I know i am late to this video and im sorry for that. Ive just been incredibly busy with life, and then my laptop was broken. I had to give that to the repair shop and it was just oh, its been a long time, but hey im, ready, raspberry, pious bullseye is out and im really excited to see what is new. What has changed since ive been waiting for this for quite some time so lets dive right into there, but first todays sponsor ibisoft. Have you ever need to recover data from a hard drive, usb, stick sd card or really any usb device, but it just seemed too hard. Well, ebisoft is here for that. Ubisoft is a piece of software that will help you recover all of your data from your usb device so to install it on your system first head over to ibisoft.com, then click windows data recovery. If you are on a mac, this is also available. If you click that mac button download the one for your windows machine, if youre on windows and click that button right there and install it onto your system, then follow the prompts and recover your data from your usb device. So click that link in the description to go to their website and to purchase these software now back to the video. So, first of all, i want to talk about the free upgrade that many of us have got when we updated to the new version of raspberry pi os.

And if you dont understand what i mean with raspberry. Pi was bullseye some people. If they have this special little part on their raspberry pi will automatically be clocked at 1.8 gigahertz instead of the normal default 1.5 gigahertz. So you might say, hey thats, not really upgrade they basically just overclock, my raspberry pi and yeah. You could say so basically for the people that have this special little thing. I will show a picture of this. Those people get a free, 1.8 gigahertz on their raspberry pi by default when they use raspberry pi with bullseye and the other people who dont have that. Well sally, they will still be on 1.5 gigahertz, but hey its not that hard to overclock. So you could just go sudo nano dash boot dash, config.txt and right from here you could go ahead and overclock your raspberry pi. I will leave the commands for that in the description, but basically theyve went ahead and overclocked your raspberry pi, for if you have this special by four, which i think is pretty cool and im, i i mean i just won the lottery. I mean i was not expecting to have it, but thankfully i have a gigabyte hi and it was there by default. Im, happy no complaints, so yeah all right. So now that we talked about that free upgrade thats, just probably one of the bigger things thats made the headlines on this new version of raspberry pi os, but lets get to the next part, and that is lets talk about the appearance.

Has there been any appearance changes in raspberry pi with bullseye over like the older, raspberry pi westbuster? Well, for the most part i mean i can, i just say no like this is the default wallpaper that comes on bullseye, but this was a wallpaper available on buster. As well, they just basically changed it all the same wallpapers right here, they didnt, add anything new there, which honestly is kind of a bummer. For me since im someone who really loves a good wallpaper in the top bar right. Here we have time audio. We have wi fi, bluetooth and then ill talk about that in a minute we have terminal files, web browser and our raspberry pi logo. So i mean nothing really changed here. We have all our all the default. Apps that came on buster are still all here, which, for me, is a bit of a bummer, since i was hoping for a little bit more of an update design since sure the theming is nice on raspberry, pi bullseye, but its its, not the most modern. Looking it kind of looks like a childs operating system. Wait, wait dont, get me guys, im, not complaining im. Just like i wish there was a bit more of a change, but its still good its really easy to change yourself and thats. What matters, i guess, but yeah so lets head over and take a look at some system resource usage. So we opened up our raspberry pi tab right here and whoa whoa.

Im. Sorry guys before we do that lets talk about the new changes that they made in the appearance settings so now, raspberry pi west uses gtk, plus three instead of gtk plus two i mean they support both but its just a much more modern version. That for say, like gnome uses and other operating systems, so more apps will be compatible. I mean theyll just look better on the system, which is really cool and before they actually used open box as their window manager, they used open box, which is an okay window manager, its pretty lightweight, which is cool, but with this version now theyre using something called Mudder and muttered, we type that in does anything happen. Oh it, okay, its already upper, but mudder is basically its a different type of window manager, its other than open box, and with it we actually have some pretty cool effects that come so just watch. This lets say i click on the raspberry pi logo right here. Okay, nothing happened, but if i open up the file manager, just the effect of it, opening up is a little bit nicer, its a little bit nicer, the eye you can kind of see that effect. Its cool to see some more effects coming to raspberry, pi, os and yeah, so thats, just basically the change that ive noticed so far with mudder. I did read that its a little bit heavier than open box, but for me, since i do own a gigabyte pi its not that big of an issue but that thats, what ive noticed so far and now lets talk about the system resource usage on bullseye? Is it heavier than raspberry pilot buster? Well, if we type in h stock right here, we can see that my cores are down and my memory usage is at 227 megabytes.

So let me just say this im, pretty sure that i used to get around 100 megabytes of ram usage on a buster, so it is a bit higher like they said, probably because of mudder and for me, with the raspberry pi 4. I welcome this change is good for me, but i do see the side of someone like owning a raspberry pi 2w, with only 512 megabytes of ram right here. Thats half of your ram use is just going to the system youre really not going to have much more ram to use, so i can see both sides honestly, i have kind of had this idea like it would be cool if the raspberry pi foundation made a Little bit of a heavier version that looks better for the raspberry pi 4 and then maybe go make a really light version for their low end devices like the raspberry pi 2w. Just an idea, but i feel like that, could really it could just it would work. Well, in my opinion, but hey just my opinion, so that seems good right. There h chop is all nice here, so if we just control escape, i didnt mean to do that. Oops im, not getting out of here all right! Well, just close that up and one more time lets look at neo fetch so right here, neo, oh man, i keep on listening. Here we go so we are running raspbian gnu, linux, 11 bullseye were were on the kernel 5.

