This is the newer model that has a pentium n, 4200 and it's a 14 nanometer, the successor to the sm cherry trail. Basically, now this here has 32 gigabytes of internal storage as an MMC and there's. Also, a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of SATA 3 storage on there, I don't know whether which one's going to be configured so I'll have to check the one doubtlessly which is going to be the boot drive, but I feel it'll be the faster SSD. That, apparently, is user upgradeable, so it's got a yoga style design. You can flip the keyboard around on this notebook. It'S got a 13 inch screen. 1080P let's get this unboxed here pick this one up from and it is double box because the packaging has had quite a rough journey by the looks of it quite a beat up. Okay, so quite a heavy box. Here now this one, I have actually looked at before I've seen the atom version and also the chlorine version, and I did have some quality issues with this powering external hard drives problems with the keyboard and a high pitch noise on the atom version that came from The screen – hopefully all of that, has been fixed now with the third generation of this model. Now so last time I got the grey versions. I decided to be a little bit different now and get the super bright orange version. So an instruction leaflet that is in English, that's just outlining a few things also in Chinese and then the power supply that's, all that's in the box.

Now they have an EU one, as you can see, which is really good means. I don't need to use an adapter and that's rated to twelve volts three amps. There is nothing else in the box apart from this stylus, which will be exactly the same as the one that was on the Quarian model that I tested now. These statuses are useless. Really I'll be honest, they are useless. All it is is a more accurate pointer because there is no pressure sensitivity with the tip whatsoever, it's, just a straight active stylus. You need to charge it via the micro USB port. On the top, then it's got micro. Usb 2 and yeah I don't really like these statuses, but I will test it out, but you'll see that it's quite useless really so a super bright, fullest, fluorescent orange color that stands out a mile away, so you'd be able to actually find this in the dark. Probably so just open that up now you can see the keyboard rather large, looking bezels on it, of course, because it still acts as a touchscreen, so they've, given you some room around it, at least so you can pick it up and hold it like a tablet. Pre apply the screen protector, so you've got some microphones down the bottom here front, facing 2 megapixel webcam and there are little rubber feet sticking out here, but considers a little bit of flex already and the design of this.

On the left hand, side we've got a USB 2 port 3.5 minute headphone jack. This slot here is for a SIM card. If you had a model, that's supported or had a modem inside, they had 3G or 4G, which this one doesn't volume up and down. Those buttons are made out of plastic power on button any switch there. This locks out the keyboard and the touch pad. When you flip it over and use it as a bulky tablet now these buttons, they feel okay for plastic buttons. So here on the right, we have the status LED when it's armed it lit up blue, as you can see now, then. Next, to that is a DC jack in for charging the USB 3 port micro HDMI out, and then our micro SD card reader. You can see the quality of the keyboard. I had complaints with on the corium version that I found that it just wasn't really that good and I can see the same kind of thing – is happening here: it's, not the best. You see there's a little bit of flex there, but have a look at the N key there. You see what I mean: it's, not actually sitting level it's a little bit of an angle there, so not the greatest keyboard. I was kind of expecting this, but I'd hoped that voyeur would have improved the quality a little bit, but it seems they haven't. Now that touch pad does sing.

Okay, good accuracy, double tap right click, there are left and right mouse buttons and there, although they don't, feel that good. They have quite a clicking noise to them. So since it is that yoga bouquet, the whole thing can flop around these inches here are metal and I'll just show you, so you can put it in up and like a tent mode here like that, if you wanted to screen, will put a rotate flip around And you want to use it like a tablet, then you can simply flip that switch on the side, lock out the keyboard and flip it back like so, and now it becomes a 13 inch rather bulky and heavy tablet, but at least it can do this, which Is quite good along the bottom either side are these downward firing speakers? I don't particularly like speakers that are firing downwards, because they don't sound as good, and if you use it like a laptop on your lap, then you'll be blocking them now. I have the screen here set to 100 and when I first powered around foot, oh hang on the screens on like 25 percent brightness I'll just go and set that to 100 and, to my surprise it is on 100 days. So that is 0, which I can hardly see which will be OK for nighttime use, but this screen is very dull. This is not really that bright. I will measure that later on, so just have a look and see how much it weighs comes in.

