This is the wacom interior ctl 4100. It cost me around nepalese rupees uh about twelve thousand rupees, almost about twelve thousand rupees. So now we are going to uh, do the unboxing by opening the seal, so this is still there, so we are going to open it, so we are going to open it now, okay, so this is the first look of this tablet, so it is wrapped in A plastic so it looks very nice very sturdy, so we are going to open the plastic. So this is the tablet itself. So it looks nice. So we have to download the driver before using this uh tablet, so i’ve already downloaded the uh driver. So what you need to do is you need to go to uh, google and type ctl 41.js driver and click enter on the google okay, i don’t have internet, so you have to do that and you have to download the files and i’ve already uh downloaded it. So let’s see what else is inside the box, so i’ve got this data, cable, it’s, also very nice – and the pen itself here. So this is the pen. This pen is also wrapped in the plastic and it has got two buttons here, so we can customize this button according to our need, so let’s see what else we have got in this box. We have got this user manual. This is in chinese. I think we have to use google translate to translate that and inside the this pen we can open this pen to use the extra nibs, so it has given us three extra nibs so that we can use it whenever necessary.

So now let’s uh plug this uh welcome in the computer and let’s see. So we need to plug the usb port in the computer and another type c port on this part here on the top part here so let’s plug it there. So we have plugged it in so after we plugged it in the light will grow here. So if the light closed, then we know it is plugged in and it is connected. Okay, so this board is coming so let’s do start to set up our device. So let’s go next because we can set up the pane here. So let me click this start here again because it ran into some problem there before okay let’s place next, so here are the four express key. We can customize them according to our need, so it is asking us to hover so i’ll over it. So whenever it, the mouse is also moving there. Okay now, so my setup is complete, so i’m going to click on done here. Okay, so we need the connection. Internet connection, so you need to be connected to the internet so now to set up the express key. What you need to do is you need to go and open the welcome tablet: property. Okay. So what i need to do is if i want to uh customize the button, for example i’m using this for powerpoint. So if i want to customize this button, what i do is i’ll go here: i’ll click on keyboard, i’ll go to keystroke; sorry, i’ll! Go to keystroke here and then i’ll press ctrl e, because control e is for our eraser shortcut for powerpoint, so i’ll write it as eraser here and i’ll press okay.

So in a similar manner you can customize all the settings of your this pane. Also, and of that express key also, so thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in my next video.