So it has a 15.6 inch screen 1080p. It has 8 gigabytes of RAM and the CPU is the i7 6500. U and the GPU uses as an nvidia, 940 M X, so that's the same spec you get on charmese me notebook air 13, the ultimate version they like to call it, but it comes out to be quite a bit cheaper. This model it sells for around about 560 u.s. at the time of this review, so the specs there aren't the latest. It also has a one terabyte hard drive, which of course, is going to be slow for an operating system, but luckily it does have an m2 PCIe slot in this, so you'll be able to upgrade to an SSD if you're not happy with running off a hard Drive which I personally won't be because I find that to be way too slow, especially in 2017. So the specs include wireless AC, but it could actually be Wireless in. I need to confirm that it has a 13 thousand milliamp hour battery on there, which hopefully is gon na be good for about seven hours for me to build backlit, keyboards and plenty of ports on it as well, including an SD reader. So let's get this one. Unboxed go through my initial first look and then later on, I'll have my full review, of course. So this notebook did come double boxed and it went via England with DPD to me to Spain. I didn't have to pay any taxes on this, but it did take about 17 days to arrive from first all the time to actually getting it on my doorstep.

Okay, so it is well padded in there and we can see that the power supplies on the side and it does have an EU plug. So the output voltage is 19 volts. Three point: four: two amps and the tip itself positive in the middle negative on the outside five point: five millimeters in diameter, quick Windows, 10 user manual, that's in Chinese in English; a little warranty card and some useful reminder just about charging it first before you use It laptop weighs in at one point nine five kilos so thickness. It comes in to be around about nineteen millimeters now that's, not counting that rubber foot there with the rubber foot, then it's about 24 millimetres. So along the bottom. There are two downwards firing speakers we have some vents there and in intake for the fan, so it's just got one fan on it. Now the lip just like the bottom made out of a metal that's an allied, have used and it seems reasonably fun and there's a little bit of flicks and they're, not too bad. I did notice that it's got this funny like little plastic lip here for opening it up and there we have the backlit keyboard and the touchpad there. So reasonably large sized touch base, hopefully it's a precision one. So you can see above the keyboard there. We have the power button, which is on the far right hand, side that's, circular button, some status LEDs and there are shortcuts there for your volume, mute, disabling the wireless touchpad putting into sleep and the screen brightness controls, including another button there for the backlighting on that Keyboard have a look at the keyboard flex, not too bad.

The keys feel. Okay. Of course, I have to type on it and I'll report back on that in my full review, but it's nowhere near the quality of the xiaomi mean notebook pro's keyboard. The screens got a screen protector on it, that's not even designed for the screen, but i think it's just a course to protect it in transit webcam and what looks to be a microphone there at the top, and this is the furthest that the screen will recline. The hinge seems good it's, quite stiff it's, firm, doesn't feel loose at all, which is positive. So on the left side, we've got dcn two USB 2.0 ports, headphone jack and then our SD card reader now it'll probably be USB. 2 speeds this one, because this looks like it's all connected up with a USB 2 hub, then on the right side, type c port which may be USB 3.1. I hope it is. I hope it does support video out and charging, or at least support charging and data. Then we have an hdmi port which is upside down and then 2 USB 3 ports. So it turns out to be a little bit thicker and slightly longer in length than my me notebook pro ok, so the build quality so far doesn't seem to be amazing, it's, definitely not premium, but it's. Ok for 500 and 60. Us that this cost more or less so far, but I have seen some minor little imperfections.

For example, I've noticed this right here, there's their little scratches along the plastic trim, that's just above the keyboard and below the screen. There think it's being scratched by the metal bezel that's going around the screen and, yes, those bezels, are exactly thin, either so gaining access to the internals wasn't too difficult just how to remove all of the screws on the rear. Now, there's a couple of things I wanted to point out in here that the battery capacity according to what's on here, if you believe that is 48 watt hours, which I happen to believe it's, not a huge capacity. Is it so right under this ribbon cable here that goes to the USB 2 ports there there is the PCIe slot there, so that's m2 spec and where the screw is, is for the 20 to 80 size right there and we've also got at the top. Here. You can see a 2.5 inch, hard drive right there, so that's a one terabyte one it'll, probably be 7200 rpm or even 5400 it's gon na be slow. You really want to install an SSD in there, so we have one cooling fan with two copper heat pipes. You can see running along here now for any models out there already seen room that if the thermals turned out to be a little bit poor, we can probably put thermal pads along this whole copper pipe here and having it come in contact, but the rear alloy Lid and that, of course, could help transfer a little bit of heat away from the chipset, but it will of course, heat up the bottom of the laptop.

