Carry me daddy, come on. Carry me daddy, oh my god, what’s up guys, it’s link and welcome back to another video and today i’m going to be reviewing the wacom mulan aka. I think it’s called either the cch or ctl 472 um, and this review is going to be split into three parts. So it’s just going to be like the kind of build quality. Just the tablet itself, there’s going to be the osu review and there’s going to be like the other games, review and there’s not going to be a drawing review for it because i don’t draw i cannot draw. I do not use this thing to draw. I use it for gaming because i’m, weird but anyway, without further ado, let’s get into it. Now the thing comes inside this box and it is wrapped um, which i placed it back on for this review and if we take it out here, usually it comes with a pen and cable under it. But i was not able to record my original unboxing. So here they are, and the cable was not long enough, so i had opt in for this really dirty long white cable that was supposed to be used for my previous phone. As for the cable type, it is micro usb, which is a little bit outdated, but it could be a lot worse. They could be using mini usb kind of like the huion lineup of tablets, but for the price it’s.

Whatever now the build quality itself, it seems pretty sturdy um, at least compared to the previous tablet. I had the kiwi on h420. It also has a lot less hardware, smoothing than a lot of other tablets, especially the hulian h420, which, yes, i did get angry mid sentence there, because the h420 is just so bad, and this is also the small version of the tablet, because the medium version is Like 140, this is like 60 dollars and for the price it’s a lot better than the medium one. In my opinion, and also even compared to other tablets, it seems to be pretty big like here. It is compared to my h420 that i was just talking about yeah, pretty big um, but it comes with a total of 152 millimeters of play area, which you should really turn down, because that’s freaking huge but it’s, still uh, it’s still usable. Even if you were to use full area, i just recommend definitely having a smaller play area on it: Music, okay, so now i’ll be moving on to the osu part of the review and now keep in mind i’m, not the best osu player. I can really only do like four star difficulty. Uh only five star that i can pass was called like, i think it’s called like emoji or something, but i barely got a c on that, but uh anyway. I would definitely recommend this for osu i’m, just gon na say uh off the bat, since it has very little hardware smoothing, you can easily hit jumps um reflexively instead of having to kind of i don’t know it looks like it looks a lot smoother and it Feels a lot better to do than like than it would be on like a huion h420 like where it has a lot of hardware, smoothing looks almost robotic but uh as for streaming and stuff too.

It works really well, as you can see just there. I know i’m not the best at streaming either, but i mean for someone who’s bad at streaming. That was not horrible, well, there’s, really not much to say. I just really recommend this about pretty much any tablet, because it’s really really good for the price, and it has if it has any hardware, smoothing it’s, not noticeable whatsoever. It is really really good Music now, as for playing games other than osu, with this tablet, i’m, not really sure if i’d recommend it or not, like i’d, really recommend sticking with mouse, but if you really are dedicated and just want to use a tablet to be, I don’t know unique or something i really. I do this for content mostly but um. As for other games, i’ve already uh released a tutorial on how to set up a tablet for fps games and stuff i’ll put a link in the cards right now, but as for other games, it performs around the same. But i honestly, i think, i’d recommend turning on some sort of artificial smoothing because, as you can see by the gameplay it’s like really really shaky, especially whenever i’m aiming downside and just watching it and like i swear it’s, not me. But if you don’t have much experience on the tablet, i’d recommend. Turning on some sort of smoothing, like i said for at least a little while until you can get used to holding a pen and consistently hovering and then whenever you want to shoot.

Somebody like tapping on it to be completely honest, you could bind shoot to a button on your keyboard, but that, personally to me just feels weird, so i didn’t do that, but i had any things open for you and it’s also another another thing you can’t use: Semi auto weapons, at least not super well i’m, going to show off some of the fal gameplay from later in the game and yeah it’s pretty bad but um. I think that’s pretty much it for this section of the review. In conclusion, the welcome one or the actually the one by wacom, because there is actually a tablet, called the welcome one. That is a screen tablet which i would not recommend using. But anyway, the the one by one com is a really good tablet for osu and it can be used for other games too. The only real downside to it in other games is the fact that there’s so little hardware smoothing that you’ll look like you have parkinson’s, which honestly, maybe you do so, but if you do have parkinson’s, please don’t use. This tablet use a different tablet. It’Ll there are a lot better picks with like hardware, smoothing on them for you, but uh. All the jokes aside, honestly, really good tablet would recommend for osu. Other games i’d still recommend sticking to mouse it’s, really not that advantageous to have a tablet because it’s around the same it’s just you have to learn and learning can take anywhere from a month to four months to learn how to play on a drawing tablet.