. This is wacoms new generation of pen displays and im excited to check this out so lets dive in hello. My name is brad and i review tech for creative professionals, a wacom tablet. This feels like a rare treat wacoms last cintiq pro 16 came out way back in 2016.. It was so long ago that i didnt review it because i was a little baby channel. I wasnt really reviewing stuff on a regular basis. Back then, other tablet makers keep an annual release schedule for the most part. The reason why wacom hasnt released a new version of this display tablet until now is that they pretty much nailed it with the last iteration and, as we just run down those core specs of this pen display theyre, not that much different than the last one. Youve got a full 4k display its a 15.6 inch display with a resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160px and its running at 60 hertz. Its also fully laminated has like an edge glass coating on it. This is an ips display with 98 adobe rgb and add to it. This is still a multi touch, display tablet as well, so you can pinch and zoom or use two fingers to pan around and all that fun stuff. Now the palm rejection on display has been really good, and this has always been my main criticism of wacoms tablets and their tech in general, at least on the pc, its not quite as good on the mac.

It does feel like it has improved. I did notice more false touches with my palm when i was using this on the mac in photoshop than i did on the pc along the top of the device youre gon na find a physical button that allows you to toggle on and off the touch features. This isnt new – this is something the last version of the cintiq pros had as well on the 24 inch that i used quite a bit a few years back, i pretty much kept touch off all the time. It really got my way it was always leaving marks, or i was accidentally selecting the wrong layer by just resting my palm on the screen. I did not like it at all. Now the display itself looks good, but we do live in an age of amazing screens with amoled displays on samsungs tablets. We have oled displays on a lot of laptops. Apple has mini, led displays on a lot of their products. This is an ips display, its older tech and its its just fine, not great its, not amazing. It gets the job done, maybe its the coating on top, maybe its that the brightness doesnt pop as much as some of the high end displays im used to using im. Also plugging this into a lot of newer laptops. The newer macbook pro this dell xps. I have here on here has a beautiful 4k display and when its sitting next to any other displays, whether its a laptop display or an imac or anything it just doesnt, look nearly as good.

I dont usually knock this on budget displays like huion or xp pen. They have ips displays as well, and the main reason for that is because youre paying significantly less for those products. I dont expect those to be super high end here. It would have been nice to see wacom bump up their game a little bit just to justify that premium. Price tag lets open up this box and show you whats inside the main thing. Of course, whats on top is the pen display. I should also point out: all of this packaging is environmentally friendly, so there are no plastics here. It is a little bit hard to get the box open. I struggle with that a little bit also unwrapping some of the little elements here and there that they package – that was a little bit harder, but i am totally down for that trade off if it means that were not using as much plastic inside the box. We also have the cables that are going to be powering the display. There are also the cables youre going to need to hook this up now, theres two ways to do that. The first way is the old fashioned way, which they include a usb cable and also an hdmi cable for you to do that or if you have a newer device that has a usbc port that supports it. You can just do this with one cable, which is what i ended up doing.

We also have the pro pen 2. Now this has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt. You could also pick up some of wacoms separate accessories, like the pro pen. Slim also works with this device. So if you think this pen is a little too thick, you could always replace that theres. Also a pen holder. Now this is substantially weighted. Its got this nicely finished metal base. If you open it up theres some extra nibs in there theyve also included some felt tip nibs. I i like that it gives you a little bit of a different drawing feel feels a little bit softer on that textured screen theres, a small little instruction guide, warranty card and a drawing glove wait hold the music, not its, not a drawing glove, its just its Just a cleaning cloth, you guys hey cheer up, buddy its gon na be okay along the side of the display. You have a little bit of a loop. This is where your pen can fit nicely in there for quick storage and along the back. There are some feet that fold out that lets. You set this up at a really nice comfortable, drawing angle. If you want to get real fancy, there are some holes already included along the back here for a vesa stand. You get one of those super fancy arms mount. This thing on all right lets talk about those express keys on most other tablets theyre, either on the front wacom in the past has put them on a little remote control, so they dont have to clutter up their tablets with these.

