Probably thinking hang on haven't. I already reviewed this well, I have actually two or three times now their different models. First, there was the atom version. Then there was the Apollo Lake Pentium 4200 version. This is the most powerful one which has an i 5 7200 you in there 8 gigabytes of RAM, which can apparently be upgraded to 16 gigabytes. So 256 gigabytes of SSD storage, wireless AC, the rest of the design, is the same. So it's got a 360 degree hinge on it. Touchscreen 13.3 inches 1080p IPS.. So I have my knife here: let's check this one out so it's big double box, which is great to give it that extra bit of protection, and I really do hope that they have tweaked the design on this one, because it did find that the build quality. While the keyboard at least wasn't really that good compared to some other models, so the box looks exactly like the Apollo Lake version. They haven't changed the packaging at all by the looks of it now. The one I got is the blue ones of the dark blue color new color from them, which is good to see that it changed from that really super bright orange color, which I had the last model. So we have some instruction leaflets here, a little booklet. It looks to be in English, Chinese and an even Russian there too. Some reminder card there, just telling you to charge it if it doesn't power on for a couple of hours, first.

A euro charger, which is good, so I don't need a power adapter, and this is rated to 19 volts, 2.1 amps and they've included that useless stylus From the previous generations now this stylus here, it's charged by micro, USB and it's, just an accurate pointer, so there's no pressure leavers whatsoever with this stylus. It really is quite useless, just a more accurate pointer, so it's a metallic kind of blue paint job to it, which does look a lot different, but so far it looks like they've got the same exact, build as what we had on the previous models. They haven't really changed much, but we do have here. You can see a fingerprint reader for added security, so this whole top the palm rest still made out of plastic. The keyboard you can see has quite a bit of flex to it, which was one of my complaints on the previous models. You can see pressing down there that, yes, that does have a lot of bounce and flex to it there, which is not good to see so on the left of the notebook. We have a USB 2 port 3.5 minute headphone jack. This slot here looks like a micro, SD card slot it's, in fact a sim reader, but I believe that it doesn't come of course, with a 4G or 3G modem, but perhaps we can install that I'll have a check later I'm going to open this up. The volume up and down buttons, then the power on button.

Now these are made out of plastic and you can see they move around a little bit so a little bit cheap feeling, it's, definitely nowhere near as premium as the cube. Think of a 35 on the right side of status LED DC in there for charging USB 3 port many HDMI out, then the micro SD card slot and the switch here this is for locking out the keyboard. So when you flick that on the keyboard will not work at all and the touch pad, but when you're using it like a tablet like the previous models, these little rubber feet at the front here, those are to keep the screen away from the keyboard. So hopefully it won't get scratched up, but it does come with a pre applied screen protector. So the hinges you can see are metal that's about the only metal we're going to find on the build of this along the front here. Dual array – microphones, just above the keyboard but due to the location, they're still going to pick up a lot of sound from that keyboard with your video calls just wanted to give you another shot here. So you can see how a much of a trampoline and mushy this keyboard is see. Look at that. That is really quite bad, so the biggest complaint. So far on top there is a two megapixel webcam that's, the only webcam you'll find on the system. There is no webcam on the back of the screen on the back here.

This is the exhaust vent. This is an actively cooled laptop, so you will have some fan noise and in my full review I will report back on just how that fan is and also demonstrate it under maximum load, pressing the lid down and then pressing on top of it. It'S relatively firm there's a little bit of flex, not as bad as that keyboard. So the screen can be flipped back here – 180 degrees, but not only just 180, but all the way around to convert it into a tablet, as you'll see here so it's going to be a rather heavy tablet. But you can, of course, prop the screen back up and use the keyboard as a base comes in at 1.7, 4 kilos now let's power it on for the first time so holding that plastic power button such a shame, deville quality of this, that they haven't improved. It at all over the Apollo Lake version and the old Assam versions, so that was very quick. I can see they've already created an account now. This could have been gearbest where I got this from normally what they do before they ship their goods out, as they do their little inspections on me to make sure there are no faults. So this is the screen edit 100 brightness, believe it or not. It'S, not that brighter to complain that I still had with the vo vision. 3. The other versions that the panel just wasn't bright enough and I was really hoping that they would have tweaked that in the by also just allowed us to push more brightness, it does dim down super low, and you can see that it's a very reflective panel.

Of course it's not fully laminated, so we do have a large gap between the IPS panel and then the touch digitizer. Here you can see what I'm talking about the gap is approximately 2 millimeters it's one of the larger gaps between the panels that you'll see now. Looking at what we have for the device manager, we have a Samsung drive on here: 256 gigabytes. This is good we're, getting some and there's some good things here. Intel dual band wireless AC, the 3 1 65 chipset it isn't the fastest, but I've – noticed that the performance of that is actually quite good. This and being the fact that this is an all plastic body laptop, I don't think we're going to have problems with the range range and reception with the wireless now Windows 10, that is activated already so it looks like there must have tested out the wireless connection. Perhaps that gear bears before exporting it, as mentioned it in there checks touch, accuracy seemed fine. You can see. We do have eight gigabytes of RAM installed. Now I have to open it up to see whether they've just put a single sodium eight gigabyte chip in there, or they have put two four gigabyte ones. I believe they'll, probably just put a single eight gigabyte one in there giving us the other slot free. If it has it hopefully to partition the drive – and I thought why have they done this – a little strange to give us this thirty gigabyte disk partitions in the second partition, and then I see what they've done they put the drivers on there already.

