Um used by artists and you’ll find many videos across youtube, reviewing the same product, but the reason i’m making this video today is because most of those videos are made by professional artists and designers, and i am not a professional artist or designer, and so the question Is is this tablet good for people who just generally want to draw and have fun doing it doing so? So i will answer this today in my review and the welcome intros um. It comes with the tablet and it comes with the cable which you plug into your device and connect with the tablet to it. It comes with the pen, holder and inside pen, holder, ah nips spanish sort of pen. The silence itself is really really um high quality and um. This habit is very, very simple. To use, all you need to do is go to the homepage. Install the drivers for the tablet then connect up the wacom intuos to your device and you can get drawing so now. What are my personal views on this product? I think that this tablet is very, very simple: to use and very easy to use as well um but um one thing about it is that if you have not used scrap examples before um, it can be very hard to gain control of your hand, because, usually, When you draw you look at the pencil on the paper and you know exactly what the position is and when you use a tablet like this, you feel your pen moving, but you see the actual drawing happening on your screen and it it takes practice to gain Control over your hand, while drawing so so um when you want to use this tablet – and you haven’t really used that before it takes practice to learn how to use one of these fluently and be able to do perfect, strokes but um.

You can learn it. This habit has very simple controls, as well as an ability to um insert custom controls on the device. You can change the buttons on your pen as well, so the stylus has two buttons and i have set one of mine to undo someone my mistake. I can undo it by pressing that button just like that. I didn’t want to right click. This pen doesn’t have to be used for drawing it can be used for other things. It doesn’t just have to work any drawing programs. So i do recommend this tablet because it is very simple to use and it has some great custom controls it’s high quality, but it does take practice to get that control in your hand. So if you do consider getting this tablet, then if you haven’t had experience with drawing tablets in before then you will have to um. You can practice in getting the control over your hands. But overall i recommend this product because it’s high quality – it is simple and it is also poor to the tablet. Itself is very light and it is great for artists Music, so guys. I do hope that you have learned something from the video. I hope that maybe this has to change your views on getting the tablet or not, depending on how you like to draw – and i might probably be making another video detailing more in detail the custom settings and other features of the wacom intuos tablet.