I like the remote, but it usually wasnt, packed in with their lower end tablets, and it was a hundred dollars more. So the inclusion of express keys is, is a very nice touch. I also think the positioning of them all on the back is is kind of a brilliant idea, even though i like the idea, it has taken me a little bit of time to get used to these and im still even after a few hours of using this. Not a hundred percent there, yet i always have to think before pressing the keys, maybe because theyre theyre kind of small and theyre kind of narrow, maybe because i cant physically see them. I also think the other problem is: is that im usually not keeping my hand there right there along the back? So what i need to use? One of those keys. I have to think oh move my hand back. There find the key that im looking for, feel for it and then press the button. This is probably one of those little things you just get used to over time. All right next up were going to jump over and do a quick drawing test and im going to talk about this pen. Its a wonderful pen, but before i get to that, i want to thank todays sponsor squarespace, probably already know that squarespace is the all in one platform for building the ultimate website for your brand or business, but its also one of the best ways to engage with Your audience squarespace has member areas.

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The type of thing that i am always looking for is a good taper, and one of the things i am noticing here is that the taper is okay. Lets uh pinch to zoom in here a little bit now. What i am seeing down here at the end of my lines are kind of mechanical looking tapers and, as i go around im, seeing this pretty much everywhere now. This was not something i really noticed when i was when i was drawing, but when i got in here and started like leaving fast lines, different speeds are going to give me different kinds of tapers at the end and so that thats kind of a bummer, because Thats something ive seen huion and xp pen actually do extremely well in recent years now. The other thing that i like to test is just how smooth of a line i can get when i am drawing slow angled lines. This has always been a problem for a lot of drawing tablets, but a lot of them have been getting better and better at this over the years, and this is an area i think wacom really excels at and as im drawing my lines uh this ones gon Na be very light, lets add more pressure and do the same thing: im seeing beautiful lines im not seeing a lot of mechanical taper uh. Any of the imperfections im seeing in the line are coming from my hands im, not seeing just that perfect mechanical wave that you see on a lot of drawing tablets so thats, something the wacom has always done well and its done well here.

So, overall, this is a very good pen uh. You know i did talk about those imperfections in the tapers if thats something that bothers you thats, something you should be aware of, but i think for the most part when i was drawing, i didnt notice it. I only noticed it when i started looking for it. I dont think its going to bother that many people, but if it does bother you its there all right lets talk about the pros and cons. This is a great device. It is phenomenal to draw on full stop the addition of the express keys along the back thats nice love it and the making the palm rejection so much better than it was on the last iteration of this tablet huge improvement. The main con is the same con. I have with most of wacoms devices theyre great, but theyre, really theyre really expensive. I would love to see more at this price point. I would love to see them score a better display. I would love to see them, maybe pack in the express key, remote or maybe find a way to get this price down a little. Maybe around like the 1200 price point, then i would look at something like this and say: okay, if you really want the wacom brand name, paying two or three hundred dollars more yeah that thats worth it now last year, xp pen released a 16 inch display. It had 4k, it had touch, capabilities and spec for spec had pretty much matched this wacom tablet.

Huion has something similar. They dont have. The multi touch features that xp pen has, but otherwise you still have the 4k. You still have a lot of the same features. Now both of those are coming in around the 900 dollar ish price range thats about 600, cheaper than what we have here, and i guess thats the thing i i grapple with with all wacoms products. What exactly am i getting for that 600., the pen, its better uh, arguably better, but its not like 600, better and overall, this is a very nice pen display and if you love wacoms product, you value their brand and you want that level of quality. I think this is it. This is a good one, ill also say i mentioned xp pen and huion just a minute ago. The competitors here have really caught up in the last five years, since they released their last 16 inch display weve, just seen this, like incremental, upgrade that huion and xp pen and some of the other competitors out there have done, and even though there are improvements here. It feels kind of like theyre standing still, and i wouldnt be surprised if it takes another four or five years to get another iteration of this display out there. If we see the competitors in the meantime be able to leapfrog this in terms of quality, what do you guys think? Let me know down below in the comment section. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.