So someone did want to do their own fresh, clean, install of Windows 10, and you can do that knowing the fact that on that other partition, if you don't delete it, of course, you've got the driver, backup I've. You could hear that that is a fan at 100. I can definitely hear it it's pushing out a decent amount of air at least pulling it down, but later on to the review. Of course, I will test out some games and I'll push it hard. I'Ll keep hwm for running in the background, monitor temperatures, but it is quite loud. Touchpad slow, fast seems. Okay, we do have double tap gestures, that's, right, click of course, and there is the swipe up and down incorporated mouse buttons over all the sensitivity of it seems. Alright it's, certainly not the best touchpad I have used so on the bottom of the device. We have the two speaker grilles downward firing. Speakers don't particularly like this location, because if you do use it on your lap, you will tend to block those speakers and we also have the intake here as well for the cooling. So the speakers have a reasonable amount of volume to them and 100. They do distort a little which isn't good and there is a little bit of a hint of bass to them. So I have found another positive here: it's running double data rate for RAM and they're, going to use one sodam of eight gigabytes.

That means that if there is another slot endless which I'll look at shortly, then we can add another increasing the capacity to sixteen gigabytes of RAM and the speed of it is two thousand 133 megahertz. Just finish running Geekbench fork in you can see very good scores. The single core score there, that is a lot faster than the Assam in 3450 model, which only gets around 1400, so we're well over double there and the multi core score on the NC 450. The Apollo Lake only gets up to 4000 and we're. Almost three thousand points higher there now did monitor the temperatures just for this test here and it got up to 70 degrees. The fan came on it's off at the moment. It only cycles on and off when the fan is needed. So if it's just idle and you don't need it, then of course the fan is completely off, which is great. Just try to boot Linux Manjaro from this pendrive you can see and it didn't work. I couldn't get it to work. I had to disable the secure boot, but then without the secure boot I couldn't build it. It all keeps asking for an operating system so I'm, not too sure about Linux. Support on this model – grisildis mark is just finishing now, so you can see that this set of three SSD from Samsung has decent speeds here for the spec of Drive, so right, here's, the fingerprint reader I've already set it up now, it's a ZTE brand one and I'Ve noticed that this keep is happening just keep saying Windows.

Hello has blocked me due to too many sign in attempts it's, as if it's almost reading my finger three or four or five or ten times within a second and that blocks it straight away. So not really good performance. Now very quick! Look at the internals here! This is the battery pack here, we've just got the one sodium double data rate full slot. Unfortunately, I kind of thought that that might be the case, so we're never going to be able to get dual channel on this. You have to put a 16 gigabyte single sodium and if you wanted to increase the capacity, so the build quality overall is a little bit cheap and I'll. Explain why? Because they've used a bit of blue along here to little rough, the internals are considered just glue where the antennas down here we have double sided tape, that's holding and the battery for the BIOS. Now there are a couple of good things here too, that there is a reset switch for the BIOS. So if you were messing around on a BIOS and you've managed to somehow use the wrong setting, then you can poke a pin through a paperclip through that tiny little hole right here and then you'll be able to reset the bias, no problems there. The hinge is screwed in well, it does have a bit of a metal bracket here, but that were the way the keyboard the backing of it is is where it's bouncing so much.

I can see. I can tell from that it's not it. Doesn'T really have an internal metal framer, and you think like that, so that's why I think we're getting all that bounce there. Now there is a full size, 22 by 80 SATA 3 slot. This could actually be a PCIe x, 4 slot as well I'm thinking. It might be now there's a spare slot next to it, which has marked on there WW lan, which could mean for wireless cards. It might be for modems, but it also says SSD. Now that is just a 22 by 42 size. The SIM card slot the tray there there's nothing in there. There is no reader, so we're not going to be able to put a 3G or 4G modem in this model. At all. Now for maintenance, you can clean the fan quite easy, just pulling off the back cover, remove all those screws, ofcourse and then just a a vacuum, cleaner or blower would be probably better to blow out all of the dust there. Now I did add my own set of three: it is D in here and it works at boots. So we can have two is his DS in here. They do have a suspicion that this might be a PCIe and setter Bay, but I can't confirm that because they don't have any PCIe SSDs around next to the V block Version. Three I've got the cube. Think of a 35. Now this notebook is 100 premium.

It'S then it's got a full metal, build it's, got the surface book screen and an amazing display and coming from that, going to the vo it's, a huge difference there in quality, because this keyboard on the thinker has no flex the other one. As you've seen, it's got a lot of bounce it's, all plastic. He feels a little bit cheap, whereas the thinker it's really premium as if it wasn't a Chinese brand and the voyer yes, is feeling a little cheap and such a huge downgrade in screen. Now, prices 599 for the vo v book version 3. It was on special and the cubes going for around 610, so that is all I'll be showing in this unboxing video and the first hands on impressions of the V of eBook version 3. So, overall so far disappointing I thought that they would improve on that keyboard and I was crossing my fingers that it would have had at least a slightly different build, but it doesn't really we've still got plastic, as you seen. The keyboards got all that bounce and the flex in it it's like typing, on a trampoline. I do not like it. It feels a little bit cheap and the internals as well reflect that it's, just not as good as other tablets, for example, on the right here. That'S, the cube thinker that I just showed you before I mean, if I didn't need, I was someone that wasn't looking for as much power that's in the i 5 model.

I would without a second thought, go for the think of i 35. So so far, I don't really see any reason to get this now. It was on sale for around 599, which is still quite pricey, considering what you're getting there and the main thing is you're going to be typing a lot. You don't want to be typing on a keyboard like this: the screens not particularly bright the audio quality or the speakers. There got a bit of volume to them, but they're not wonderful, either, and the fan there's a lot of fan noise when it gets up to 100. It is really quite loud, so at this stage I can't recommend going for this. The only reason I got it myself personally is because they were about three or four people that requested. I review this because I reviewed the other models and I thought well maybe they have improved things.