Alright, so here’s the original box for the wacom into his pro. It was actually a lot bigger than i thought all right, so i’m gon na put the box aside right now, so we can check out what’s on the inside. So let’s see. Um looks like this one’s for this stylus. Okay, so let’s see what this is all right, so there’s this thing right here um, so i think it says you twist it to open and there are different nibs. So, okay, so i guess this is where you store all your nibs for your stylus, not really sure why you would have to change nibs, but um here are the different ones so let’s see. If i can put this back okay and see over here, there’s some instructions, i think that’s how you pull out your nib. So i tried, i think you put it in the hole you push it back and then you pull it so! Oh that’s, actually pretty cool. Okay, so i think this just removes the nibs so i’m, not sure if you guys can see that but it’s right here it goes in the stylus, so that’s what you use – that’s, interesting there’s, these buttons right here, that’s pretty cool yeah. So, oh okay! I think this is where you hold your stylus, so you just put it right in there all right so yeah, i guess it just holds it so thing is, i wonder what these white nibs are for? Maybe they have different uses.

Okay, let’s see over here. Okay, so it looks like there are different textures you can use for the actual drawing tablet. So the tablet right here see you know smooth ones, standard ones and rougher ones, i’m. Guessing this one’s standard right here and no i’m, not really sure. But um looks like there are different covers. You can use for it, that’s pretty cool. I guess they’re just uh, giving you a few samples right here. Let’S see what this is. Oh, okay, so it looks like you can actually change the colors for the ring. Let’S see because he just twisted off. Oh okay, so oh okay, it looks like this comes off uh, which one do i ever want to replace it with um. The blue looks pretty cool. Let me see this works okay, so i can just take it off like that. Goes on like this that’s pretty cool. I guess they just let you choose which one you want it’s pretty neat. I might try the black one sometime too, but let me see if i can just put the silver one in okay looks like it’s kind of hard to put back in all right, but i think i got it all right. So that’s pretty cool right there and just twist the cap off and place a ring there, so that’s cool. What else is there alright? So i guess they just have some more instructions over there and yeah that’s about it.

Applause. The actual tablet itself is a lot bigger than i thought it would be. It actually looks really smooth all these are just flattened on it and they have some stuff over here. I’M. Not sure, but i guess this is the power button i’m – not really sure what this right there is, so that’s, pretty cool. So all right, so it’s been a few days since i got the wacom tablet and uh here’s what i’ve colored. So let me see if i can undo the layers right here, all right, so yeah i’ll just show you guys what i’ve been working on, and this is the first time i ever colored a piece digitally so yeah it’s. Probably not that good right now, because i’ve honestly never done this before all right. So this is all my line. Work for some reason: i’m, not really sure why this um, these blue lines, didn’t disappear. While i scanned it but uh, you can’t really see it that much so here was the line work that i scanned in all right, um let’s see. I think i started out with flat colors right here. Um. Let me see how i can find it, and this isn’t really organized right now, because yeah i’ve never really done it before and i’m still testing everything out so um let’s see. Okay here are some flat colors. I did, and i think what i should have done was i should have stuck with like flats and then highlights and all that in different layers, because a lot of the times i start getting mixed up and i don’t know which ones which so here are some Of the flat grays let’s see those are the yellows and yeah i i added some highlights even to the flat layers, so i think that’s something i should have done differently.

All right, um let’s see highlights all right, so i added some okay. No, i didn’t do that yet it’s, the cape, oh yeah, okay, so here’s the layer with the cape um let’s, see the cape was kind of tough to do. I think over here i just used gradients, so i used the lasso tool. I selected a piece and i just did a gradient over there, so that was pretty easy and over here too then i went in i’m, not sure we can see, and then i just used the um brush tool and i just painted layers over like how i Would usually color with copic markers and of course this is my first time ever. Coloring digitally so i’m, probably missing out on a lot of techniques, and this probably could have been done a lot better. So i did gradients over here and then i went back in with the brush tool and i kind of painted in some more darks and some reason the inks some parts. It was a little lighter than the other ones. So probably should have been more careful with that. So let’s see that symbol light okay, so i just drew out some light over here and at first i actually had lines over here but uh it. It looked better with inks. I think once i actually put it in and i added colors it looked really unrealistic, so i just took it out. Um let’s see there’s buildings, okay, so added some colors to the buildings right here, um all right, so you can just see the basic layers for the buildings um all right, let’s see, which one did i do next highlight.

