Then it had the core m3 and now the third time, with the Apollo Lake Pentium in 4200, which can trigger up to 2.5 gigahertz. It has four gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabyte SSD. So let's have a look at it now in closer detail, so it comes in the super bright fluorescent orange color if you're after color more normal, it doesn't stand out as much thing goes for the gray. So it's got a matte coating on the plastic here and it's prone to picking up fingerprints, but it has a kick stood feel to it, which makes it at least grippy and doesn't feel slippery now pressing down on the top of the lid there. It'S, quite firm is a little bit of flex in it. The build is all plastic apart from the metal hinges now. These are special hinges here, as I'll show you in just a second that enable it to actually flip around the screen 360 degrees. You can use it in tent mode presentation mode and it tends to it well, the hunters do feel stiff and not loosen floppy yet, but I wonder how they will fear in a year's time of use, so you can line 100 flat or you can put it Back like this now there's a switch on the side which I'll show you to disable the keyboard, so that's presentation mode. You could also use it in that tent mode. They call it like this or as a sick and rather heavy tablet.

So, on the right side of the V book, there's that lock for the keyboard and a touch pad a power button volume up and down a slot there for a sim card. If you did happen to have a model that has a modem for 4G and 3G headphone jack and a USB 2.0 port, so you can see a status LED light here now this as blue, when it's on red, when charging next to that is the DC 12 Volts in for charging a USB 3.0 port, we have micro, HDMI out and then the micro SD card reader on the bottom either side. We have two downward firing. Speakers that sound okay reasonably now there is some vibration to them at a hundred feet in volume, but I'll test them out later on in this video, and we do get four black rubber feet. So the keyboard is my biggest complaint of the V book Version. Three here, if you have a look, my in key there's, not sitting completely level now between the keys, we have this raised up plastic that is almost actually comes out, a little bit higher than actual travel of the keys, which makes it not feel as nice typing. On this, and if you press down really hard here, you can see that there is some bounce and flex and I do find that I have to type and hit the keys a little harder than I normally would on other notebooks.

So our quality keyboards. This definitely isn't it's, quite average, of almost a poor keyboard and just makes typing on it, not really that great. Now the touchpad is usable, it doesn't have the greatest feeling to it. It does support a gestures like double tap. You'Ve got your swipe up and down your double finger scrolling. All of that is there, but they can't be disabled. Some of those gestures, so you still have – and I do often suffer with that – annoying swipe down to minimize gesture but there's – a registry hack – that you can actually do to stop that at least now there are mouse buttons incorporated in this they're, not individual. Of course, you can't see them quite clicky ones that make a little bit of noise. The only webcam and has on there is a two megapixel one. Just above the screen here now can shoot in 480p. Was the windows camera application maximum resolution, so your frames per second and as a result it looks pixely, not very good, webcam quality at all. I would probably be wanting to use an external webcam, at least an HD one for Skype calls and things if I was serious about having good quality, because this one here is definitely quite poor. So the screen it has is a 1080p 13.3 inch IPS panel with a maximum brightness of 180 lux, which I feel is insufficient. It should be a lot brighter than that, because it's non laminated it has a pre applied screen protector on there very reflective, like all glossy displays that even also here now using it indoors it's fine, for that I only have the brightness set to about 75.

Sometimes even 100, whereas on other tablets I would probably be only using around 40 brightness. Apart from that viewing angles, a good touch, response and accuracy, also very good there and not bad blacks and color reproduction it's, just brightness, where the screen really lacks. So the two speakers, downward firing ones have quite a bit of volume to them, but they do rattle distort a little is a little hint of bass there and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack good quality. Out of that, it also supports microphones. So it has the new Pentium in 4200, in there that's, 14 nanometers turbos up to 2.5 gigahertz and overall the system performance. It feels the way to describe it almost like a Core M tablet. It is quite quick and snappy boots out fast, folders. Open, quick multitasking is relatively quick, although it does have it to limits. It is a quad core, but if you really push it hard with lots and lots of tabs open and just trying to everything at once, then you will notice its limits there quite quickly, but for a light kind of office work in most things. This is going to be reasonably good performance good for that kind of thing, because he wouldn't be editing 4k videos or trying to play doom on this it's, not designed for that. So Windows 10 fully activated no problems. We have four gigabytes of RAM and they have allocated a little bit of that to the GPU now under the device manager.

