I recently just checked out the Alldocube x1. That was a difficult tablet, but right now, I’m back with a Windows tablet. This one has a twelve point: six inch screen with a twenty eight eighty by 1920 resolution that is straight way to aspect ratio it’s fully laminated, so it looks like it’s got a very promising screen to it. We also get an optional keyboard. Type cover style looks very similar to this surface. Stahl’S we’ll check this out and a stylus here too that i got now this one. Here I picked up from banggood. It took quite a while to arrive. It took approximately three weeks so very slow, but I got it with the slow mail method, so I didn’t have to pay any taxes on this on arrival now the other specs are we’ve got well. Webcams, obviously were a two megapixel front facing we’ve. Can five on the rear? I don’t expect wonderful quality, but hopefully the build quality of this is going to be good because for your products in the past for me have been very hit and miss so they’re many pcs have been good, but some of the two and one products like the V book version 3 was horrible, with a dull screen bad keyboard, very plasticky design. So hopefully that is not gon na be the case here. So I start with a stylus here, because that’s, just what’s in front of me comes in a little pouch by the looks of it and it feels really light.

I don’t know why that is so light. So there we go it’s quite a short stylus, as you can see, with two buttons there they nibble on the end it I can feel it’s got resistance to it like a little spring in there and the tip of it is, unfortunately, a hard plastic. So that will scratch out screen protectors. Of course, now there should be one of those expensive quad, a batteries in here, okay that’s, why it’s so light there’s no battery in this, so they must have taken it out or just does not come with one okay. So we check out that keyboard, so first impressions swell that build quality seems okay, all the quality of the keys. Now they have apparently 1.5 millimeters of travel and just so far, first impressions that’s definitely no way near, of course, and this is to be expected, like a Microsoft type cover there type cover for or something like that, it is a little bit. Thicker too, you can see that thickness side on now. This is made out of like a fake suede material, so hopefully that’s not going to start to stain or get dirty on, while I imagine it probably actually would and a relatively small touchpad there with built in left and right mouse buttons, of course, and on the Back we have a fabric again, so it’s slightly different fabric. This is more like a fake suede again, so in this beat up little box here, that’s taken quite a beating, hopefully whatever it is, though you got power supply, obviously and it’s going to be okay.

Now, if it’s box separately, is it gon na be an EU style one for me? Yes, it is so that’s great. That is good news, so that’s DC in – and this is rated to 12 volts, 2.5 amps, so lid off nice large tablet there. It looks all fine, which is great now just to get this out of the box and look at what other accessories we have here. So they have not included any cables or anything else, it’s just a little slip here that says boyo and just be some sort of warranty card and that’s that there it is so there’s like a warranty guarantee card thing here, that’s in Chinese. This is actually in English, hello, oh that’s, good, ok, so that’s, just a basic guide to the tablet. Ok, so just get it out of a slip. So straight away. You notice that we’ve got those lenovo watch. Straps dial hinges there, which is good. So this apparently this kickstand should be able to go all the way back and it does. You can actually touch the top there. So that’s great you can lie that down really flat, so you can see either side here. We’Ve got two loudspeakers. So give you a look now at that hinge mechanism. It is screwed on to the back there and it does actually feel solid, not bad at all. I roll so far. The build quality seems to be good better than other products from for you.

So, looking at the right side, here, we’ve got volume up and down a micro, SD card slot and then we’ve got USB 3 port, also a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that supports microphones and then right at the top here. This is just a little tiny power button. So, along the top here you can see these grills, so it is actually going to be actively cooled. It’S, not passively cooled. So there will be some fan noise with this. Hopefully, it’s not going to be that bad, but of course that will definitely be in my review I’m, not a big fan of fan noise. I can see a tiny little dot here, which this to me would actually be our microphone. So this is a rare 5 megapixel camera we have there, so this is all metal. This alloy they’ve used on the top and so far again. Yes, the finish is good. So, on the left hand, side here, we’ve got DC and for charging a status LED that’s, which will hopefully be red when charging green once fully charged to let you know, type C port and then a mini HDMI out now, because we’ve got mini HDMI out on Here, my guess is that this type C port will not actually support display out and it will just be type c USB 3.0 spec. But I will check that out. Finally, down the bottom as the Pogo port, connector, 5 pin and the two little slots there to dock in with the keyboard see here’s the front of the tablet.

We do have this rather large bezels a 2 megapixel front facing camera. Now I have noticed one thing: depending on what surface the tablet is sitting on that, if you put the kickstand back to a certain angle about there, it’s fine but watch watch what happens if I put it about there, okay it’s not doing it. Now there we go, it will actually start to slide down a little bit. I think that’s about the most extreme angle and it’s going to collapse under its own weight let’s see if it does that with the keyboard, so it’s only sliding down. It seems when it doesn’t have the keyboard. I noticed here that if you press on it a little bit, it is gon na come down. So now watch it’s gon na slowly start to drop so okay, it is still gon na happen, but not quite as bad. So they really need to stiffen up that hinge. There that’s my first complaint of this so here’s the keyboard dock turn to the tablet of course. So I just wanted to demonstrate to you that the magnets on the upper part here, so you can get that increased level for typing comfort. Doesn’T seem to hold the keyboard too. Well there. It is propped up. So you get a little bit of bounce. Quite a lot I’m making that look really bad, though aren’t I and if you press down quite hard, then the magnets they’re going to come unstuck there so they’re, not the most powerful magnets there, all right.

So what about the weights for your claim? It’S 900 grams and no it’s 1.01 kilos and they want to add the keyboard on top it’s, now one point: three: five kilos, so it’s, not the lightest and definitely no in near the claimed weight of 900 grams pairing it up. For the first time here we have some language choices with windows. The image they’ve use, you’ve got English, Russian or Chinese now we’re seeing a lot of screen flicker. This is only on camera and it often happens to me with certain screens. I just cannot capture properly due to the pulse width modulation that they’re using for controlling the screen brightness, but in person I cannot see any flicker, which is the good thing so I’m having a bit of a hard time capturing this screen. I do have it set to 100 brightness to try and cut down on the flicker. You can still see a little bit, but again, this is just only on camera. First impressions of the screen. It is really really good it’s, a stunning display they have on this it’s, very similar in quality. To that of, say a Microsoft Surface pro you can see what happens when I put it to 0. Look at that flicker 25, 50, 75, and that of course, is 100 it’s really bright. I’Ll have to measure that later on, we’ll have the measurements of this later on it in the full review. So just wanted to point out that the memory it is running only in single channel, so that will affect the performance a little bit there and 1600 megahertz.

Now it says slot one of two used form factor row of chips, so I don’t know whether this actually has sodam support. I believe it probably won’t actually you’d have to open it up to check that and then you’ve got to remove the screws on the back and unclip all the outside of it all around here and and to be honest, it won’t be that easy to do that. You probably better just leave that alone, so internals wireless AC, 31 65 is the card that using – and this is an okay card – I mean you get about a 380 – maybe what’s per second maximum download speed, so it’s, definitely not the fastest. You can get with those new gigabit ones. The 9000 series from Intel, so Windows, Windows, 10, Home Edition, fully activated touch accuracy as well. That’S man that’s me just then that wasn’t actually the screen. No, it is actually really good, so far see to try and minimize that move that up and down. So if I haven’t had too much of a problem with it, I don’t like the way they have have partitioned the drives here so check this out. So we’ve got windows on a two gigabyte partition and then another one just called local disk or they haven’t even named it there so that’s, just another 32 gigabyte bytes almost there. So I wish I’d just put 128 gigabytes all on the same partition. There I’m benchmarking.