Okay, so for the highlights over here. I just went in with the brush tool again and i just painted all those in okay and over here i tried using a color fill technique. I saw on youtube so that’s with the color fill and that’s without it. So i pretty much just selected this whole place the buildings in batman, and i added a layer of i think it was a purplish blue and then i went in with a brush to find out where my highlights were so oops that’s my line work all right. Um what’s next, okay, so i have this layer right here that gave a lot more depth so uh. This is with this layer and it’s without it. So if you look closely i’ll just go up to the leg, for example, i think over here i just experimented a bit, and i just uh colored in this like right here with a lot of layers. I think i played around with the opacity a lot um, not quite sure what i was doing. I think i was just playing around with it at that point, so that’s the highlights um. Okay, so here was where i added the background. So that was the background. I went with and i decided to just do a gradient, i think at first i was planning on doing some blue and purple tone, but the orange and yellow ended up looking a lot more. I don’t know it just looked better and over here i have the building lights, so just all those right there and let’s see lights.

Okay, so over here is where i added some glow effects for the building lights. So if i tap right here, you can see that it kind of glows up like that yeah, so i was just playing around with it and over here too, just a tiny bit there and i actually think i messed up a bit there. Let me see, can i erase it um? I actually think that was okay, maybe i’ll lower the opacity of it. Okay, i think that fixes it a bit i’m, not really sure um bear with me a bit. That kind of bothered me all right so after that i have this layer right here, where i kind of just dulled down the lines so right there and let’s see okay. So after i did all that, i was just playing around with photoshop, since i have no clue how to use it honestly, but it ended up looking pretty nice but um this. This gargoyle over here looked a bit flat, so i decided to choose um some textures and i don’t remember which one it was, but i added some textures. So here was the texture i added, so you can see how that gives it a lot more life and it looks a lot more like stone, so that’s with the texture. This is without it, so it makes a big difference and for the buildings right here. I think it’s more subtle, but oh so notice, i put maybe it wasn’t this layer yeah, so those were the building textures over there, um and down here this place.

I think yeah that was the texture over there. So i gave it a lot more life and for the background i had an image with clouds, so i put that in and just looked a lot better, so that’s without it and that’s. When i put it in and let’s see, i put this in as a screen. I wonder how actually i guess it doesn’t do much but yeah just playing around with it. Okay, so that’s, an oh okay. So all these textures i put in as overlays um, and i think i just lassoed it in or maybe i just erased the parts that were sticking out so yeah that’s, that’s, all the layers and if you just want to see my colors without the line work, Let me see if i can do that: okay, so that’s, all my colors without the line work. So you can see some parts are missing since i have a lot of darks in my pieces and i just did not add that in um and it’s actually kind of cool looking at the torso and the legs since a lot of us just painted. But this is with the line, work and i think it looks a lot better. Um yeah, the color fill definitely gave it some more depth so oops. What did i do there? Okay, um yeah that’s about it, so i’ll zoom in a bit, and it was actually pretty tricky figuring out how to do all these things.

Since i had no idea where the tools were or anything – and i think i was just playing around with a lot of this stuff – the whole time so buildings there’s some bats here – um yeah i’ll show you guys some of the details on here yeah. So this, like i actually quite liked since there was a nice gradient there and some highlights i was. I was actually really scared to put in the white paint at first, because i did not know how it was going to turn out. So i just kept going back and forth the capes. I used a lot of the gradient tool which is um this tool right here. So actually i can. This tool is actually so useful. Um see if i can create a new layer yeah this layer. If you just drag it across, i think it’s lagging a bit i’m. Sorry yeah, but um yeah. You can cast a lot of light or something, and then you can change the opacity but yeah that’s that’s a cool tool, and i definitely used that one. A lot um and the gargoyle was pretty tough.