It came out around 2017 or so, but the changes theyve made are thoughtful ones. Here were going to look at it now, since not that much has changed. This wont be the worlds longest review were going to talk, what about whats different, really but first whats the same. The core features of a wacom cintiq pro model. Well, the 16 inches the smaller. They also make a 24 inch size and it has support for touch and, of course, wacoms pro pen 2, with 8192 pressure levels and tilt, and if you like, rotation besides barrel rotation for the pen, you can get a rotation pen for this. Its a 4k display uhd, the its wide gamut, in fact, the gamuts gotten a little wider and its gotten significantly brighter. Honestly. It measures almost 400 nits which for a pen display, is unusually bright and if youre, looking at the less expensive competitors from huion and xp pen thats one thing thats going to set it apart right there and, lastly, for those of you who are just like new To the concept altogether, a pen display is one that you can draw on there. You have it and wacoms pro line of cintiqs are the best that they have in terms of color gamut in terms of pen, accuracy and in terms of resolution theres, a regular cintiq. 16, that i reviewed and that one is a full hd resolution not as fancy pants and display, but its considerably more affordable for those who are hobbyists and really dont want to make the big spin.

What the pros use is typically cintiq pros out of all the possible products that are out there, but there are a lot of self employed artists. All that sort of thing who do shop around for different price points, so ill talk about the competition a little bit later, all right, so this is compatible with mac and windows. Obviously we have it hooked up to a windows machine. This is a surface laptop studio. Ive also used it with the 16 inch m1 macbook pro max model, so drivers are available for both of these so whats new compared to the older cintiq. Well, first off now you have a visa mount on the back, so you can use either wacoms stand which we are using at the moment. Adjustable height stand because this doesnt come with the stand other than the usual two pop out 20 degree of lift legs and youve got express keys on the back, and while i say that most of what wacoms done is very thoughtful, i i have a love hate Relationship with the express keys on the back because theyre right up here and since this is a 16 inch device, you might actually be using this on your lap and its where you tend to grab it. So i was accidentally activating express keys like crazy. Now you can disable them and they have updated the driver. So now, when you press a key itll show you on screen first, and you touch to confirm what you wanted to do.

So you dont have that problem anymore of you just immediately. Toggles display function or something like that, so some of you might love it. Some of you might love it less like me, but ive learned to make use of it and of course you can program the express keys to do a variety of things. Whatever you want to do, they are convenient things to have speaking of express keys. You can also use the optional express key remote, which is a handheld device charges over usb and thats, something thats very convenient because you can just hold it in your hands separate from. Will the display whatsoever? The next thing theyve added are display cable connections up top yes tidy like looking its not but believe me if youve used this antique or any pen display. You know this is convenient because they dont get in your way, not sticking out of either side not trying to run them out at the bottom, which is a recipe for disaster, and these are normal cables, no proprietary cables anymore. So that means, if your cable breaks, you just go, get another one easy pc. You dont need a specialty, cable speaking of cables. We have usbc for a single cable connection and if you dont have a laptop that supports usbc with display out functionality, you also get an hdmi and a usb c to usb a cable in the box. So you can go for the older style connection as well.

So thats much better, so you see what i mean. A lot of creature comforts a lot of things that people would like to have seen, but the core functionality of the device and the display quality havent changed that much and the pen technology is the same pro pen too, with the same amount of pressure levels and Tilt and all that sort of thing, so this isnt going to make you go out and buy a cintiq pro 16. If you already had the previous generation one, but for those who havent bought one. Yet it brings some things to the table that people would have liked to have seen. Also new is an actual slider switch to enable and disable touch you know instead of having to fiddle with menus and on screen stuff and all that youre just drawing and youre noticing the palm rejection aint. What you need right now, you can just disable touch and then turn it back on when youre ready for it. Speaking of palm rejection, im great on windows, it was quite good once in a while. I have a little problem. I do usually wear an art glove. Also to help, but on the mac touch rejection, not nearly as good, and that means its detecting my palm touching the screen, while im using the pen and well. Lastly, we are talking a cintiq pro here and they do have fans inside and the higher you set. The brightness, the more likely you are to hear the fan, were running at 100 brightness right now so, like i said about 400 nits, and i can hear the fan compared to the cintiq pro 24 and some previous generations antiques, i would say its gotten a little Bit better, but if you like to run this at high brightness, you will hear some fan noise, its not like a gaming laptop level, whirring and wishing, but you know its there.

Well, the display quality other than the brightness really havent changed that much, and it is very good. It is a very wide gamut display and now very bright. One thing that has improved is the touch where the touch felt a little bit, sometimes janky, particularly on the mac, which doesnt have such great support for touch. Does it by any means its really good and smooth? Now so, when im painting, i can just pinch and pinch out and thats fine and you can do rotation two fingers and it might be easier with two hands depending on you. But its fine in terms of driver stability pen displays are notorious for being a little bit problematic, but usually ive found that wacom are the least problematic its been very good under windows and im even running with windows 11. Just to make things a little more challenging here now on the mac with m1 max and photoshop, which i find in photoshop for m1, is a bit of a work in progress as it is in terms of stability and strange things. It was a little bit more crashy when i was painting digitally, but you know again, photoshop on the m1 mac already a little dicey and i was running in the triple monitor setup too, with a 4k display connected the max internal monitor, plus this one, so thats Shooting for a lot of challenges there now in terms of overall, how is this product? You know its been four years since it came out.

Basically, weve got the refresh conveniences and things like that. Its still for pen monitors the best experience. I mean theres, just nothing like it when you use it. Yes, it costs a lot more than some of the competition, but for the the responsiveness of drawing the paper like feel, the fact that you have interchangeable nibs, like i like the felt tip nibs no problem competitors dont, give you different kinds of nibs absolute lack of Diagonal line jitter its just as close as you can get to a natural media experience, while using a digital device and thats still what sets it apart. The competitors like xp, pen and huion have come a long way and they even upped the anterior and starting to do 4k displays and we reviewed some of those, but this still gets the for you know professional level work if, if you have the money, for that Is the reason why a lot of professional studios are still buying these? That said, for those of you who are on a budget youre thinking about, there is wacom cintiq 16. same great, drawing experience just full hd instead of 4k, not quite as nice a display, but a good experience for way. Less than this then theres, the xp pen, artistic pro 16 tp that ones 900, and that one has touch too, which is something we havent seen from the competitors yet its also wide gamut that ones pretty nice. So there is an alternative.

There use a different kind of similar pen technology, but not quite the same, but its not bad, but its 900. Instead of this, which is 1500 mind you, it wont be as bright as this then theres, a huey on canvas pro 16 4k plus, i think its called. I havent reviewed that one, yet that ones 830 dollars. That was only 200 nits of brightness and does not have touch, though so youre losing that for the spend that youre giving, but also pretty good in terms of display quality and in terms of the pen quality. So there are competitors out there, but still kind of hard to beat the wacom for the actual art. Experience, of course, photo retouching and all those other things too. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech.