know its a really small thing, probably doesnt, even matter, because you can carry it on the side, but it is. It does make a difference because, if youre holding on to multiple things, this definitely isnt going to fall off its definitely a lot easier to carry around and much more appreciated, so yeah.

I like this overall, let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. Is there something better at this price because I think for 129 dollars? This is pretty good um. I know theyre selling other kinds of versions on Walmarts website, but I dont know if those are worthwhile with the Intel Celeron one, but that costs like 20. More than this, I dont see any reason or what difference that would make. If you go with that, one versus this one, because this performs just fine doing your basic tasks and Im not expecting that other one to be able to play Steam games or whatever so its kind of like one of the same to me.