So this was provided to me by the distributor but theyre not compensating me for this video and theyre not reviewing before. I post it if you find this video helpful and you want to purchase one of these Ill put a link to it in the description on Amazon. If you use that link, it helps me out a little bit and doesnt cost anything extra. So if we look on the back here, we have some specs. The capacity is 10 000 milliamp hours or 37 Watt hours. Battery type is high density. Lithium, polymer charging time is approximately three hours by nine volt by two amp power adapter with USBC input Port. Approximately five hours with the built in AC wall charger, then we have the input and output voltages. You can read through those see if I can get a little closer here, so you can pause and read through those and then we have the dimensions and the weight. So lets get this open: heres, a user manual, quality control tag, heres the power bank and it comes with a storage bag. Thats nice, its like theres, some plastic on the front here Ill peel. That off lets. Take a quick look at the manual Im guessing this will cover the specs we saw in the package, so heres a diagram talking about what the different ports do. We have the USB a port is Quick Charge. 3 compatible USB C Port is Quick Charge. 3 compatible.

Looks like all the charge. Ports are Quick Charge 3.0 and we have a USBC on the side and lightning on the side and micro USB on the back, and then we have those specs again. This talks about charging it and heres some notes on the back. Okay, so lets take a closer look so on the side here we have the power button to turn it on were going to activate it. We have USB a out, we have USBC in then on the side we have USBC out, we have lightning out, and we have Micro USB so to charge this. You can pull down the power outlet and plug this into the wall. You can also charge with USBC, and this does not seem to come with a USBC cable, so youll need to supply your own cable. If you want to charge with USBC now, this does actually charge faster with the USBC than plugging it in the wall, so thats, something to take into consideration that wouldnt typically be a problem for me, if I was using, this itd probably be at a hotel at Night, I would plug it in and Let It Go all night, it wouldnt be a big issue. Typically also I tend to not drain it all the way, so I wouldnt be even pulling it all the way, but this will charge in pass through mode. So you can plug this in and then plug your phone in here and charge it while this is plugged in so kind of going back to a hotel situation.

One thing to consider is that some hotels will have kind of awkward plugs that you may have trouble getting to. This is mostly made to go in, say, like a wall plug, you may be able to put this in like a lamp plug depending on the orientation, but it may not fit in every lamp plug. So lets. Try this out so Im going to pull the micro USB cord out and Ill plug this in here: okay and its starting to charge so its drawing about 12 Watts so lets plug some devices into charge. Here I have an iPhone 6. Ill plug that into the lightning port, so that is charging now. So this is drawing 21.6 Watts. Now I dont have a phone that charges with USB type c, but I do have a flare thermal camera that does so Ill plug that in here so now thats charging. So this is drawing 21 about 22 Watts. Now then, I have a Nexus 7 tablet that charges with micro USB so now its charging. So I have all three devices charging at the same time, its drawing about 22 Watts there. Let me back up a little bit, so, of course, that is working kind of like a wall adapter now, but this doesnt even need to be plugged in so Ill unplug. This Ill flip, the plug up, set it down and now were continuing to charge here. So then, when were done, charging we can unplug everything we can take this.

We can fold the cables into the side and cables into the back. We can slide it in our pouch and were ready for travel. So if you wanted to charge this with USBC, you can take like an Android phone charge, cable and plug it in here and charges with the USBC now its kind of hard to see in here because its bright. But if I press this button here, we can see the charge indicator lights here, so theres three lit up and that will tell you the charge state of this so Ill plug into a USB charger to demonstrate this charging. So you can see its flashing here as its charging, so each one of these squares is around 25 of the power bank, so thats charging at around 2 amps at 5 volts. If I switch over to USBC and plug that in now were charging at nine volts at two amps, so the speed this will charge is based upon your charger itself. So, just to be a little more clear, I was charging with USB a on this charger here and I switched it over to USBC, which supports the faster charging and the power bank is able to accept that faster charging. So thats the verc 10 000 milliamp hour power bank with built in cables and wall charger. I think this is a really cool power bank. This can replace carrying with you a wall, charger cables and a power bank.

It puts it all into one. So its a very compact also comes with that nice bag. So if you put this in your bag, its not going to get all beat up, I like that this has all three cables a person would run into, so you can charge Apple devices and modern and Legacy Android devices and other things that use those same ports. So if you have a Bluetooth speaker or something you could plug it in there or some earbuds that might use a legacy Port, you can use that to charge it so using something like this is not only just the weight youd be saving, but just the hassle. So if youre say traveling on an airplane and this is compatible with flying, if youre at the airport, you can just pull this out, stick it in the wall. Maybe you dont need to charge anything, but you want to top off the battery and you can get this thing charging up. You dont have to hunt down a charger and a cable and plug it all in and mess with all that, and then, when youre done, you can pop it out of the wall flip that back throw it in your bag. You dont have to organize things, and this is also very slim too, so this could fit in some peoples, pockets, itll, easily fit in bags and purses, and things like that, so thats all Im going to cover in this video.

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