10 on this version were on lxd. The theme and icons are good and i am running at 1.8 gigahertz like i said so all welcome changes there im happy all right so now lets just go in and ill talk about some more of the upgrades, so one of the upgrades was that they added An upgrade manager in here that now you dont, have to go into the terminal and go through that tedious process of typing in sudo, apt, update and then a student have to upgrade. There is a tool right now that will do it all for you from this little application, which i think is pretty cool, so i actually do have some updates right here. Lets go ahead and click install and lets see what it does. Ive never seen this work its my first time too, but it basically is a front end for the terminal for you, so you it doesnt, really say how fast or how much its downloading, which is a little bit of a bummer and look. I try to move this away from the middle, its not moving, so it would be a little bit nice if you could, if it was like a window, and it gave a little bit more information about how much youre downloading, how fast and then what its going To install because those things are usually things, i want to know when im trying to update my system, but i mean its not the biggest issue, its okay.

Another thing that they did update well just go on right now with this, is they updated the notification manager? So basically, its just gon na look a little bit different. So if i plug in something right here, so i plugged in a little sd card reader right here. If i pull this out, you can see right here. It says, drive wasnt removed without ejecting. So it looks pretty similar. We just have these nice, rounded edges, which im welcome to i really like the way they look. It looks pretty simple, but its still cool to see that we have a new update manager, thats also really nice. So we talked about the updater manager and oh, they update the updated. The video driver to kms, so kms is a more widely used driver in the linux community and its cool that raspberry pi os is now using by default. It should just make your whole experience. A little bit better, there is a new camera driver available too. If you use a camera with your raspberry pi, and then there is some updates to the bookshelf. So if we went over to bookshelf, i think just froze real fast Music. All right there we go were out of that. Little freezing thats a little bit strange. If we want to accessories and wheres our bookshelf Music, does it help yeah its in help? My bad ive never used it before. So we have bookshelf, and so apparently they just added some new magazines.

If youre someone who uses these, i mean youll be happy, you can go ahead and read through these things and yeah so ill. Just let this update finish on and then well go back and well. Take a look at is how much chromium actually changed all right guys. So the update is done and it just said everything is okay before i could hit that little okay button, it closed up its fine with me, so we have an upgraded system now now i want to head over to chromium, because apparently we have some nice welcoming Changes in chromium on this new version of raspberry pi os, so first of all, apparently chromium is updated to version. I think it was 92, so lets go over to settings. Lets check that out real fast. So if we go to about chromium, we are on version 92. So lets look up real fast. What is the latest build of chromium because sorry, guys im not up to date with this, but the uh latest build is 95. I guess so. The were on 92. Its its obvious for a debian based system to have older version of chromium all right, but yeah. So apparently we have some better video acceleration inside of this chromium well test it out well see a video plays back better, but first lets just look at some web browsing. I know raspberry pi should be able to handle this no issue, but i still like to test this out on all of my operating systems, just to get a good idea of how they feel so well do one more well type in 5 400.

So you can see when im trying to open up many tabs, there is a little bit of a lag, but overall this thing is incredibly responsive. All of them open up. I mean its scrollable and im happy. The performance seems it seems good. Actually so looking good the web browsing is definitely usable its. I guess its the same as older version of raspberry pi os. I honestly havent seen any difference, but if we went over to youtube.com and then lets take a look at some big buck, bunny ncr classic, but i will go with 1080p this time to see if its worth it alrighty guys. So here we got the video playing and im playing this 1080p 60fps video, so its pretty it were pushing in a lot its a high video. So right now we are dropping 474 out of 997 so and its not watchable, i mean yeah, but that is probably because of the 60 frames when it goes to 60 frames, its just hard, it probably could do 1080p, but lets start out with just some 720p 30 fps big bug, bunny, and this should be a lot better, or this is 24 fps, even so well skip to the middle, and you can see its gon na bust through this anyway. Two drop frames out of 227. So if youre, okay with watching videos at 720p on your raspberry pi os, the raspberry pi 4, is going to buzz through it on this operating system.

It can totally do it yeah it doesnt. Look too much like screen tearing. I can make it bigger it. Doesnt go into that big mode too gracefully, but it does do it so hey! I mean its alright video playback, not a huge drastic change over the last build in my experience, but overall, its pretty good, all right. So to conclude this video well before we conclude this video, i want to talk about a few bugs that ive actually noticed so. First of all, maybe this could be because i am using a capture card, but if i go over to preferences and i go to screen configuration and then i go over to configure screens, this is how you change the resolution. I go to resolution im. I see right now, im set at 1080, but obviously my screen isnt 1080p right now, because its 720p, if i when i did neofetch you can see right here, it says my screen is going to be located at 720p right now so and once you said it Actually ask you to do a full system reboot, which its again see it says screen layout, updated change will take effect after reboot doing a reboot right now. No, i dont know why its working – maybe it is because of that capture card, but yeah its thats a bit of a bummer overall yeah. So my thoughts on raspberry peoples, bullseye, i like it. There are definitely some under the hood changes.

I do like that. Im. Getting that free, cpu overclock by default its a really nice touch, but i really do wish that there had been some more visual change, maybe its me. But when i use a computer that part of how it looks is its kind of important to me because its one of my hobbies to go, go through theme linux and have a really beautiful, looking desktop, and i really appreciate it when its by default. I mean thats just my little that thats what i would like. Maybe you guys like that appearance. Let me know in the comments below but yeah im just rambling around guys, but hey so raspberry pi as raspberry pi was bullseye. I welcome the changes so far. So good, and i would recommend you guys it i mean yeah. I would so thanks for watching if theres anything i can improve. Let me know in the comments below any any other operating system any other product. Anything you would like me to make a video on also, let me know in the comments below, if you like, to give it a like.