So today we are going to review Walmart’s new Evo gaming laptop, which cost only 650 at the time of this review. So please sit back, relax and enjoy the review first let’s do a quick unboxing in the Box. We have Evo gaming laptop charging, cord Quick Start Guide and a warranty information. Now let’s look at the specs. Our unit came with Intel Core i7 9, 7 v, 0h 6, core processor, 16, GB ddr4, Ram 15 inch, full HD 144 Hertz display 256 GB SSD nvidia, gtx, 1650 graphics, a 2 2.11 AC, dual band Wi Fi, Bluetooth built in 720p webcam and microphone. Thx audio Windows, 10 home and weighs only 5 pounds, starting at just 5 pounds. The evo laptop is designed towards the portable gaming laptop category. When I open the box, I was really impressed the evo laptop offers clean, efficient and modern design. The slightly Dory’s deck feels premium for a more luxurious first impression I was an expecting exceptional build quality. Considering its price point, first impression from a visual standpoint is excellent when compared to any other gaming laptop in this price category, the top auto lid is made of brushed aluminum and feels premium. The overall body has sharp and tapered edges. The bottom. Rubber feeds provide exceptional grip and their large intake vents in the bottom, along with speaker, grilles, there is very little flex in the body and the laptop screen lid can be open to maximum 140 degrees with one hand, the Evo gaming laptop features great sets of port Options on the right hand, side we have a memory card reader through USB 3 type, a ports on the left hand side.

We have a Kensington lock, one gig, LAN port, USB to type a port, your phone jack headphone jack and on the back of the laptop we have two mini display: ports, HDMI port, USB 3 type C port and a power input. The Evo gaming laptop comes with 720p resolution web camera with built in microphone and following is a video quality from the webcam. The cameras picture quality is one of the best I have seen in a long time. It surpasses the 3000 macbook pro webcam quality as well. The webcam can also use Windows, hello features to unlock the device using facial recognition overall, ebo gaming laptop has a good design and clean smooth body hides fingerprints very well. The evo gaming laptop display has very thin bezels and our unit came with 15 inch. Full HD IPS display the best part of the display are the fast 144 Hertz refresh rate and fast response time. The full HD resolution was quite nice unless you view content in vibrant clarity and LED backlighting provide a thinner, more energy efficient screen. The Evo laptop has a tuned by th xtm display, which does look very nice tune by thx devices comes with unique viewing angle mode, then mimics display used by Hollywood and TV professionals. Considering the price point, the full HD panel is phenomenal. Gameplay at high frame rates. Look beautifully smooth. The panel supports 92 srgb and 61 Adobe RGB. The displays backlight is bright, have reaching 320 nits.

This is higher than the average of most material gaming laptops. The display also had good color reproduction and accurate white balance. 1080P display shown an exceptional amount of detail when I watched different trailers or 4k content. Viewing angles are excellent, which is typical for an IPS display. The mate finish essentially eliminate glare and the backlight is strong enough to shine through sunlight and other bright lights. The Evo gaming laptops visuals are handled by dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics. The GTX 1650 is a mid range GPU and, unlike its better RT X, 2006 GPU, the GTX 1650 lacks ray tracing and tenser course. The Evo gaming laptop is capable of on the fly on demand: switching between gtx, 1650 and intel’s, UHD 630 graphics as well. In 3d. Mark gtx 1650 was able to outperform his previous generation graphics in its category and overall, it produces good results in GPU benchmarks. The Evo gaming laptops keyboard is good for longer typing experience, it has a nice feel to it and it definitely beats competition in this price category. The pressure point is not noticeable and the feedback of the key is good. The key size and arrangements are good as well, and our unit came with backlight keyboard. The keyboard back lighting can be customized within the Evo control center software. The default setting sets different colors in each zone and it looks good, but you can customize it to your liking and that ton of different settings to choose from the Evo control center also lets you customize power settings and the laptop is equipped with dedicated button to Switch the laptops performance profile between game mode for more performance and office mode for power, saving options in the control center.

