Now there are two generations of this pen, this gener. This is the second generation. If you get the first generation, you actually get this other piece here. This little little case and i’ll go with that shortly. Um, the primary reason why you would get this pen is that this would technically be the last pen that you need to get that there won’t be another pen that you would need, because you can switch between the two major protocols. Currently that qualcomm and microsoft has worked on together to kind of get like a universal solution. So this is a kind of you like a step in between for at this time, so you can switch between a wacom digitized screen and a microsoft and trig digital screen. It does come with the battery um now for some reference. I’Ve had this for a year and three months, so i’ve had plenty of time to work with this pen kind of know what what the problems are and kind of what to watch out for this does technically have 4 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. The pro edition does have tilt, but i’ll go over to that in another section why that may not even matter simply because your screen may not even be able to support that many levels of pressure sensitivity. The other thing is: this comes in two variants, the first or two, two generations, the first and second, if you come with, if you get the first generation, you actually get a little box of nibs.

This is a variety pack. You get hard medium and like soft. I already have soft on my pen so i’m not going to go over that, but basically this pen currently retails for 50 united states usd and these nibs currently go if you buy them from the wacom site for 16. Now i originally paid 22 dollars for these nibs and you only get three and it’s a variety pack, so i only wanted to felt the soft nib, because i wanted the most friction on my screen as possible. Um and yeah. I don’t care about these other nibs. Now, obviously, i can put them on to make my pen last longer. I have to buy another one of these just for the soft, because i can use these others, but they’re, not soft, and you can’t buy only soft you can’t buy only medium. You can buy only hard, you have to buy the variety pack so again. Sixteen seventeen dollars shipped almost a third of the price of this pen and i originally paid 22 dollars for this, because this is when their shipping was 10 and this product is 10.. The nibs on itself, so just be mindful of that in a soft nib, does go where fairly quickly. This is actually my second pack here that i have um after i spent 22 dollars and saw how fast my dad was wearing down. I just went to ebay and bought it for five bucks shipped to me, um, i don’t, i don’t know how they were able to get it to me.

Five bucks but i’d rather pay that pay them that money than try to go back to wacom and pay another 17. Just for a single nib that i want out of that variety pack of three okay, so let’s go ahead and talk about uh. What this kind of does so there are two protocols here: this is the wacom protocol and then the the microsoft you just hold these two buttons down and it’ll blink there you go so it switches over to the intrigue technology stuff and you can press it down Again – and you know it switches again – you don’t have to pair this with the screen. You just start instantly interacting with it, and you can use the pin, as is it, does come with two kind of booklets here: i’ve, never used them they’re, not very useful um. The one issue i’ve had, though, is because i am using linux. I have no way to register this pen uh. You need to use their software to register this pen because there are no serial numbers on here to to go to and register the pen to try to get any type of like warranty on this thing. So just keep that in mind. It does work on linux, just fine i’m using a laptop, and it has a digitized screen that screen works on linux. Just fine so let’s go ahead and cut over to the screen and then i’ll talk about the kind of major fallback that i ran into, or at least two of them that made this van pen kind of um, not as great as i was hoping.

Okay, so let’s get the kind of elephant in the room. Here, this pen could be a great pen. It could be a pen that you would want to use every single day. It is made out of metal. The buttons feel great. It has a little clip. The nib is not that bad, but still expensive. However, the pen is only as good as your digitized screen, and this is where this pen really starts to kind of just suck, because it’s, not the pen it’s my screen. So, to give you about some context, this is an hp envy x360 from 2018.. In that year they use several variants of digitized screens. This is one of like five variants that they made of this. That uses the wacom digital screen, but this screen is not made from wacom it’s made from a third party manufacturer from taiwan made named eland, and there is no information at all about this. So you have to contact, hp and say hey. It says pen and touch what pen can i use they’re going to say: oh, go, buy the the wacom bamboo ink pen that’s, all they are going to tell you. There is no other information about this, so the the kicker is that this is 4 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. But when i draw on a screen i’m only going to ever get 256 levels and um it’s not like. I can go from zero to 256 at full pressure.

No, it is like when i start i’m already at maybe like 100 and then, when i press ever so slightly i’m already at 256 cell. There is a lot more range in this pen. I can technically get out of, but i can’t because of this digitized screen. The other thing is that this dish is high screen, is so low quality that when i want to actually use even just my finger, so let me show you this real quick, i’m going to use my i’m sorry. I have so i’m using my finger now, and you can clearly see that there’s wobbles with just using my finger. This is this – will be the best input device to try to get something out of this to drive this home even further. I have a capacitive pen, a powered capacitor pen, so you can see it lights up, blue, so it’s on. If i were to do that same line, you can literally see all the waves i’m not kidding this. This is this is how it is with this pen. All cheap touch – capacitive uh screens are like this with this type of pen unless you’re using a nice smartphone that has like high quality digitized screen. This is what you’re gon na get. So you will see in a lot of the reviews about this pen that when they try to do that same type of arc, so if i try to go here and draw here’s the thing i’m using a matte screen protector and a soft nib, i have the Most grip – i can possibly get but you’ll see again you get all these little micro wobbles, this screen sucks and this pen doesn’t fix it.

It still sucks. So what i’m left with with this pen for capabilities is that i can do quick sketches, so i can do like a little guy right here. Let me do a quick sketch. I can write. You are here, and it looks great right it’s just when you run into the situation where you want to do maybe uh some nice detail in the eyebrow, and maybe you want some more pen pressure, so understand that if you’re going to get this pen make sure You can return it now. There are fixes for this, in that i can use a stabilizer, but it depends on the software, because in windows you can’t control the pen pressure. You can control the buttons, but not the pen pressure. So if you want to use something like onenote that does stabilize your pen, you’re not going to have any way to control pen pressure or how much it’s stabilized, but in the software krita that i’m using i can just if i was to do the same line Again, all that pen wobble is now gone, so it’s workable. You can still use this even on a really bad digitized screen. The other thing is: if you want to fix pen pressure you, you just need to modify the actual pressure curve within the software you’re using. So i can go here and put this fairly hard. So now let’s take off stabilization here, because it’s going to be a pain in the butt show, but basically now i can start at a much thinner line and get thicker as i want, as you like, when you saw me start here, i was already kind of Getting like a very, very thick, and now i can do very thin lines as i want and then call the way thick.

I am having to draw harder, but i have far better range in how my pressure is displayed and started and used and everything else. Then i would have out of the box as it is configured with this digital screen, so the end result is unfortunately you’re not going to know if your screen is going to work well with this pen. There are ways around it, like i said, and i’ve shown. Um, i want to love this pen, but beyond these two technical things where the screen is just crappy, the last part that’s just really important to understand is that if you want a good drawing experience and a writing experience, unfortunately, you will have to get the soft Nib, because drawing on glass really sucks for trying to write stuff down, the other thing is i’m using a matte screen protector. So you can kind of see here. Let me bring this down a little bit more, but you can kind of see here where that, where it stops right here so um i’m using this in conjunction with the soft nib, and i will say that it is a great experience that it is something that I would love to draw on it’s just that this pen is kind of difficult to work with when i want to do something specific, like inking, so uh with that out of the way that’s the review take it as you want. If you want to get the pen get it, but make sure you can return it, because your monitor may not be up to stuff now, as far as the matte screen protector i’ll put a link of what i got it’s like a a generic 15.

6 matte screen Protector but the matte aspect of it not a glossy one. The matte aspect of it gives me a lot of grip to work with, so it makes it basically a joy to do any type of drawing.