At one point, six three kilos so time to test out those USB ports. Will they power an external hard drive that's a question because my voice, the three that I had? The added version had a lot of trouble that just didn't output sufficient power, so the USB 2 Court is looking good that works and the USB 3 port will also power. My external hard drive at USB 3 speeds, so that is good, that they have fix this problem that I had on the atom model. So the screen front on now with my lights turned away, looks a little better, but it still isn't really bright enough. I feel so I have the stylus here and it does work as expected, so it will work really as a pointer there, because it doesn't have those pressure, sensitivity, levels and the distant it's detected away from the screen for palm rejection is virtually nothing. You have to really have the stylus tip touching before touch will be disabled there. So I wanted to have a look at the free available space we have and how they have configured things here. So let's have a look. So C Drive is going to be sorry. The boot drive as expected, it's this logical. They used the solid state drive and not to even sees the boot drive, so 102 gigabytes, free and then 27 gig, like free on that 32 gigabytes, even see which they have fooled with drivers. I think just like they did with the voice v1 mini PC.

I looked at with this exact chipset in it, so they put all the drivers on there for you. If you did want to go along and upgrade that drive, which apparently is usable user upgradeable, so Windows has 4 gigabytes installed, but we've only got three point: 8, 4 gigabytes usable. So they have dedicated some of that to the GPU overlooked and also under device manager. At what chips they've got on there for wireless and the branch will know that probably be it is for C 10 to 20 gigabyte, SSD and then a Samsung key TNC now touch accuracy using my finger here. That seems perfectly fine. Don'T have any issues with that. So it's got Intel dual band wireless AC, 3, 165 – that is actually quite a good chip that's in the cube mix and i7 book, and it works really well with very fast speeds and good range. So that's, one positive out of this notebook. So far when the press material mentioned it has a user replaceable SSD, I expected to see like a little flap or a slot on the back, so we could just go along and replace that setre MDOT 22 by 42 Drive but there's, nothing here. So you have to remove all of these screws on it and then take off the whole backplate to access the SSD Applause. All right. Those speakers have some volume to them. They actually sound a lot better than most tablets and cheaper notebooks.

I have tested there's a little bit of vibration from the chassis and everything like that. The plastic build of it is vibrating at 107 valium there, so the performance of it here in my initial testing seems a lot better than the typical Adam Z 8300 s that I tested just way too. Many of those thing feels a lot snappy now it's not going to have that emmc bottleneck because the operating systems running off an SSD. I will, of course, stick out the speeds of that in my full review, but so far this speed of it snappiness seems good. Now this chipset, I had kissed it out and the mini PC 2 voice v1 that had it fan in there and got up to 80 degrees so I'm, very, very interested, which is mostly why I got this model to see how well and in 4200 will handle In a passively cooled solution here, so there's no fan the interesting to see if it's going to zoom or throttle or not. But I will check that out in detail in my full review. Once I connected up to the Internet, Windows had no trouble activating there, so it's got any legitimate key on there, which is good, ok, so the screen brightness was bugging me a little. I disabled the Intel power saving options which helped increase it. I think a little now just measured it it's a hundred and eighty Lux, which I find to be, I mean it's adequate for indoor use, but it's still too dull, I, like around 250 at least means you can use it in really brightly lit environment, and you Can'T use it outdoors because the screens are still really reflective, but every little bit of brightness I feel, helps and having only 180.

I find that I'll, probably using the brightness around 80, at least most of the time for indoor use, so it's just bright enough. Well, it's bright enough for indoor use, only really that's it. Okay, so that's, my unboxing there and my first impressions. Well, the keyboard feels a little bit cheap typing on it. I mean I just typed out a few things now: it's, not the greatest feeling keep or because the keys just have they didn't have the greatest feedback to them. Now the screen that I've gone over a couple of times already mentioned it's now only about 180 likes as the maximum, which I find to be just a little bit too dull there. I really wish it was a lot brighter there. Now the SSD performance and the performance of it in general seems good. It seems quick and snappy but I'm going to have to go into further detail in my full review check out gaming performance, video performance 4k streaming the wireless battery life as well. It does have a large twelve thousand milliamp hour battery, which hopefully will be good for at least six to seven hours. There and my gig bench for benchmark has just finished here: CCD multi, with multi core school band, a single core score and too bad for this chipset, so to definitely step up over the atoms, but still not quite a core m3 performance there. So I'll be back later in the full review.