I mainly use it for retouching actually that’s. All i use it for, and i use it in lightroom and photoshop. So if you are looking for some review on my drawing and animation, this is not the right one but i’m going to be answering. Questions like who should be using this and if it’s worth it i’m, also, not sponsored. So my opinions here are 100 honest, so uh with that let’s get right into it. Music. This is what it comes with um. This is the tablet. This is the pen you don’t have to buy either of them separately, and this right here was a hundred dollars. So if you are pretty invested in being a photographer, you will know that this is probably the cheapest piece of equipment that you’re ever gon na buy. This is the bluetooth one, the one that is not bluetooth and does come with the wire is twenty dollars less. But honestly, i think it’s so much more worth it to just pay the extra twenty dollars and get the bluetooth one, especially if you’re like me and your laptop does not have a lot of usb ports. So if you’re very limited, then yeah just spend the extra dollars and get the bluetooth version so for some quick key features on this product, the pen is really really nice i’m going to talk about the pen first, because you do not have to put batteries in This or charge the pen as soon as you connect the tablet.

The pen connects with it, so you don’t have to worry about like charging either of these separately or having batteries in one and charging. The other like this is super easy to use. So i really appreciate that the thing with the uh tablet is that you do have to charge the tablet because it’s wireless, but it is nice because if it does happen to die on you, while you are in bluetooth mode, you do have the wire to connect. It to your computer, so it is wireless, but you can also add the wire to not make it wireless so now i’m, just going to talk about some of the pros when it comes to this tablet, specifically things that i find that i really like about it. So, starting off with just the physical wear of it, i really really love how light this is, how portable it is and how durable it is like i know if i drop this like 50 times it’s not going to break um, i don’t know why i would Drop this so it’s not like not like a phone it’s, not like i’m, putting it in my pocket. So i mean, if you plan on dropping this it’s, not gon na break and if you wanted to travel with it put in your bag or whatever go to the coffee shop it’s so light you won’t even know it’s there as far as connecting the product itself To the computer, it takes like five minutes to set up.

However, the instructions on how to connect it to your computer are pretty unclear, like i had a hard time reading the instructions. So i actually just looked up a youtube video on how to connect the tablet to my computer, so i’ll leave that link below for you guys, if you are also struggling with connecting this. Another thing that i do appreciate about this tablet is that once you connect it to your computer that’s, all you have to do. You don’t have to go into photoshop and like try to connect it in photoshop or try to connect it with lightroom or any other programs it’s just a bluetooth product. So once it’s connected that’s, it you’re done, which is really really nice, because i thought it was going to be way more complicated and i don’t like spending hours on reading instructions in terms of editing i’m, going to be very, very, very honest. With this tablet’s armies. I’M, not even joking, it cuts my editing time in like more than half and i get through photos so much faster. Now that i do have a tablet and i’m, not speaking to this tablet, specifically because i have not tried other tablets, but this one has connected. So easily everything has been right on point: there’s, no delays or anything. So i think it’s a great tablet, but using a tablet in general for retouching i’m telling you if you were like me and using your little track pad on your laptop to do all your editing, like just switch over, says just change.

The dodging and burning is so much faster, the skin, retouching and softening so much faster. I can do a lot more stylized things than um i could before, and i was it’s it’s crazy, because i do a lot more editing now, like a lot more stuff to the photos than i did before and before i was kind of struggling of it. Getting back to the tablet itself um, there is a way to adjust the pen sensitivity if that’s something you’re concerned about. However, i find that the settings that it initially came with are perfect. For me. It doesn’t bother me. It works fine um. I don’t like to adjust things too much unless i have to so i’m. A very simple person to make happy other features on this tablet is that it does come with these buttons on the pen. If you can see that and you can adjust shortcuts to those. If you want like zooming in zooming out or whatever shortcuts, you want same thing on the tablet itself, you can do the same thing with all of these buttons and i don’t have any shortcuts on these um. I haven’t really played with it. Yet i mean i can, if i was going to, i would add it to the tablet itself, because with the pen i find myself like accidentally clicking it sometimes, so i don’t really want it to get in the way of my editing. So i just don’t have shortcuts on the pen, but for the tablet.

I think it could be helpful, it’s, not something. That is a big concern to me. Yet i feel, like i’ve talked enough about the pros and how great using a tablet actually is, and some key features and things about this tablet that i really like so let’s talk about the cons because uh this is not a sponsored video. So we have to talk about those. So, first of all, if you are looking for something that has a lot of real estate or like a big tablet, this is not big, it is small, but it doesn’t get in the way of my retouching whatsoever, like i don’t find myself going all the way Out here, for any reason, okay let’s talk about something really really important battery life so with the wireless tablet. For some reason, wacom does not even make it clear on their website how long battery life is so i’ve seen some people say it’s 12 to 15 hours, but i can only tell you for certainty that it lasts at least four to six hours, which can be A deal breaker for some but it’s, not for me. I don’t sit at my desk and edit straight for four to six hours like i usually have to get up or take a break or like readjust my eyes, a bit um, and when i do that, i do make sure that i just plug it in, because I don’t want to have to worry about it dying in the middle of my editing session.

You know what i mean so for me: it’s not a deal breaker, but i know for some people it can be so i think it’s good to keep in mind um. If you’re not comfortable with it lasting like six hours – and you want more, maybe think about upgrading, but if you can find how many hours or battery life this product has please comment below and let us know because i could not find it anywhere like, and i Felt like i did pretty hard research on it, so my final thoughts on this product – i really really love it. I think that was kind of clear at the beginning of this. The pros outweigh the cons for me, like i said with it, cutting my editing time in like more than half my photos looking way better than they did before. I started using a tablet like that’s fantastic for me: um yeah, it kind of sucks that, like battery life isn’t that long but it’s, not stopping me from using this tablet, it’s not like a big deal breaker for me. So if you are somebody who is consistently editing for like eight plus hours, then i would maybe suggest upgrading to the next tablet, but at the same time like, if you find that it’s disconnecting you can just use the wire to plug into your computer. Let it charge as you edit and then like disconnect it, so that is always an option being priced at a hundred dollars.

I think it is very, very, very very very much worth it for me and for what i do i really like it. It keeps me efficient, it makes things way faster. Like i said, my photos look better because i’ve been using a tablet, and i guess, like my strokes, just look more flowy, not so rigid like how i use it on my trackpad. So, who would i recommend this product, for i think this product is great for beginners all the way to advanced retouchers, but at that point they’re, probably using something different. I consider myself pretty amateur. I guess, but i always think that it’s better to learn sooner than later and if it’s, something that you want to start getting into and learning how to retouch, then i think getting a tablet is such a great idea and uh wacom’s tablet. Well, this one in particular makes it super user friendly and it’s, not something that you have to be scared of. So if you are a beginner and you’re like kind of scared that you don’t want to like learn how to do it, that you think it’s going to be so advanced it’s, it’s, literally like scribbling on paper, it’s, so easy to connect and you so don’t. Even worry about it, you got it um. If you can afford it, i would definitely get it or start saving up for it. I think this is very budget friendly, but of course, it always depends on your situation and what you’re trying to do.

Thank you guys. So much for watching this video all the way. Until the end, i will leave links to everything down below um. If you are interested go ahead and follow my photography instagram, i would love to see you meet. You see your work and like talk to each other and connect so with that. Thank you. So much and i’ll see you.