That drive at the moment it’s a 4c drive and you can see they’re not the fastest, which is a bit of a shame because normally was SATA 3. You can get around 550 reads and around 500 writes with the faster drives now scrolling in each here. You can see that is smooth, but just notice that when that’s going up and down you’re, seeing almost like a little bit of a refresh rate lag, but it is running at 60. Hertz, maybe it’s because of the resolution that this is running. It’S almost well it’s like a 3k screen and maybe that’s why the chips it maybe is distracting with that a little bit, but, as I mentioned, it does look really good. This is a stunning display that is on this, so that’s great to see now the fan has just come on. You probably can’t hear it. It comes on and off and at this point just what my current things I’m doing: it’s very minor: the fan, noise and it’s – probably gon na noise. Some people just to comment on the touchpad, so it’s, not a Windows, precision touchpad, sadly it’s, not too bad for its size. You can go from one side of the screen with the mouse cursor to the other, with only about half the touchpad, so they’ve really bolstered up and boosted the sensitivity of it, a minor little movement, so I’ll just close this down now it’s, not too bad.

So I will give you a quick estimate here on the battery life, so this is with 100 brightness. Remember that I currently have its seat out you’re looking at four hours and when it was on 25, it reported are then about five and a half hours from that fifty watt hour battery, so it’s not going to have amazing battery life. Okay, so done a little bit of typing on this keyboard and it’s, not wonderful, sadly, it’s not really a high quality keyboard, it’s, okay, but I have noticed problem with my keyboard. It lays with this unit it it is that sometimes that spacebar is not actually registering. So you go along and you’re type of word hit space keep typing and then, when you go back in and look at what you’re writing you’ll find that out of every time you press space only about, I would say, 70 to 80 of the presses have registered. So that’s not good at all, so give you a couple of sample images here of the screen, so it’s a really nice screen. The blacks are deep, but you can see they’re not quite as deep as the bezels. You can distinguish the difference between the black of the screen and the back on the bezels, but really nice, looking panel, very sharp, of course, with that resolution it has, and as I mentioned, the brightness is good. The only thing is that problem with the flicker, but that’s only on camera.

This is happening in person. It’S not happening at all, so really decent screen really do like it here’s the OpenCL score. So this is not a wonderful score. When you compare this to a dedicated GPU, of course, now just to put it into context here that the Apolo lake in 3450 can get about 7000, so this is looking around about 30 to 35 percent or so faster than the Apollo Lakes Intel HD 500 GPU. This, of course, is the Intel HD 610, so here’s the Geekbench score, it’s, not a bad score, considering the typist chipset. This has on here so it’s, dual core four threads, similar to the aquarium. 3, 7 y 30 a little bit less, perhaps because of the RAM configuration because the speed of the RAM is 1600 megahertz and it does support up to 1866 and it’s, also just running in single channel. So that’s, probably what has brought the score down a little bit, perhaps a few hundred points. So, as I showed you in the start of the video, there are two rear firing. Speakers let’s have a listen to them. Okay, so they have a little bit of volume to them: they’re, not quality speakers there’s, a tiny hint of bass, so they’re, nothing amazing, I think they’re gon na do the job. It would be nice if whether they were a little bit louder. So did it quick speed test here, I’m, a few rooms away from the router and the speed seem okay, they’re, not the greatest, and the range is quite good, though I’ve noticed that when I go over the other side of the apartment studio here that I have That that it’s going to pick up and get wireless signal, fine, so that’s not an issue there’s, no problems with the wireless range it’s, just as I mentioned, not the fastest chipset, so let’s check out 4k performance and how it’s going to play back.

One of my reviews right here so I’ll, just play this in 4k and take a look if it has dropped any frames, so no drop frames, so the chipset can handle this perfectly fine streaming in 4k. Now this is the type cover keyboard done right. This is the order cube K, note 8 keyboard. This won’t is backlit with like a purple light. It does look really good and none in there just typing on it, it’s a very solid, great feeling keyboard, and it just is so much better compared to this one. Here you can see by looking at the keys, just look at how level they are the way they sit, and you have a look at the way the keys sit there on the cubes keyboard. Unfortunately, we cannot use this keyboard. I try. This is why I brought it out to try to connect it up to this tablet. Then it will be perfect combination, but you see the spacing of the little pen. Zeros it’ll stick outs. The supports is different, so they don’t line up so there’s no way to make that fit without doing any serious modifications to the bottom of the tablet, which is unfortunate so some further good news here. We also have an unlocked by us giving us all the advanced settings, including an overclocking performance menu, so you can even under volt death through that with the BIOS interfaces, it’s good, to see a lot of manufactures, actually just lock this out.

