You can strap this onto a pen tablet and then draw directly on the screen like a real pen. Drawing tablets are different from touch screens or tablet. Stylus style eye like in your android tablet, in that they have better pressure control typically and they even sense the way you’re tilting the pen for more control. For this i used an old wacom intuos screenless tablet. You should find one that’s about a5 in size if you’re gon na do the same. I hear these sort of pen tablets are quite cheap nowadays, Music, Music. This device is a wacom plus a screen so i’m, calling it the led for the screen i’m using the bare screen component from a third generation ipad. I think it’s, the first retina one this can be bought for about 40 dollars to use it with your computer. You need this third party hdmi driver board, and these are about 25 dollars. The idea is to slap this on top of the pen tablet and have the pen signal simply travel through the screen Music. The device will be a strap on design, so it can be taken off anytime. You need to so you don’t have to modify the precious pen tab at all. This screen happens to have an aluminium backing, so the pen can’t communicate through it. So we need to take that off now. This is the most harrowing part. You have to carefully peel off all the tape and then carefully bend this component out of the way from back here and then bend open.

These tabs on the sides and on the top of this aluminium screen can be then slid out carefully out upwards from the backing here. There are some double sided tape around the edges you have to be careful of, and you have to be especially careful with this yellow ribbon cable for the leds Music. Next, i printed a frame to hold the screen. It was printed in two pieces like this Music. I also got a spare ipad glass to go in front and then cut a piece of card to go behind the thing this sandwich is all going to be squeezed together against the tablet so i’m simply going to hold it in place with tape like this Music. Once you’ve got all the parts together, just whack them on the wacom, calibrate the active tablet area to match the screen and you’re good to go. Music i’ve had this wacrum tablet for over 10 years, and it was only yesterday that i found out. You could actually find tips inside here in the holder, look and that’s it. If you have an old screenless tablet lying around. This might be a cheap way to make it into a screen full tablet.