Now there are couple of positives here too, that we can change the wireless card, so it's got an Intel 31 60. It is wireless AC, so what's being listed on the website is incorrect. I didn't believe it had wireless in to start with cause that to me seemed crazy and then the other one as well to that we can upgrade the RAM, which is really good, something you can't do on a lot of laptops nowadays, but it's. Only a one single sodam slot, so it's double data rate, spec it's, a double data rate. Three sorry low powered and the RAM I can see is rated to 1600 megahertz, so you could, in theory, put faster RAM in there plug and play stuff or increase the capacity. If you're not happy with an 8, you can put a single one. 16 gigabytes stick in there and then either side. Of course, we've got these because that do look rather cheap to me overall, the internals look, fine! It doesn't look super high quality as expected for this price range, but it is good to see that we can upgrade the hard drive at an SSD. We can also easily repay stit. We can also change the wireless card in RAM so that's good. Now the slot looks like it's going to support set at 3 and PCIe SSD s I'm gon na try my samsung 960 Evo. Hopefully it will be running at times for speeds. I do not like this design choice of having the ribbon cable going over a hot SSD.

Now, if you've ever used, these SSDs, before which I have the 960 Evo's and pros, can get really hot too so let's find out later on after a couple of years or even years, use if it's going to end up causing damage okay. So what about the screen? Well, don't have some good news at all. Here they had to cut corners somewhere didn't they with this hardware. Yes it's a TN panel. I mean looking at it straight on now. This has had obscene brightness. It looks fine it's, anti glare, but look at this colors they're starting to shift and that that's just that's horrendous in a typical TN panel, so you're got ta, be looking at it straight on. So if you wanted to use this laptop for showing people photos or watching videos with your partner or something like that, then it's gon na be a little bit difficult, because you have to look at it both of you straight on here, but I mean other than That yeah, I mean it's, ok, but TN panel, a little bit hard to swallow. Here I mean even at the price of this, this laptop here I know deal breaker isn't, it so here's the model of that TN panel. So if you want to Google that find a little bit more information about it now I have been just using the touchpad a while. It seems okay but it's, not definitely the most accurate it's, not using Windows.

Precision, drivers either you can see that's just the plain settings we get with Windows, but it is an eland branded one and we do have some control. So we can tweak a few things here with the gestures MOLLE finger, ones that you want to do so. You'Ve got your zooming scrolling rotation. All of those options are there so better than the super low end touch pads. We get but still definitely run of the mill kind of touchpad so far in my use of it, so it isn't all doom and gloom I'm running a benchmark here with crystal dis mark of that samsung, 960 Evo, and it is running at its full speed here. So it's PCIA times four, so that is really good to see or you can use a set of three one if you've got a set of three SSD now I did boot this PC, of course, using the included one terabyte hard drive, which you have about 96. Oh, no, my sorry not 96, but 910 gigabytes free. So that is good, but of course it is so slow it. But time took about like 30 seconds or even more and even to pull up the device manager here to look at everything took a little bit of time. So you can see the processor there. Yes, it's the Intel. I7. 6500. You know: that's got a maximum turbo of 3.1 gigahertz it's a dual core with four threads, so the new eighth generation ones that I've just been testing out.

They'Ve bumped things up a little bit because they've doubled the amount of cause, they're no longer dual cause now. But they've switched over to quad cores, so the performance is a lot better. There now just to gauge the performance. I have run a couple of benchmarks here. Well, Geekbench is benchmark, so the CPU school is their single core score, multi core score and then the GPU. So that nvidia 940 MX gets an open, CR score of 23000, the new one, the new model, which is the MX 150 on the Pascal architecture that gets about forty thousand or around thirty nine thousand, so quite a bit faster there – and this is probably slower because Of this, if you have a look here, you can see that just to confirm that, yes, the memory type on that GPU is double data rate three and not double data rate. Five, so we're missing out on some of that memory, bandwidth there, which only 14.4. Now they don't seem to have any bloatware whatsoever. It'S just got the Elan drivers on there for the touchpad, and then this thing called control center, which I happen to like what it is is a basic application to control the fan speed. So at the moment, it's in auto mode and if you put it into quiet mode, then I can already hear that fan is starting to ramp down so it's just shifting the RPMs for certain temperatures, so in quiet mode, it'll lower the RPM, so it doesn't make.