Take a quick look now at the stylus, so I’m not left handed it’s got the camera tripod in the way here, but I wanted to test out the palm rejection. So as soon as that’s near it looks like, I, can’t really move things around okay, so the palm rejection kicks in about two millimeters away from the screen. Let’S have a look at the touch sensitivity now, it’s a very thin line, a bit more pressure, slightly thicker, pressing down now even harder, and that seems to work okay just lightly lightly lightly touching so that is not too bad. They’Re. Just trying to add a couple of quick lines, so it’s relatively fast I’m. Just doing one note here at the moment so bear in mind and right up to the corners. It is going to work too right in the very corners, so that’s great as well, and, of course, I’ll need to do a hand writing sample here. If we can actually write notes with this actually that’s, not too bad, mainly because the fact that it has like a little spring in the nib of it as well, so when you’re writing it kind of pushes in it gives you a much better feel to it. It almost feels like rubber but it’s, not quite it’s, definitely not the same kind of stylus experience as the intrigued ones on the surface pro that I have used, but that did not feel bad at all. Do that again, so she’s, quite good, quite quick as well! So the stylus is actually looking to be.

Definitely one of the positives here. It’S accurate, it’s, fast it’s got those different pressure levels and for writing this looks really good. It just takes it out two of my hubs I have so. This is a hub that has HDMI out this one as well, so it’s an Okie one. This is a haven’t one and plugging those in I could get no HDMI out out of them. It seems that you have to use that many HDMI out port, which I tested you can get up to 4k 30 Hertz with that, alright guys. So that is the V book I 5 from vo and the keyboard, the keyboard, the keyboard, the keyboard it’s, leading down the whole tablet. The rest of the experience is dragging it down the keyboard, the magnets aren’t strong enough when you prop it up to the next level. It just will not stay up there properly and when you do type on and it bounces around everywhere. The keys just feel quite cheap, the construction of them. The spacebar, does not register only probably about 80 of the time and in Turkey as well. I found us a bit of an issue too that there only seems to work the same about 8 out of 10 times it’ll work and those other two times it won’t and that to me is super frustrating to use. So I don’t, like the keyboard at all. Touchpad is quite average as well, but the tablet is good.

The build quality is good, really nice screen on this. I cannot capture it properly because that flicker that’s going on, I have to sit at the hundred percent brightness, but trust me this screen looks amazing. It is a right up there. With a surface pro screen the surface book screen it’s, one of the better screens. You will find in a tablet fully laminated super bright as well. The maximum brightness comes out around about 450 lux, so this is. This is good. It’S a bright screen and it dims right down to nice and Devon for late night time use. So we have a proper version of Windows on here: it’s it’s, not a counterfeit copy. They have been hacked or anything it’s. A proper legit licensed Windows 10 home, which is great to see 8 gigabytes of RAM reasonable power and performance there. Wireless AC, 2 USB 3 ports on there type c, USB 3 it’s got so many things to like about it. The kickstand folds right back it’s. Just this keyboard the keyboard, the maintenance in there aren’t strong enough there’s, so much bounce it’s annoying, and if I can find a better keyboard for this or just get yourself a very decent Bluetooth keyboard use that then I think he’ll be right. Other thing to comment on to that Linux support: I could not get Linux to boot on this, the stylus as well surprised me it’s, one of the best ones I’ve tested on a Chinese device.

Thank you so much for watching this video here on the voice. I 5 bebop i5, even though it doesn’t have a core i5 in it bit of a misleading name there. If you liked the video, please give a thumbs up and please do subscribe to the channel as well.