Ive lost the signal, hey, you know what never loses signal paper all right. This route right here should take us straight to the volcano, might get a little bumpy, though lets get the show on the road Music. So what are we looking for out here? Well, the map shows all these structures around the volcano abandoned outposts. A handful of watchtowers watch towers. Avery was the most wanted man in the world, so if he was hiding something out here, it makes sense. Hed need lookouts. One of those towers is right on the volcano with averys treasure fingers crossed. I see some ruins up ahead. Okay, so with our luck, what are the odds? This volcano is going to erupt on us zero, its extinct, trust me thats. The first thing i looked up when we said we were heading for a volcano that and where to rent the cheapest portland, wait sully youre telling me that you actually did some research cant. Let you be the know it all every time that bridge there is what you would call rickety. Ah, this looks promising come on. Come on, baby lets, go, go, go, go made it. Okay, kid just dont drop us. I just keep it slow. Keep in the center yeah theres a lot of backseat driving going on were good, everythings, good onward and upwards. There we go look tire tracks, someone came up this way, hey look up there on the hill got a tower or something now were talking: Music, hey victor.

What were you arguing with the rental guy? Oh, your brother insisted on getting a 4×4 with a winch, so you sprung for the winch, but you couldnt spring for the suspension. I got it hey its important going off road, it might rain might be muddy. How about we go through this whole goddamn thing and never use that winch all right hang on tight. Take this slow kid yeah, Music, so nathan, youre thinking, avery, two and some other big shot pirates pulled their treasure and came out here, because why exactly who knows? Maybe for protection british authorities were closing in on them sure, maybe uh he helped them disappear. I mean the guy clearly had a knack for hiding things and go, and no that was a valiant effort. Lets go check out that tower ill come with got some big plans for this winch yeah. It definitely ruins from averys error there not how to do it. Sam look, thats christopher condons sigil is uh. Captain of the fiery dragon operated out of madagascar around averys time. So maybe avery recruits pirate captains to what be his lookouts thatll, make any sense, no it doesnt. Well, maybe each captain was responsible for a tower, along with providing the men that look like thumb steeper than it looks all right, ready, give it a shot. Here we go ready, steady Music see sully winch totally worth it. We clear the hill, it hasnt exactly paid for itself.

Well, yeah small victories, yeah, well ill, celebrate the big ones! Feast, your eyes, gentlemen, wow spectacular. Just imagine youve come here a well to do. Pirate far away from your oppressive government, oh poor, oppressed pirates – all they wanted to do is the murder and village of peace. No, no. They wanted to live as free men. Well, if youre going to pick a place to run away from society, you could do a lot worse than here its taking forever to get to this volcano – hey, shits, victor pastor: do you know how those pirates got here? They had to start in england, sailed to brazil, then cut back across the atlantic to south africa. Oh stop! Stop i see him. What do we got? Military types poking around nadines, guys, yep son of a looks like they found an old colony outpost, but the wrong one right, thats, the good news. That means its bad news. No, you have to drop on whats the play here. Nathan just follow. My lead uh sully just how well do you know nadine. Why i was thinking. Maybe you can contact her convince her to call off her goons what if we promise her a bigger cut than rape, no thats, not how she operates. Shes, more of a money up front kind of mercenary: the rapes got the advance look shoreline, yeah theyre, definitely going all in arent they and getting awful close to that volcano singing the same damn thing, but they found the treasure already well look theyre searching every inch Of this place, if they found yeah youre right, hey sam, you dont mind me asking howd, you pass the time in prison.

Uh you know. Reading mostly there was this. One guard saw me as a charity case. I guess youd check out books from the library. For me so whatd you read history uh, especially anything related to avery and other pirates, just in case no sure you know, besides books push ups smoking trying to stay out of fights between rival gangs, its a whole lot of thinking, thats pretty much it sam. If you had a guard doing you favors, why didnt you use them to get word to us? Oh i tried. I asked them to mail, a letter to your p.o box. I never got it. That would be because the warden saw it. I got busted up pretty bad and never saw that guard again jesus. I got my own back when the warden decided to room me with alcazar that didnt turn out how he expected. You know come to think of it. I actually dealt with alcazar a few decades ago, even before i met youtube.