So much noise on cool mode. It will be a little louder but keep it a little bit cooler but thermals and all that will be up and coming probably in my full review. I was around the Haven benchmark as you can see here. This score was not brilliant, it's, quite low lower than their mean notebook ear. 13, because of that slower RAM on the GPU now do have HW info running and then, when we have a look at the temperatures you can see. The GPU has reached 69 70 degrees. This is, after all, the benchmarking I've just been doing now. My initial testing phase and the CPU is well 70 degrees with just that single fan, so that's looking promising the thermals just above the keyboard, getting a little warm there checked it before was about ' degrees. So it's not too bad, and this is what the backlit keyboard looks like so it's, reasonably bright, individual it up those keys, all of them there and there's two settings slightly dimmer or this one here, which is the full brightness. So I have done a bit of typing on this keyboard now and it's. Actually quite good it's bit better than I thought. Not a bad keyboard to type on same goes for the touchpad. Now, after using it for a little while it's a lot better than those entry level super budget trackpad to get so, I mean it's, a proper brand from Elan and overall yeah.

The keyboard is good. Trackpad is fine too so two downwards facing speakers: let's have a listen to them, so they do have a bit of volume to them, but they definitely lack bass, they're, not quality speakers. They sound very flat indeed so you're, probably gon na, be disappointed. If you wanted some nice punchy sounding speakers, not these ones, so this is about my further tip now to get Linux to boot, on it from the USB pendrive that I hope you can see inserted there. It won't work for some reason. It just goes over into there one key recovery system that voyer have set up to completely restore that hard drive that's on there, so it is failing to boot for some reason, and also note there, you can see that the SD cards they stick out like this, Which isn't too great, so you can probably see break them off if you forget to pull it out and put it into a bag or something, and the other thing to to point out that the type c port does not seem to be USB 3.1. I didn't think it would be it won't actually take power as well, and it does have a power symbol next to the USB symbol there, but for some reason no charging on this. So it really comes down to one thing so far in my testing of this laptop here that it has a deal breaker with that TN panel.

A lot of people are not going to like that. Now it looks perfectly fine, as you're probably seen in some of my video here when you're looking at it directly so most of the time I've had the camera pointing right at it, so we're not getting those bad viewing angles which you know they are bad when The screen goes down a little bit. You can see what happens there, that it shifts out that it really is just the only kind of thing: that's really bad. Okay, the speaker's there Tony the build quality, of course, is not at all at the same level as the Xiaomi me not Book Pro, which is in the background there, but that's another class of laptop that's a premium one. This is a budget one so it's to be expected, so the keyboard is actually turned out to be quite good to type on it's. Backlit touchpad is fine as well now there's a few other areas that answer great. For example, the SD card sticks out, but then there's those positives, Rams upgradable. We can add your own SSD. You can change the wireless card if you're not happy with it and, of course you can even put an SSD swap out that one terabyte drive, so the base configuration coming with the terabyte drive with the operating system on it, it's very slow and sluggish, and not Good at all, I don't like that, so you probably going to have to invest then getting an SSD.

If you end up getting one of these, if you're not worried about that screen, that is so. It really comes down to it. Do I need to do a full review of this one here? We already know it's got that big calm with the screen. How do we also know that the performance of it is going to be less than the mean notebook here, because of the RAM on that GPU? So it's not double data rate, five it's double data rate, three sure we might be able to overclock it a little bit. But I did do a little test and when I went up to about 350 megahertz on the RAM it ended up, causing a blue screen and crashing windows completely. So don't think we can really push it too much higher thermals seem okay. Battery life is so far just looking at what the estimates have been from my battery bar pro meter that I have in there we're looking about five to six hours, so it's, not really that good. So for 560, us yeah, you know it all comes down to again. That screen is that going to be a deal breaker for you? Do you want this power, if not you're, probably better, off, saving up and getting Shelby's mean notebook ear, which has a similar spec? The i7 model, but it is a little bit more expensive, but you'll find the GPU is a bit faster and if you can even say about even more money, if you've got about 900 u.