For the record, this isnt a sponsored video so a. Im here to review the Wacom Intuos that I just bought recently and b. Im gon na find out if its worth the money spent. First of all, the Wacom Intuos comes in 2 sizes, Small and Medium. Whats. The difference you may ask Well.., the small one is smaller than the medium one.. Besides being half the price cheaper than the medium one, the small one is really small, so some people prefer the medium one because of their drawing habits on bigger space.. And what I have here is the model that comes with Bluetooth.. It feels kinda small and its really light. When I took it out of the box, it almost slipped right, outta, my fingers. Geez. Installing the software and drivers was a piece of cake.. I installed them both on my macbook here and my pc.. The Intuos comes with 3 additional software, but I only installed one of them. The Clip Studio, paint. Coreldraw.. Nahhh – I kinda – prefer my Adobe suite. Wacom doesnt mention this, but the Clip Studio paint license that comes bundled with the Intuos. Only lasts you up to 2 years, and what happens after that? I dunno maybe Ill find out when the time comes. 2 years is probably a good return of investment anyway.. So right off the bat, the Intuos has 4 buttons or shortcut keys on the top that you can map to any keyboard shortcuts you desire.

But seriously Wacom. Why would you place them at the top? Do you know its such a tedious chore to extend the arm over just to press them while were drawing Who even approved this design? The small tablet fits on my desk pretty well., Since this is the Bluetooth version I can use it both for my mac and for my desktop.. The tablet has a work area of 15.2 x, 9.5cm or 6.0 x, 3.7 inch. On the back side of it theres like four tiny rubbery feet. So the tablet does not slide on a table plus points for that. The battery on the Bluetooth model charges when you plug it in using the USB cable.. Ok, so then comes the Drawing Experience.. I had many questions, since this is the first time Im using it. For example, what does the pen feel like when youre drawing on the tablet? Does it give you the paper ish feel How does it compare to the iPad drawing or traditional sketchbooks Well, drawing with the tablet is indeed fun. At the very beginning and if youre totally new to it, you. Might want to practice for a couple of days or Weeks., I myself found it totally uncomfortable at the start and it made my drawings look like a 4 year old.. I kid you not. The surface of the tablet has a matte finish on it, which is pleasant when you rest your palm on it., The pressure of the pen seems just right.

Its got 4096 pressure levels of sensitivity and even though lots of tablets in the market are probably offering 8k Pressure levels, this 4k, one doesnt, feel anything less than that.. The pen is really light. Im kinda worried every time I place it down because it can roll off so easily. Theres, no stand or holder. So you got ta, be careful with that. Fun tip. Some people may love the 2 buttons on the pen, but I personally find it distracting and sometimes when I draw it, gets in the way. Personal preference. I know dont take my word for it.. You can, however, program those 2 buttons which you can use to scroll. Another nice feature which I previously covered the extra tips or nips or anyway. If you need to replace one, you just need to unscrew the end of the pen and VIOLA there. You have them.. Another thing I noticed is that you got ta, give yourself a bit of time to get used to looking at the screen, while your hand is moving on the tablet.. Some people place it in front of them to get a better feel or closer to eyes. On paper., I place it on the right side like where my mouse is, because I got to train that hand coordination.. I also practice using the pen as a mouse, while Im drawing. Also make sure youve installed the drivers properly.. There are many people who didnt do so and for some reason, Windows always gives me the error that the tablet driver isnt, responding, bla, bla bla, and I need to restart.

. Who knows what other errors there might be so get your drivers and updates properly done? Guys., As I mentioned at the start, this isnt a sponsored video, so I bought a tablet within my budget range that I felt suits me. The best. Lots of people recommend the medium size one because you probably have more real estate to move with, but Im pretty comfortable with the small one.. Also, the Bluetooth model costs about 20, more but id say its a worthy price.. I move around alot and having a Bluetooth tablet saves me the hassle from using cables, aside from being able to connect to my macbook, quick n easy., So to round things up. I find this tablet pretty good and fun to use for my illustrations and animations.. I use it on Adobe softwares, like Animate, Illustrator, Photoshop and yeah. The occasional Clip Studio, Paint., Im, sure youd be able to use it with pretty much any software that you have for drawing or animation.. So there you have it. If youre looking to dabble in digital. Drawing Id say, this is really good for an entry level, drawing tablet., Small or medium bluetooth, or not its totally up to you, whichever fits your needs and budgets.