Just wanted to point out that we have a four C brand 128 gigabyte, SSD I'll show you the speeds of those that in just a second and there's a sick and drive on there, which is a Samsung, 32 gigabyte MMC, which just has the drivers on it. You get about 101 gigabytes free on the SSD on first boot, the benchmark, sorry for Geekbench, 4 and that's quite a good score. It is a step down from the core M tablets or notebooks that I have looked at. They get around 1800 single core score. This is 15 hundred and multi core score, they're, quite good, but it's definitely a step up over the N 3450, the seller on branded a Polo Lake now Intel wireless AC, good speeds, but not quite as fast as what I'm able to get from other devices. I have of wireless AC I'm able to get out of those this full three hundred megabits per second here I didn't quite manage that, especially on the upload speeds, but overall good. The range as well is really good. It'S, an excellent wireless chipset, the Intel wireless AC, 3 165 also ran past mark and that score was 990. You can see that's quite a step down from big Core M's there, but are still a lot better than your average Intel cheery trail more benchmarks for those interested is and to 236000 wasn't too bad now battery life isn't, actually that bad on this machine I'm able To get around 6 hours 5 and 12 to 6 hours, and I could even get I would say, 7 hours.

If I had the brightness set at about 25, then you can get originally good amount of battery performance out of this, because it does have a twelve thousand milliamp hour battery in there Cinebench. That also is quite low, but considering the however, I think it's doing. Ok and here are the speeds of the setter Drive and then the emmc not too bad performance, but the writes are low for a set of three SSD and this kind of form factors that's. Only 22 millimeters by 42 millimeters, which tends to limit the write, speeds there and then thermals gets up to 86 degrees when pushing it really hard gaming and charging at the same time, but no similar idling, which is good, so imply now 820, a megabit per second 4K convert HVC file and it is smooth this hardware can handle it. At least this chipset. Now the GP on this one is slightly more powerful than the sour on em 3450. It has 12 executional cause. This model has 18 so a boost in the GPU there. With the Intel HD 505 graphics now, because it can be flipped around too we used like a tablet. You can play these touch based games. This is a shot. Extreme was actually quite a good framerate it's, just a little heavy and making playing games like this awkward. But at least it's possible games like League of Legends, can run in 1080p here this is on lower setting so I'm, getting around 50 frames per second, which isn't bad at all, quite good performance.

Considering that an awesome, x7 wouldn't be able to get this kind of frame rates in 1080p, and in case you were wondering yes, the RAM is running at the highest maximum supported speed of 1600 megahertz, dual channel so Counter Strike global Offensive. Here it runs around an average of about 26 frames per second, it dips down to about 19 performance isn't great. Now I have the resolution set to 800 x, 600 lowest settings. It is performing better than atoms, it's still not ideal, so that gaming – it does get warm around this area here that nothing alarming just slightly warm to the touch well 42, setting up but it's, not to that point. But if you're going to start to feel like it's, burning or anything, and if you saw before earlier on when I showed you all the benchmark, so it gets up to 86 degrees maximum and no thermal throttling, which is good. So in the Box you do get a stylus now I'm, not going to waste a lot of time with the stylus here it is it's a very simple stylus because it has no pressure sensitivity. The end of it is plastic and you charge it via a microUSB to there and what it does basically is basic pointer function, so it's just a little bit more accurate than using your finger on the screen, and that really is about it. Now palm rejection does work when it touches the screen, but there's no hover function, so it has to touch the screen before it will actually allow par magician.

So, as a result, writing on this is horrible. I would not consider getting this if you want a good stylist, get a Wacom enabled tablet like the qa7 book or the cube mix plus forget about this type of stylus it's, not good at all, alright, so there we have it overall. This is an OK machine that has just let down by a very poor keyboard the build quality of it, isn't, really that great and the screen, I feel, should be a little brighter. Apart from that, we get fast Intel wireless AC, a real good performance. The touch screens, response and accuracy to touch is very good and well another contour that stylus. I really wouldn't, even consider it a stylus it's, just more of an accurate pointer. There touch pads average and the speaker's allowed battery life around 5 to 6 hours isn't too bad. I feel as well it's just a real shame that vo didn't bother improving the keyboard on this model here. Thank you so much for watching this review. Hopefully we'll catch.