. That was hard to remember. You might be thinking. This is a normal review. Video, it is not stick to the end of the video to find out why no skipping, please do not skip just watch the whole thing. Thank you. Let’S get started Music what’s in the box, okay, so the box has a lot of things inside which don’t worry it’s empty, which i would talk about in the next clip so i’m going to shrink myself and then you’re going to see it voila, okay, so the Box comes with the pen, the charging cable, which is about three meters long and the tablet with the instruction manual. Unfortunately, the tablet doesn’t come with a glove, but you can find refills of the pan nib inside the pan. Four of the buttons are programmable to whatever you want it to be, depending on the app you’re using and the middle button is the power button or the bluetooth pairing button. You notice that the buttons create a kind of a pen holder it’s, not that deep, so be careful. So your pen doesn’t fall off the tablet. You could also slide it into the little strap that’s in the top of the tablet. The pen doesn’t need a battery for you to use it. It fits perfectly into your hand and it’s easy to move around. The reason i like this particular tablet is because the tablet is easy to carry around like the box is not even the box is almost the same size as my hand, so that’s why i got the really small one for portability, but you might want to get The medium size which is about, i would put up the dimensions on the screen because i got pictures of them hi voiceover band here i realized it.

Didn’T really explain something properly, so i will be explaining it right now. The tablet is sold currently at a price of 99.95. You can find it on amazon and i would try to put the link to all this products or this product in the description. Okay. So the tablet is compatible with your ipo and windows devices. The minimum version for the apple device would be the os x 10.11 and the minimum version for the windows with the windows 7. This means that if you try to use it in a tablet or a device that’s below the requirements, it wouldn’t work, and i also discovered that you could plug the device to your android device. I don’t really know how that one works and i would research more about it and give whatever information i can in a future video. Perhaps okay, now for the installation process, it’s extremely easy. I bet a chimp can do it. Okay, uh back to the video anyways. You installed right drive from the wacom website for either your ios or windows it’s, going to give you the options there on the website and then it goes automatically and it doesn’t even take that long. After that, you can configure the tablet to whatever customization you want, depending on your preferences and the softwares, you use, you can program the four buttons on the tablet. Like i said before, and the two buttons on the pen for individual softwares, you can customize them how you want the buttons to function for each software and you can store your customizations locally or on the cloud so that, if you use the device on a different Device you can sync up those customizations and use them the exact same way.

Instead of starting afresh from scratch and doing everything manually, you could just download the once you’ve already customized and use that for that computer drumroll, please to the part of the video you’ve, all been waiting for now, i’m going to give you some other options and drawing Tablets just in case you’re in the market for them, and you need to see what other options are available in case you’re not interested in this particular wacom tablet model. Okay, so the first one in the list is the huion canvas 24 drawing tablets. The tablet is a screen tablet that has 20 programmable keys, 8 1992 pressure, sensitivity, levels and anti glare coating, and it is sold for 899. The next one we’re going to look at is xp pen, g4, 3, 0 s it’s a handy dandy, really small tablet and it costs only 20 dollars. It was not prepared seriously for art, but you could use it to mess around in case. You are not sure. If digital art is something you want to dive into or not, this is a really cheap option that gets you prepared for a more advanced level of a drawing tablet. It also has a high review on amazon and it’s cheap, so it works for me and i’ve used it before, and it really is really good because i got the smaller one before i got this one and i would recommend you do the same thing. It just gives you more, it just gives you an idea of what you’re looking out for and with the problems you would pick out in this one.

You could now look and say: oh, this is what i want, or that is what i want, or if you’re, okay with this it’s fine but it’s not going to last so long because it’s, cheap that’s, why i upgraded the next tablet we’re going to talk about Is the xp pen artist 12.? It is another ski, it is another screen tablet. It comes with less buttons than the huion canvas 24.. It has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity like the huion canvas 24.. It comes with a handy touch bar and it’s sold at a reasonable price of 200 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than the huion canvas 24.. The next one is the xp pen deco zero one v2 drawing tab. It is an ideal drawing tablet which is not so expensive and is good for online learning and digital art. It has this 10 inch by 6.25 inch workspace. It can be used in portraits or landscape depending on what you are working with and it is sold for 70 on amazon. You could check it out if that’s what you want, the next one we’re going to look at this gun, one pd 1560 drawing tablet. It is a good mid range tablet if you’re looking at to step up your drawing game without spending too much money. This is a good option. It has 8192 pressure sensitivity, levels same thing with the canvas and the xb artist 12, and it has a large 15.

6 inch workspace and it is a screen tablet. It’S also one of the best drawing tablets for students, thanks to its user friendly nature and for left handed artists like the priority i talked about. If you haven’t watched, the video please check it out, link is going to be above um for left handed artists. You could activate left handed mode and that way you don’t miss it out on the font and it also comes at an affordable price of 300. You know i’m actually surprised that there is a tablet for left handed people. I don’t know how that works. I haven’t tried using my tablet with my left hand before, but when i found this, i had to add it to the list. Next, one is the wacom intuos pro l drawing tablet. This qualcomm tablet has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and a workspace of 12.1 by 8.4 inches. You may not have a butane display or screen, but it is wireless, so you don’t have to deal with a bunch of cables and it disordered the price of 500.. The next one we’re going to look at is xp pen artist 15.6 pro it is a cheap tablet and is user friendly? For starters, it is a screen tablet, with 8 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and a 15.6 inch screen, and it is sold for a price of 400 dollars around that range and i’m just going to throw this one in there in case you want, you want a Laptop that could also serve as a tablet.

You could look into the microsoft surface book 3.. It has an intel core, i7 cpu, 16 gigabytes of ram and a 13.5 inch touchscreen display. It has a weapon 4096 pressure points, and it is a good option for drawing tablets and laptop in one. The laptop goes for a thousand four hundred dollars and the pen is 75 dollars.