This is the value of eBook version. 3. Now looked at the atom version that had the bait rail Z, 8300 it. This is the ultimate version. I think they call it which now has a skylake, so they released a skylake version which has got the core m3 6y 34 gigabytes of ram, and a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte SSD still get the wireless and the battery life is the same. The outer chassis everything else the same as the atom version, but this one should have a lot more power, so let's have a look at it, so I picked this one up from I got it on there special at the moment, so I waited a while to get this. It dropped down to three hundred and seventy eight dollars, and I also had some points there that I used. So it ended up costing me about three hundred fifty us so don't think it's too bad for a clorium. So you can see. I got it in that quite bright orange wow. That is really bright, a very, very powerful color. That is so. It does make. It look quite similar to the Lenovo yoga books. So what else we have here in the box is a stylus which show isn't a pressure, sensitive stylus. This is just those normal ones and really all it is it's. Just a pointer that's, more accurate than your finger for touch. Really. I find these ones to be quite useless because there's, no pressure, sensitivity whatsoever on them so giving me adapter there and there's an instruction leaflet that is in English, okay, so that's, good, Chinese and English and then the DC power adapter, which uses a type C.

So there's a type C port on this and they're using that for charging, which is interesting, I thought it would have had DC and charging, so that is rated to 12 volts and 2 apps. If you have any type C charges you can just use those all right. So if you've seen my review on the atom model of this, you might be quite familiar with it, then that it's a 360 degree hinge on it. I was quite happy with the build of it and the way it was the build quality. Everything like that is quite good. You do get a rather large bezel at the bottom, the height of it from where that starts at the bottom of the keyboard. Right to the top there, you can see is quite large I'll just quickly weigh it as well frye powered on. Hopefully there is some batter in there, so the weight of it is 1.6 to kilo. So it's, not the lightest device, a quick look, so we have a couple of rubber little feet here could see the side that helps keep the screen from touching the keyboard. Hopefully that's. Something happen now there's a bit of keyboard flex here, but it's not actually too bad that's quite good. I found that with the atom version this one probably won't have changed too much is that it was good to type on, and it was happy with that. Now the touchpad is rather large, as you can see and it's quite accurate, no problems with that.

It does have a left and right hardware. Mouse clicks, I'm, just noticing that the right mouse button there is a little sticky it's, not as good as it should be. There and the justice I just looked at in the settings doesn't need to be any way to disable those Windows, 10 gestures, but being a little bit larger. Hopefully I won't keep triggering the minimize and maximize from the top swipe gesture or the zoom with an edge. Hopefully not being a little bit larger, but there is a way to actually disable some of those gestures, a bit of a registry, a hardware hack to do that and along the bottom. We have four rubber feet there and a whole bunch of screws that are holding the back cover in place and there's two downwards firing. Speakers left and right there let's power it up. I just hope this and better in there here we go let's come up with the inside it's a bias boot screen there so quickly show you the ports on the side left hand side. Here we have there's a lock and unlock that's for the keyboard. When you flip it around into a tablet mode power on volume up and down, this is a SIM card reader. Now there is a 4G version you can buy that cost an additional 130 u.s. that I honestly don't really think is worth it for that kind of money. But if you do manage to pick up a cheap, Huawei 4G card, you can probably upgrade and put that into yourself since the summary is there I'm not too sure if the antenna is in there, but you should be able to install that all yourself there's, the 3.

5, you know a headphone jack. We have USB 2 port here and go around and show you on the other side. We have the type C and for charging I'm, not too sure whether that's a proper USB 3.1 type C port that that can also access data. I will have to check that out. It could be just for charging and a USB 3 port micro HDMI out and our Micro SIM, a sorry micro SD card slot there for reading and along the front. There are two microphones in here and you see that the hinge on it it's rather strong it's, not too bad, and you can flip it right around like that into a rather bulky heavy tablet, but it is possible. So look at the screen at brightness is not as bright as I would like it to be that's a harder percent brightness now at the moment, and to be honest, it's not really that bright. I do have some powerful lighting on here, but I really wish that that was a little brighter good thing is. I can't hear any high pitched noises coming out of the screen, which happened on the atom version that I reviewed now just to show you that the screen is not fully laminated. So there is a visible gap between the IPS panel below the 1080p 13.3 inch IPS panel that it has and then the top digitized glass you can see. There is a gap of approximately, I would say, close to probably two millimeters, so it's, one of the larger gaps that you'll see on these type of laptops and tablets, but it's not too distracting some of my find really distracting, but this one seems to be okay, As a quick look at the stylus, so very plain stylus, it looks like a ballpoint pen and at the top here we have a micro USB for charging and there's a little button there to power it on, and once you connect that up, it should light up.

Blue once it's being detected by the screen, but I don't think I'll have enough battery at the moment. I need to leave it to charge for a little while and all it really does is act as a more accurate pointer. Therefore, the screen since it's got no pressure sensitivity. It has no palm rejection either. I don't think in OneNote. I will have to double check that can't really remember. Actually, if it does support the palm rejection or not but I'm, I think it doesn't. So one of the worst kind of statuses really that's just more of a gimmick, I feel so a quick size comparison. This is the jumper easy book, that's a 14 inch screen, and this is the 13.3 inch screen of the vo V book version. 3. You see just fits inside it, so over look and under the system look how much free space we have available. Okay, so 101 gigabytes, free, running Windows, 10 homes, 64 bit and Windows – has already activated so someone's connected up to the Internet, to activate that hold on the device manager at the wireless chipset. So has the realtek single band wireless, so that is 2.4 gigahertz and the disrobe is a full C pattern. 21. I will benchmark that and check out the speeds of that my biggest consumed with this being an all plastic body that it has on. It is just how well it's going to handle heat, because those khorium trees can get quite hot, and if you're gaming and pushing it really hard, then no doubt it can get a little too warm, maybe and have some throttling.

So I'll have to definitely test that out in the review and I'm, not really too happy with the brightness. It can go right down the dull there. You can literally almost not even see that that's 50 right there and 75 yeah. That is not really the greatest I'll just have a look and see how thick it is since it's rather chunky when used as a tablet, that is a 20, so K 20 millimeters to centimeters there. So definitely not the thinnest. All the lightest. I just checked out both of the USB ports on them and they will power external hard drives, as you can see here, just fine, no problems with that. I think they've at a model when I test it at least the first batch one that I tested had a problem that it couldn't even power external hard, drives good to see this one can, and my hundred and twenty eight gigabyte, Samsung pro plus micro SD card Works just fine, no problems at all with that, and it seems to run at full speed, which is good, so that's, the unboxing there. I will be back later on with a a quick review of this one. I won't spend too much time in this, because I've already covered really everything about this tablet. Apart from now, this is the core in three versions of interesting, see just how hot it's going to get the benchmarks, and I might even open it up to and have a look at how they have set things up and there to see.

If we can easily put in a 4G modem, if it's going to be easy enough to swap out the SSD and also perhaps even maybe have a look at upgrading the thermals on it with a copper or kind of heatsink they've used on there and there, it Is and what they call like a tent mode, and you can see the screen does a little look a lot brighter now, if you look at it straight on the brightness, doesn't seem too bad, so it's got something to do with. Maybe the screen protector that's on there that I need to remove or the viewing angles when you look at it straight on, looks bright a bit too an angle. It seems too dull quite a bit if you so they move it like that. You see how that's kind of shifting out, hopefully that is just the screen protector, causing that all right, so that's video there.