Just set up the wires and if you have a power cable, you have to connect to the ac adapter and the ac adapter goes into the pre wired cable. Now i have a usb that connects to an apple and an hdmi which cannot connect to an apple without a thunderbolt hdmi connector, which you can put in here and now. We have to connect this wire to the wacom right over here now when you’re taking out the wire first. You must pinch these, so you do not damage the weapon. Now i connect the power cable inside the socket and that’s it so i’ve just accessed my imac and uh on safari. Now, when you’re on, google, you want to click download now say drive is back on so it’s, just loading and now i’m typing, no it’s, not typing and i’ll, say, send it 16. there’s a variety of options where you want to click on download, max driver and Click confirm download, so it’s downloaded now just click. This arrow click on wacom tablet, open, okay, now saying open, wacom tablet, opening welcome tablet, okay, it’s just loaded, and it says, install back on tablet. So i’ll click open click x on this, so i’ll click, installer and i’ll say a bunch of writing which is not important. Disagree now what’s, my password, which i’ll do right now so once the installation is successful, you can now go on to launch pad, which is this grey rocket, i’m gon na and then swipe and then they’ll be this white and blue, w you’ll click or say wacom Desk center and that will be over here now – i just need to turn on my wacom and now it’s connected so just going on photoshop there’s way, more apps that you can choose now, if you click file and new, and you have a bunch of settings i’m – Not gon na change the width and height right now, so just click okay, now i’m on paintbrush, okay! Here i can change the colors.

It works like you go down here and then you can see which colors you wan na go and black right now, and this color is what you want your rubber to be: keep that on white. So you, the lighter, you click the darker, the lighter it is the darker. You click the darker.