You can also monitor system temperature performance and other information. There are so many settings to choose from including controlling the CPU fan. Speed, I think, is a great option for gamers and regular users to adjust accordingly to their requirements or leave it at default. The touchpad is a regular sized touchpad and it is a precision touchpad, which means it is fast and precise. The touchpad also features the ability to double tap in the top left corner to turn it off and even there’s. A little light that comes on when the touchpad is off in the performance. Our Evo gaming laptop is equipped with Intel Core i7 975 0h processor. The processor has 6 cores with the base clock, speed of 2.6 gigahertz and a maximum clock speed of 4.5 gigahertz. The processor is rated for 45 watts and based on 14 nanometer technology. This processor is based on coffee lake architecture. Its performance is perhaps best option for a gaming laptop and strikes a good balance between price performance and thermals. Our unit scored 3684 points in 3d mark x by a benchmark with CPU scoring 6831 points and GPU scoring 3400. The laptop also scores two thousand five hundred. Ninety eight points in Cinebench multi thread cpu performance benchmark running at 2.6 gigahertz, which is about 10 higher from its previous generation core i7, 8, 7, 5, 0 H, processor and it completely destroys AMD risin, 7, 3, 7, 5, 0 H, processor and in CPU Z, benchmark Laptop CPU scores 3000 475 points in multi thread and 503 points in single thread in the storage Evo gaming laptop offers good, read and write rates, but they are below average in his class.

Our unit score 500 megabits per second read and 430 megabits per second write. In SSD benchmark thanks to its MDOT to 256 GB SSD, but you have an option to add second m2 SSD and you can also add third C dot. 2.5 inch form factor hard drive. We will cover this in the teardown section later in this review. The Evo gaming laptop comes with 8 or 2.11 AC wireless card, which supports, put 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz your band. You can always replace or upgrade the Wi Fi card with new Wi Fi, 6, 8 or 2.11 IX standard. If you want in the audio the Evo gaming laptop, is advertised as having thx audio, but it is disappointing to find out that this feature only works through the headphones. Also, the built in speakers are good. They get loud enough to fill a medium sized room and the thx audio software is helpful to fine tune. The settings to your liking in the thermals, the Evo gaming laptop, stayed exceptionally cold during over testing. The hottest location on the laptop is the underside reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit after we conduct a CPU stress test under CPU Z for 15 minutes that is well below over 95 degree, comfort threshold, the touch pad reached only 70 degrees and the center of the keyboard hits 72 degrees, when it comes to battery life Evo gaming laptop, has 46 for our battery unit. The 46 for our battery can provide between 5 to 6 hours of runtime.

If you utilize the power saving feature, you can probably get more hours of use, which is good enough for students for on campus projects or taking notes during classes when it comes to upgradability, Walmart’s Evo gaming laptop is upgradable, but it comes with the cost of losing Warranty because there’s a warranty void sticker covering one of the screws. So if you want to replace any failed hardware without losing warranty, you have to send the laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs. But if you choose otherwise, you can access the laptop motherboard by room in the screws from the back cover. You need to be careful by removing the back cover with proper tool, but the process is very simple: the laptops motherboard has two m dot: 2 SSD slots and one being used by pre, install m dot; 2 256 GB SSD, but you can add second m dot. 2 SSD as well there’s. Also a third hard drive option as well. You can add 2.5 form factor SATA hard drive, which is a great option to add bigger capacity, hard drive for data storage. You can also upgrade or replace rams with available to ram slots hidden under the cover, as mentioned before, you can place wireless card as well with the latest Wi Fi 6 card over. All these are great upgradeable options in the CPU cooling department. We have multiple heat pipes with heat sinks and dual fans. You can adhere the fan noise during general usage, but temperature never cross 80 degrees during our stress test, which means cooling is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperature under control during gaming or CPU intensive workloads.

The Evo gaming laptop is a good overall performance machine. I wasn’t expecting very much from Evo gaming laptop going into this review, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance and build quality of the system. The Intel processor in particular offers excellent CPU performance and NVIDIA GTX 1650. Gpu performance is great as well for gaming. The 144 Hertz display with fast response time in particular, is a star of the show. Considering the price point. The full HD panel is phenomenal. The Evo gaming laptop is an excellent buy for under 700. I would absolutely recommend it on that basis for anyone looking for a decent, looking decent bill budget friendly gaming laptop. Let me know what you guys think of ebo gaming laptop in the comments below.