This is without a screen, this time and it’s, nice and cute and small, unlike the cintiq 16, which was massive in my opinion – and it was a pleasure to use so let’s see how good this one performs here. It is check it out, let’s open it up. Just like this, and here it comes out, look at that what a beauty in the box here, we also have to look pen introduction and i believe, in instructions and as well as i think, a charging kit and on the tablet it connects. Top left looks like that. You can see it connected and setting up into bluetooth s. Let’S get our pen out now it’s different different, a cheaper version than the uh. I, like the ones that cintiqs have here’s the expensive one from the cintiqs, so yeah it’s a little bit way more plainer. Uh way, thinner still has two buttons uh, nothing on the top, though nothing top no eraser. I believe cintiq pick it up. You send it. Uh there’s no learning curve pretty much it’s, just you figure out how to use express keys and stop pressing the accent that’s. All you got there because you can look at the display and you see where you’re drawing here. You have to look at your monitor and draw while not looking so i believe, there’s going to be more of a learning curve to this uh. I guess let’s jump in and do some kind of a piece either drawing or who knows what and yeah let’s take a look at that Music, so, Music, okay, Music, thank you, Music, so Music, foreign, Music, so Music, so Music Applause, Applause, Music Applause! Well, i hope you enjoyed that drawing.

It was quite fun to make a little bit over 12 hours of coloring, because i have no clue what i was doing, but i learned a lot about more about photoshop and about brushes and stuff like that. While doing this, so it took way too long to do because i kept on taking long breaks in between because it didn’t feel like drum how’s the tablet. Well here it is, let me reach tablet is a beast. It really just performed. I liked it for drawing. Yes, it was good photo editing. I did some folder, you know quite a lot actually for thumbnails and stuff very nice, and it worked for my cases and scenarios all the time really well, video editing as well. When i was in mexico uh the mexico vlog up here, i think yeah you can go check it out. I think that’s it maybe it’s there uh well, whatever go check it out. That was edited on this as well. I used uh one hand on here other hand on the keyboard and pressing the shortcuts and stuff and for the price. I got this at sixty dollars for the bluetooth intuos. This is a really really great deal, even if you just use it as a mouse and not even as a tablet. You won’t be disappointed at all yeah. So, if you’re looking for a drawing tablet or a wireless mouse that works differently or you want to try something new, this thing is great.

Drawing precision worked very well. There was a couple times that it messed up, but i think that’s not its problem like this uh tracking. That was just photoshop being weird, so yeah. Thank you for watching, like comment, subscribe and check out more videos on this channel in the future.